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NASA begins testing next Mars lander InSight, for 2016 mission

We should really start taking Mars seriously now !!!

Testing is underway on NASA’s next mission on the journey to Mars, a stationary lander scheduled to launch in March 2016. 92 more words

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Whats the Verdict: Will the Feds impose gender quotas in Hollywood?

Whats the Verdict: Will the Feds impose gender quotas in Hollywood?

Last week the ACLU launched a petition via email to people in the entertainment industry asking them to urge the federal government to “look into biased hiring practices” that they claim run rampant in Hollywood. 347 more words


Film ‘Pickle Recipe’ Gets State Incentives

LANSING — The Pickle Recipe, a film created by former Detroit advertising executives and produced by West Bloomfield natives, has demonstrated the right formula to qualify for an incentive from the Michigan Film Office. 387 more words


Original movies: a dying breed? 

There have been multiple amounts of movies coming out in these last few years which are either sequels, reboots, prequels etc. and many people are wondering if Hollywood has an original idea left in its body. 390 more words


Taking Bollywood Global

Hindi films have long had devoted fans among the 21 million Indians living overseas. In the 1950s and ’60s, the actor-director Raj Kapoor became a household name in Soviet Russia, while Hindi films also traveled to the Middle East and Africa. 862 more words


Sex Sells, But Does It Have To Be So Violent?

Now in a break from dresses and decorations, it’s time to tackle something deeper, with the help of newly-wed Brooke Williams. 

Fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ are taking to social media in outrage over a rape scene in the episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”. 956 more words

Chinese Censorship Sways Hollywood, But American Capitalism Does, Too

Last week, NPR released an intriguing report on how certain political ideologies are currently changing the content of big budget film productions. The segment was called… 874 more words

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