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Film Review No.395: Captain America Civil War

The last film I reviewed was about some punching buddies that punched for a bit and then were buddies. Captain America Civil War is about some buddies that decide to punch for a bit too. 1,216 more words

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Film Dump: Journalism 101

I never knew that a major subject I was bound to dislikeĀ and a favorite hobby of mine would clash at one point in my life. 1,167 more words


Film Review No.393: Deadpool

Making a film of Deadpool has been something many of the character’s fans would have said was a no brainer for years. If you’re a fan you just know the character could work really well on screen. 1,173 more words

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Film Review No.391: Fantastic Four (2015)

Four times FOX. Four fecking times have you tried to make a Fantastic Four film and you still can’t get it right. Yes, right of the bat I’m telling you that this latest Fantastic Four interpretation from director Josh Trank is a big old steaming pile of poo. 2,243 more words

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Film Review No.389: Spectre

Oh my God I’m actually reviewing a new release film…. about 10 days after release. Yeah I’m late but I couldn’t exactly not cover a James bond film. 1,587 more words

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Film Review No.388: Halloween 5 - The Revenge of Michael Myers

So I normally get a Halloween film reviewed on October 31st. It is the logical day to do such a thing after all. This year I was a little strapped for cash and was a little late buying myself a copy of Halloween 5. 1,038 more words

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