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Film History 101 (Part 7)

As part of our journey though Film History 101, we’ve now reached the 1960s. Major changes were afoot.  Not the least of which was seeing the entire industry rocked to its core by one film which clearly demonstrated that the studios no longer had complete control over their projects as they did during the previous decades. 2,162 more words


Early to the Theater - Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool Review

Recently Jen and Achariya have been fortunate enough to review films prior to wide release. We’re very excited about today’s entry, a screener that Jen received from Sony Pictures Classics. 1,305 more words


Hollywood news 1926, February. PhotoPlay Magazine

February 1926 from Photoplay magazine

 The mystery and drabness which surrounded the Chaplin-Grey marriage in a little Mexico town nearly a year and a half ago and later the birth of their first child has been swept away, as if a wind had driven a huge cloud from the horizon. 71 more words

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (La rivière du hibou )

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (La rivière du hibou) is an award winning French short film from the early ’60s that was broadcast on American television as part of the original… 461 more words


The City in the Sky 🎆 Metropolis (1927)

As a film student at The University of Michigan, I was exposed to the masters of cinema – Chaplin, Murnau, Kubrick, Lang, etc. There, we were challenged to critique and look beyond the surface to the underlying themes. 751 more words

Film History

An Analysis: Aliens

Following up my essay on Alien, I examine how the sequel departed drastically from its predecessor not just in terms of its genre, but on a fundamental, political level as well. 25 more words

Alien Videos

Astaire and Rogers

I hope everyone is looking forward to seeing the first six movies starring Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, the greatest dancing partnership Hollywood has ever seen.  61 more words

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