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Han Solo movie directors gone

This has to be one of the weirdest stories that I’ve seen recently the Han Solo film being only like 3 week away from finishing filming and the directors leave. 153 more words


Why It's Totally OK If Women-Led Comedies Aren't Always Great

Because male-led comedies aren’t always great. The end. :)

Note: this is in response to an article of the same title over at Bustle. It’s actually a well-written article and I mean no disrespect to the writer; it just struck me how absurd it is that we have to take the time to explain a concept as simple as this. 64 more words

Expanded Universes, Exponential Popularity, Global Media

There’s a common complaint that modern film quality is tanking compared to the quality of films released in the past few decades. The cinemas are awash with sequels, universes, prequels, remakes, missing links, and excessive exercises in pandering for the sake of money grubbing. 919 more words

The Culture

The Exhibitionist: The title reveals all

My paperback copy of The Exhibitionist arrived minus a front cover.

That is what literary scholars call symbolism.

The Exhibitionist: A Novel by Henry Sutton… 215 more words
1967 Bestselling Novels

Banff World Media Festival 2017

Hello from Banff!

Its only been a day and a half and I’m already burnt out, literally and figuratively! I was last in Banff in 2013 for the Women in the Director’s Chair program. 1,037 more words

Film Industry

GST on Films!!

Bollywood has been producing flop and boring films regularly and there doesn’t seems a possibility of improvement as same set of filmmakers continue to fool audience with their trash cinema Government has rightly kept GST on film tickets above 100 rupees at a pre decided rate of 28% although film makers have been shedding crocodile tears over tax rate suggested by the government as this may adversely affect launch of their kids in the film industry in near future! 35 more words


Mauritius, the best filming destination!

Mauritius has  one of the most wonderful and unique resorts in the world with 330 km of sandy beaches, blue lagoons, waterfalls, green valleys, indigenous forests, luxuriant fauna and flora, volcanic mountain ranges, stable political environment, historical heritage and a rich multicultural population. 560 more words