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Is Emma Thompson Right?

By Eoin Martin

Last week, legendary British actress Emma Thompson spoke about sexism with the Radio Times. She stated that Hollywood was in a ““worse state than I have known it, particularly for women”. 485 more words


Movie posters, photographs, Lego cinema and film competition at gallery

A gallery in Tottenham Street is currently hosting an interactive exhibition of contemporary film posters and photographs, and features a model cinema made of Lego bricks. 170 more words


Mangal Ho : Uncut Interview : Annu Kapoor , Pritish Chakraborty

Mangal Ho : Uncut Interview : Annu Kapoor , Pritish Chakraborty

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Women in Film

There are plenty of women in Hollywood, or who want to work in Hollywood; they’re just not given the opportunity.

I just graduated high school (WOOHOO – hello freedom!) but prior to that I was tasked to dive into any topic of my choice for three months and participate in what is referred to as Senior Exhibition.  438 more words

Sony to Make Emoji Movie... For Some Reason

It seems like the film industry will do just about anything to make a quick buck these days. Whether it be countless, terrible sequels or capitalizing on fan culture, money making movies are in abundance. 212 more words

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Creative industries could destroy themselves by resorting to State violence

Today the BBC reports that “Online pirates could face jail terms of up to 10 years under plans being considered by the government.”

The author goes on to note that the new proposals aren’t aimed at “small-time downloaders”, but to believe that in this instance the blunt instrument of the State won’t be used to bludgeon everyone in its sights, however minor their ‘crime’, is naive. 664 more words


The Weekend Tip 8: The kind of actor who acts.

My Observation:  What kind of actor are you?  Are you one who wants to act?  Who wants to create; really create; start-to-finish create?  How deep in do you want to sink your teeth?  245 more words