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Shameless Self-Promotion: 'Eyes Wide Open: 2015'

Since there just isn’t enough opinionating about film out there, yours truly reviews them on occasion for the odd website and magazine. Come each January for the past several years, with awards buzz percolating and everybody catching up on seeing the films they missed last fall, I have been publishing the  166 more words


Screening Room: 'Where to Invade Next'

For his newest film, agitprop documentarian Michael Moore uses the anthology approach instead of going after one problem. This time out, he’s pretending to be on a mission from Pentagon to go “conquer” various other Western nations, steal all their best ideas on topics America is having trouble with (education, health policy, law and order), and bring them home for us to profit from. 152 more words

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'Battlefield 1916 - The Laneways of History'

Nature of event:  ‘Battlefield 1916 – The Laneways of History’. Film Premiere.

Where: Wynn’s Hotel, 39 Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1, Ireland

When: Tuesday 17th November @ 7pm. 148 more words


Screening Room: 'In Jackson Heights'

The latest nonfiction opus from Frederick Wiseman is a portrait of the mind-bogglingly diverse Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens (167 languages at last count). It’s a rich and endlessly fascinating study of what multicultural America really looks like. 118 more words

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Screening Room: 'All Things Must Pass'

In 1999, Tower Records had $1 billion in revenue. They were bankrupt by 2006.

All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records… 115 more words

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Screening Room: 'Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead'

Remember magazines? National Lampoon was one of the best. Beyond serving as something of a thinking man’s Mad, it also fostered that upswell of talent coming out of the Chicago comedy improv scene in the 1970s and midwifed them to stardom at  133 more words

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Screening Room: 'The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution'

After a series of documentaries that dug into the 20th century African American experience with uncommon power, Stanley Nelson (Jonestown, Freedom Riders) turns his gaze to the story of the country’s last great radical movement, and how it was destroyed just before falling apart. 100 more words

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