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Our Harold overslept and could not make his first shooting, so I filmed some more scenes with Rica and re-filmed some from yesterday.

Before the sun went down, I tried filming the long take after the first breakfast scene (which ends with the camera leaving Agnes and Harold in the kitchen), into the living room in which Agnes sits alone reminiscing her dreams. 102 more words



Today, I filmed the first breakfast scene with Rica and Abel. We filmed in the evening but I am hoping that their costumes (Abel wore his sixth form clothes to imply that he is about to leave for ‘work’ and Rica wore her nighty) and their ‘breakfast’ would indicate that it is around six in the morning. 57 more words


The aim of this blog: Aims over Expectations

After looking into the publications of Hussey and Smith regarding Learning Outcomes, I have found myself struggling to comprehend the potential injustice that could have been served to the students who have undertaken the Film Production course over the past few years. 636 more words

Film Production


Today, I started filming Rica a.k.a. Agnes’ main scenes without Abel (Harold).

I filmed in Monochrome, instead of making the footage black and white during post-production. 868 more words


Short Film C/W | Demos

I am set to film after the weekends!

To prepare, I have completed shot lists (one for scenes which only feature Agnes, and one for those that include both Agnes and Harold – for the convenience of my two actors), and tried my hand at  84 more words


Short film C/W | Storyboard

I have completed most of my storyboard (up until the very last scene in which Agnes is shown having overdosed). To get digital copies of my storyboards, I used an iPhone app called  257 more words


Building a camera stabilizer

Since my short film may require a lot of camera movement, I need a camera device that would help reduce (or even eliminate) shakiness. My first choice was to get/DIY a steadicam, but a) they’re really expensive, and b) our local hardware store does not hold any fittings for metal pipes. 32 more words