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Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Here at Wonderful Cinema we tend to avoid writing about current blockbusters because, let’s face it, who needs another review!

We are more about finding those hidden gems you might not have heard of… 625 more words


Film Noir Evaluation

For our Film Noir Assignment, we were tasked (in groups) to shoot and act out given scenes, with each group being assigned different scenes of which all tie together to create a cohesive story. 269 more words


The Second Woman (1950)

There’s a lot wrong with The Second Woman. Basically, women exist to validate men, doing everything they can in a Hitchcock style psychological thriller to find out how to solve the men’s problems while falling in love with them. 819 more words


"Preludes And Portents" By C. A. Brown (Noir Christmas Short Stories - #1)

Despite the armies of grim-faced corporate suits who somehow think that I’ve got the magical ability to get hold of the latest Rocket Man figurine, or whatever overpriced plastic tat their spoiled kids are going wild for these days, Christmas is a great time to be a P.I. 611 more words


My Review of 'The Window' (1949)

The Window is one of those lesser-known films noir that received critical acclaim at the time of its release, but has since fallen to the wayside for most movie viewers. 442 more words

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