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As someone who has been involved with independent films I know how hard it can be. 296 more words


Noir City DC 2016 - Part V: The Narrow Margin (1952) Richard Fleischer

Two clarifications are in order. First, when reporting the events of Noir City DC 2016, I want to give you a taste of Eddie Muller’s film introductions that is as accurate as possible while providing some thoughts of my own. 957 more words


Mood Board

I have made my own mood board including the main elements/characteristics about the genre that I’ve chosen to do for my final piece. My mood board contains loads of pictures that are related to the words that are written over it. 291 more words


Film Review - D.O.A.



Director: Rudolph Maté

Released in 1950, D.O.A. (short for ‘Dead on Arrival’) is a short, sharp film noir which manages to pack a lot of story into a pretty concise framework, and gives us a career –defining performance by noir-stalwart Edmund O’Brien. 772 more words


Noir City DC 2016 - Part IV: Specter of the Rose (1946) Ben Hecht

Sunday was my final day at Noir City DC 2016 and the final day that Eddie Muller would be on hand to introduce films. The viewing day began with a film I’d never seen, Specter of the Rose (1946), written, produced and directed by Ben Hecht. 316 more words


Task 16/17

I have presented a moldboard for the genre film noir. I have used Pictures that fit to the genre film noir. In film noir there is always a man and a woman, there are a lot of cigarettes and guns. 20 more words

Titel Task

Task 15

I will be doing a breakdown of the Tipping scene in Reservoir Dogs.

There are two conversations between the group , both  conversations have no background music , this is so you focus on the dialogue. 89 more words