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Music and the Scene: On the One Thing that Game of Thrones and Barry Lyndon Have in Common

Okay, hear me out here. I saw Game of Thrones’ last episode of Season 6, ‘The Winds of Winter‘, along with a sizable majority of the English speaking world when it was broadcast in June. 781 more words

The Fellowship of the Ring "Shadow of the Past" (2001)

After Bilbo takes his leave of the Shire (leaving all Hobbiton in an uproar), Frodo finds himself the owner of Bag End and heir to almost all that Bilbo possessed, including a certain golden ring that he found once, deep in the Misty Mountains. 693 more words


The Lion King "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" (1994)

There are love songs and then there are love songs, and for a long time “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was THE love song for me. 561 more words


Need Music? An Introduction to Film Music for Filmmakers


Founder, owner, and composer at llbp.productions


Okay, so you’re a filmmaker and you’re working on a project. You’ve gotten your hands on a visionary script, you’ve assembled a dynamic cast, and you’ve followed your creative vision through the shooting and editing phases. 1,463 more words


Butch Cassidy, Burt Bacharach and Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

When is a song not a song? Why of course when it’s one of those pad a dap a dapadda, doob be doobee doop, pum… pum… pum… padadappada… 1,266 more words

1970s Songs

Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Hindi Film Music - August,2016

Welcome to August, 2016 edition of Carnival of Blogs on Golden Era of Hindi Film Music.

One of our regularly visited blogs Dances on the Footpath celebrated its… 1,564 more words

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The Lion King "I Just Can't Wait to be King" (1994)

“I’m gonna be the ‘mane’ event” oh very punny Disney

Oh Simba, Simba, Simba…now that he young lion knows about the mysterious elephant graveyards (courtesy of his devious uncle Scar), the mischievous cub is determined to find a way to go see them, despite being clearly warned by his father that he must NEVER go there. 595 more words