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Screening Room: 'Strong Island'

One night in April 1992, Yancy Ford’s brother William was shot dead. William was unarmed and black, the man believed to have shot him was white. 94 more words

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Screening Room: 'Whose Streets?'

The modern-day civil rights documentary Whose Streets? opens this week—three years after the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson—in limited release.

My review is at… 138 more words

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Screening Room: 'City of Ghosts'

The latest documentary from the director of Cartel Land, City of Ghosts is opening this week in limited release and expanding wider later. Expect a push for the Oscars later in the year for this incredible story. 77 more words

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Screening Room: AFI DOCS Film Festival

Last Wednesday through Sunday, Washington, D.C. hosted the AFI DOCS Film Festival, one of the country’s top showcases for nonfiction movies. Many of the documentaries screening there will be opening throughout the country in the coming weeks and months, with at least a couple likely Oscar nominees among the batch. 184 more words

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The Lovers & The Despot (2016)

North Korea is shrouded in mystery, and this incredible story provides a glimpse into the country and its forced leadership.  In the 1970’s a South Korean movie star and her ex-husband were kidnapped by North Korea to upgrade their movie production capabilities, and add glamor to leader Kim Jong-Il.   26 more words

Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

Rodriguez was an exceptionally talented singer in the 1970’s, but he failed to forge a career in the U.S.  Unbeknown to him however,  in South Africa he was a world class hero who suddenly disappeared.   78 more words

The Hunting Ground (2015)

Terrifying and intense, this movie is a must for high school seniors, college students, and adults alike. The Hunting Ground is an expose of the rape culture which has emerged on college campuses throughout the country.   52 more words