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Similar to blocking on the stage of a theater, blocking in film is essential to creating a dynamic and compelling scene.

Blocking refers to the positioning and movement of the actors. 178 more words

Amateur Filmmaking

A Blast From Our Past: Establishing the Unconventional

For the sake of this post, I must reiterate a point I have stated before, I love film. Film is a incredible medium that allows people to represent positions and personally constructed visions of entertainment to public sources. 488 more words

Media Industries

Hollywood Keeps Playing it Safe

Now that it is 2018, Hollywood has changed, in terms of the content it produces. It is also changing, but very, very  slowly in terms of representation in front and behind the camera as well as content/movies that are being shown in theatres and on tv. 862 more words

Media Industries

The Ol’ Hurry Up and Wait

There’s a saying that gets tossed around all of the time during the filmmaking process. On or off set, you’ll at some point hear someone say “hurry up and wait”. 407 more words

Fair Lila Films

There’s a quote from the Bhagavad Gita that reads “You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions.” 221 more words


A Beginners Guide To Film Finance by Emily Corcoran of THE STOLEN

Hi, my name is Emily Corcoran and I’m the writer, producer and supporting actress for a film called THE STOLEN.

THE STOLEN was shot in New Zealand and was funded out of the UK, Germany, New Zealand (obviously) and a little bit out of the States. 103 more words