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REALLY Stuck For Blogging Ideas? Here's Some Sanity Savers

As you may know, we’ve made blogging for filmmakers a focus of our blog content this month, and SURPRISE! here’s a bonus entry to round out the month. 674 more words


Doubt me, then Watch me.

Growth, whether it be personal, social, economical, political or physical happens every day. In our society growth is inevitable. People are exposed to new ideas and knowledge every day, which can sometimes lead to advancements. 596 more words

Media Industries

All Signs Point to Yes

I’ve been crying a lot lately.

There are many moments where I stop to catch my breath. I have moments of disbelief at the obstacles I have faced and have overcome. 817 more words


The Process

Last week I had a meeting with a filmmaker about the development of First Signal. While he knows I watched his work, what immediately struck me was that he watched some of mine as well. 382 more words


Sören Bouchard Berman

“One of the most uplifting things happening in society right now is that women are slowly becoming more empowered, and more opportunities are being given to people. 471 more words


When I Was Wrong: About Good Movies

It’s never good to write a blog to win an argument. It’s frozen in time for everyone to see how wrong you were, the arguments grow stale and irrelevant, and sometimes you change your mind—it’s really a nasty situation. 910 more words