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Screening Room: 'Command and Control'

Getting a brief theatrical run before its PBS debut, one assumes to qualify for the Oscars, Robert Kenner’s adaptation of Eric Schlosser’s book Command and Control… 86 more words

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Screening Room: 'Defying the Nazis'

On the brink of World War II, a Unitarian minister and his wife were ordered by their community to travel from Massachusetts to Europe with a crucial mission: Help as many refugees escape as you can. 113 more words

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Screening Room: 'The Lost Arcade'

For years, the last arcade in New York was a gritty little spot called the Chinatown Fair. There, night after night, gamers gathered to compete, play, gossip, and boast until the early hours. 109 more words

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Screening Room: 'Richard Linklater - Dream is Destiny'

In 1991, Richard Linklater helped blow open the American indie filmmaking scene with Slacker, his rambling odyssey of drifters and dreamers on the edge in Austin, Texas. 176 more words

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Screening Room: 'Zero Days'

With all the news the last few days about not just the thousands of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee but the possibility that the hack was directed by a foreign power (and… 145 more words

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The National Parks

As regular readers of this blog well know the focus is almost entirely on books and resources related to general ministry,leadership, Biblical Studies, Theology or most specifically youth ministry. 308 more words

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Documentarian, Louise Amandes, Talks Cartoonists, Collaboration, And Getting Into San Diego Comic-Con

“I opened up the email and saw the first word — ‘Congratulations!‘ — I called Ron instantly, jumping up and down like a teenage girl.

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