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B Movie Glory: Bottom Feeder

It’s ironic that Tom Sizemore starred in a B flick called Bottom Feeder, because he’s been called worse by many in Hollywood. Jokes aside I love the guy, he’s up there with my favourite actors and I’ve had to reconcile his behaviour next to my admiration for years. 248 more words

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James Ward Byrkit’s Coherence

Like your SciFi smart, slick, realistic and extremely trippy? Don’t miss James Ward Byrkit’s Coherence, a voyage into the twilight zone that will push the limits of your lateral thinking until you feel your brain lashing out at the paradoxical borders of it’s realm of thought, an effect brought on by only the most challenging films out there. 268 more words

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The Director's Chair with Dan Mirvish


Joining Podcasting Them Softly once again is filmmaker, author, and Slamdance Film Festival co-founder Dan Mirvish. Dan’s most recent film, Bernard and Huey, is written by Jules Feiffer (Carnal Knowledge, Popeye) based upon his characters created in 1957 in the Village Voice magazine. 35 more words

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It’s fashionable to bemoan big studio budgets flowing only towards flying men in tights and spaceships zipping around long, long ago, but what about the little studio budgets?  609 more words

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Night Train To Venice: The actual worst film ever made

People often ask me what the worst film I’ve ever seen is, and for years I found the question difficult due to the sheer volume of trash and cinematic pond scum out there. 416 more words

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Buckle Up Baby: SOLO Preview


Frank and Tim are back with their latest Star Wars episode. And while their predictions of Max von Sydow being Boba Fett and who Rey’s parents are didn’t prove to be correct; everything you hear in this podcast is true…

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And the Oscar Goes to...The Greatest Show on Earth

There’s romance, crime, thrills, laughs, and fun under the big top in this drama by director Cecil B. DeMille and starring Betty Hutton, Cornel Wilde, Charleston Heston, and Jimmy Stewart. 33 more words

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