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FILM RELEASE - Hold Me Down "an honest slice of life, one that far too many live every day"

You will never know how hard it is to live in poverty unless you have experienced it.  What would you do to survive? The women who have starred in this important film have not only been brave enough to tell their own stories, they have through film told the stories of others.  712 more words



LAST FLAG FLYING is my best movie of the year clever way to talk about war that is not a sort of subject we like much to talk about and I suspect it seems to have some analogy in between and a compilation of real facts, nice to see some dark comedy after what we can say a storm year. 283 more words


Review: I went to see Flatliners...

I’ve never seen the original and Flatliners is something the usually wouldn’t be my cup of tea. However, I was pleasantly surprised I debated going for a a while but wasn’t sure as the genre really isn’t my thing but the trailer looked great! 165 more words

Angela Dixon: "What I love about 'Never Let Go' is that it shows that women can be heroes too"

Wonderful British actress, Angela Dixon, heads up the outstanding action-packed feature film,“Never Let Go”, in which she also injects some heart wrenching emotion. 1,719 more words