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Analysis of Brave poster

  • Title above characters head relating it to her. Also in Celtic style suggesting both location and time period the film takes place.
  • Bear behind title shows it’s going to be an important character as it features on the poster, but not the forefront of the poster itself (hidden away).
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Film Posters

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Film Posters

The Anatomy of a Film Poster

  • Connotation
    • Words, Sounds and Visuals on a poster have denotative meanings and infer to the audience what the film is about in an eye-capturing way. For example, the symbol of a rose is often associated with romance, so by prominently placing a rose in the poster, it would suggest the protagonist of the film will have a romantic encounter.
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Film Posters

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if you are stuck for presents for teenage boys or young men, then think about an original film poster – depending on the popularity and rarity, you can usually pick up something appropriate for that person, either it will be an actor or film that they really like, or the title will have some meaning.   117 more words

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Movie Type. Sarah Hyndman talks film posters with Total Film

Type Cast. What does a poster’s typography tell us? More than you’d think. Graphic designer and Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman helps us crack the code behind cinema’s most famous fonts. 

June 2017 issue, words Jordan Farley