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55 years ago today: Manchurian Candidate Released in Theaters

55 years ago today, the Cold War thriller The Manchurian Candidate was released into theaters. The movie, directed by legendary John Frankenheimer, starred Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh, and Angela Lansbury in an Oscar- nominated performance. 150 more words

The 4 Forgotten Women who Built Horror

For a genre that loves nothing more than a final girl trope, horror always seems to be incredibly saturated by men. Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some Stephen King and John Carpenter, but horror was built by both men and women. 1,320 more words

Who needs Rosebud? We've Got Nazis!

When Orson Welles set out to direct The Stranger (1946), he did so under unfavorable conditions.  Saddled with a well-deserved reputation for being constitutionally unable to complete films on time or anywhere near the budget, he simply agreed to everything and got down to it. 343 more words

Threat to The Cinema Museum, Kennington

To some of us in the South West, that big city called London can (at times) feel a long way away. But whenever we venture into the big smoke which is the capital, either for a film festival, film restoration premiere, book launch or even a for rather special or unique silent film screening there is always one place we always try and drop into. 2,391 more words

Moguls and starlets

In the light of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the wave of stories about other film industry professionals that followed, I wrote this long feature for the Guardian about… 8 more words


The Blair Witch Project

It’s been way too long since I wrote a good horror review and in the spirit of the Halloween season, I thought I’d write about one of my favourites, The Blair Witch Project. 819 more words


More on Fear Films

So many genres in the fear film category: Sci Fi, atomized insects, people being turned into animals, ghosts, zombies, haunted houses, monsters . . . . 7 more words