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Chance, Season One (TV 2016)

Chance, Season One (TV 2016) created by Alexandra Cunningham and Kem Nunn

The TV series Chance was recently cancelled by Hulu after two seasons and having only seen the first, I think I know why. 794 more words


Saturday Matinee: The Endless Night

‘The Endless Night: A Valentine to Film Noir’ an epic supercut of toxic masculinity and shady ladies

By Richard Metzger

Source: Dangerous Minds

Set to the tune of Massive Attack’s “Angel,” Serena Bramble’s 2009 remix project “The Endless Night: A Valentine to Film Noir” is a “video love letter that distills film noir movies into their atmospheric essence.” 477 more words



Maybe I’m a contrarian. Or maybe some people really don’t care what the masses think. (No one thinks they care what the masses think.)

I first came upon Jim Thompson’s “This World, Then the Fireworks” in the Thompson revival of the eighties, when everything he wrote was put back in print by Vintage, and anything else with his name on it was put between paperback and/or hardcovers for the first time. 408 more words


Sorry, Wrong Number

Title: Sorry, Wrong Number

Release date: 1948

Country: United States

Rating: NR

Screenwriter: Lucille Fletcher

Costume design: Edith Head

Run time: 89 minutes

Color: black and white… 50 more words

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The Accused

Title: The Accused

Release date: 1949

Country: United Kingdom

Rating: NR

Screenwriter: Ketti Frings (screenplay), June Truesdell (novel)

Costume design: Edith Head, Grace Harris (uncredited wardrobe) 29 more words

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Film Noir Releases in March 2018 - Addendum

Although I recently reported the slim pickings in April, I’ve uncovered a few more March releases for your consideration. For the March listing, I included Don’t Bother to Knock (1952), which has been updated to include the correct cover for its March 20 Twilight Time release. 590 more words



Title: Vertigo

Release date: 1958

Country: Brazil

Rating: PG

Costume design: Edith Head, Roselle Novello (uncredited wardrobe for women)

Hair and make-up: Nellie Manley (hair style supervisor), Florence Avery (uncredited hairdresser), Hazel Keats (uncredited hairdresser), Peggy Thomas (uncredited hairdresser), Lenore Weaver (uncredited hairdresser) 29 more words

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