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Movie Cliche

Have fun with this assignment and turn it in before you leave.  Look at the guidelines below and let Mr. Rinchiuso know if you have any questions.

Film Cliché Project

Film Study

Be Dog Smart films!

I am so excited that finally after months of planning, preparation, casting, script writing, filming and post-production that the Dogs Trust Education programmes Be Dog Smart films have been launched!  79 more words


Movie Timeline Assignment

We are making a timeline of films.  Below you have an assigned decade (or two) to make a short video discussing that decade in film.  Create the film in premiere and hand in the final version to me.

Assigned Decades

Timeline video project

Film Study

How to Get Cinematic Lighting with Just One Light

V Renee at No Film School offers some advice on how to create the best cinematic lighting effects when your access to adequate film lighting equipment is minimal. 17 more words


Genre Worksheet

We are starting our section on film genres leading up to our 3-day film project.  Today you have the genre worksheet to fill out and turn back into Mr. 17 more words

Film Study

The Power of Color Correction

Color correction helps your video. What is color correction you ask? Color correction is a technique you use when you are editing a video. For example if you had a dull colored clip, and wanted to add some color to it you would probably increase the “saturation” of the video clip. 107 more words

Film Basics

What is Continuity?

When creating your video, you need to make sure that things looks in place. This is funny, but before I started making films I never thought about this. 191 more words

Film Basics