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Don’t you see You let the person who said they couldn’t live without you,realize they can


Lost highways and magic moments: Revisiting 'Lost Highway' (1997)

April 1999: I’m in the local video shop, playing Siskel and Ebert with the bloke behind the counter. The film under discussion is Lost Highway… 573 more words

David Lynch

3 things about Fritz Lang's HUMAN DESIRE

Human Desire

1. She undoes the straps of her dress and shows him the bruises.
2. He says he only wants coffee, yet in the kitchen he sits down and eats a full breakfast. 24 more words

Film Noir

Our group has decided to do film Noir.

we have chosen this because we think it gives us a good range of editing, Shots and in our group as media students we can all relate to Film Noir.


Red Goes to the Movies

Or more accurately, Red sits on his behind and watches a classic at home.  This time it was the film adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s thriller… 215 more words

The Maltese Falcon

Humphrey Bogart’s Sam Spade is a likable bastard, someone you might come to with your troubles but not with your power of attorney. Sam is a private detective in San Francisco on the cusp of wartime (the movie was released about two months before Pearl Harbor), dealing with shady characters of vague and various nationalities. 706 more words


The Dark Corner (1946) Henry Hathaway

Long before video became the standard home format for movies taken by family of loved ones, friends, and maybe even of some gory accidents you happen to come across that may make it on the local news, there were 8mm home movies. 737 more words

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