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On the Occasion of Wallace Ford's Birth

Wallace Ford’s life was stranger than fiction.

He was raised in an orphanage and a series of foster homes. He lived the life of a hobo as a teenager and adopted his stage name from a fellow tramp. 1,020 more words

Film Noir

Dash’s Crib – Where modern crime fiction was born

by Eddie Muller

The first time I walked into Sam Spade’s apartment I thought my head would explode. 1,457 more words


Essay notes

Include messages and values for both Double Indemnity and The Last Seductions

For this essay, I will be comparing the role of women, as I’m pretty sure I haven’t covered that yet. 190 more words

Film Noir

Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity

I have to admit it’s many years since I’ve read James M. Cain’s classic and very dark novel, “Double Indemnity” – and it deserves a re-read – but I did sit down to watch the classic 1944 film the other day. 408 more words

Synchronicity (2015)

Few ideas in science fiction tantalize or intrigue like that of time travel. But let’s get real: if it were possible, what would we actually… 570 more words

Movie Reviews

The Maltese Falcon

Sam Spade and Kasper Gutman will be returning to 650 theaters across the nation later this month.

“The, uh, stuff that dreams are made of.” 82 more words