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Shirtless Jeff Goldblum is the only Funko Pop you need

Funko Pops: You either love ’em or you hate ’em. This writer is a little obsessed, currently paying rent for at least a dozen figures, ranging from… 217 more words


Some hero made a Netflix search engine to help you keep track of what's coming and going

Struggling to keep up with all the new TV shows and movies added to Netflix on a daily basis? Missed out on Clue ’cause you didn’t know it was leaving the streaming platform so soon? 172 more words


It's Bond vs Bond vs Bond in this feature-length mashup of every James Bond film ever: Watch

Which Bond is the best Bond is a constant source of debate amongst film buffs. Very few are really arguing for George Lazenby, but could… 215 more words


The Time is Meow: Super Troopers 2 trailer has arrived: Watch

The sequel to stoner cult classic Super Troopers hits theaters this spring — on 4/20, to be exact. In anticipation, Broken Lizard, the comedy troupe behind the film, has shared the first full-length trailer for the forthcoming sequel. 127 more words


Bill Shaffer's Eli Wallach interview

I corresponded with Eli Wallach (1915 – 2014) in the summer of 1975 with the hope of securing an interview to help augment my Master’s Thesis on the films of Sergio Leone. 3,092 more words


Dread Central Presents: A Promising New Idea for Indie Film Distribution

Over the years, I have written far too many “the sky is falling” articles about the state of the film industry. Yes, attendance is dwindling, movie theaters are closing, studios big and small are being bought out or simply going out of business, year-round tentpoling has left little to no room for indies, language-neutral, China-friendly action has enacted far too significant an influence on everything, diversity behind the scenes has made precious little progress, it’s easier than ever to make a movie but also harder than ever to get your movie noticed, and TV continues to kick film’s ass in almost every conceivable way. 520 more words

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