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Episode 20 – 20 Underrated Cues

https://sideshowsoundtheatre.files.wordpress.com/2016/09/episode-20-underrated-cues.mp3In the 20th episode of our flagship show Sideshow Sound Radio, Will and Ian mark the occasion by talking about 20 of their favourite underrated… 27 more words


The Lion King "Under the Stars" (1994)

The time has almost come to bring The Lion King to a close. After today I’ll share the final scene of the film and that will be the end. 834 more words



Pertama membaca sipnosi filmnya, sangat penasaran ketika nonton filmnya sungguh menyentuh hati, siapa yang belum pernah menonton film ini harus segera menonton, film ini mengkisahkan tentang seekor anjing yang amat setia dengan tuan nya hingga akhir hayat si anjing tersebut. 203 more words


Recent piece for MUBI:The Sound of Strange(r) Things

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a few days immersed in Netflix’s new original series, Stranger Things. As someone who grew up in the 1980s and ‘90s, the show proved a wonderful exercise in nostalgia; a delightful amalgam of the wide-eyed Spielbergian ingenuousness and nightmarescapes of Stephen King that so informed my youth. 157 more words

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The Lion King "King of Pride Rock" (1994) Pt. 1

We’re finally almost to the end of The Lion King (this is technically the final piece in the film, even though it’s the penultimate post in the series), and as previously decided, the next Disney film covered will be Pocahontas :) 1,308 more words


The Two Towers "Lament for Theodred" (2002)

Note: I was actually going to do “Riders of Rohan” today but my headphones are missing right now and I didn’t want to wait all day to do a post, so I picked this one instead :) 437 more words


The Uniquely US Challenge That Indie Artists Face When Asked To License Music To Indie Filmmakers, For Free

Over the last few years I’ve been approached by several indie filmmaker friends seeking my help on getting music licensed for their indie film projects. While some have had budgets, most have asked for recommendations on getting music for free. 1,143 more words

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