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Film Review: Rififi (1955)

Also known as: Du rififi chez les hommes (original French title)
Release Date: April 13th, 1955 (France)
Directed by: Jules Dassin
Written by: Auguste Le Breton, Jules Dassin, Rene Wheeler… 462 more words


The Secret of Marrowbone

The Secret of Marrowbone follows the lives of a family who move to America to escape their past; to say more would be to ruin the film. 343 more words

Film Review

Incredibles 2

Release date: 13th July 2018/Watch the trailer here

As impossible as it might be to believe, The Incredibles was somehow released fourteen years ago. Still one of the most beloved Pixar movies to this day, the film told the story of a family of superheroes who are forced to live a quiet, suburban life while hiding their powers from the world – and the long-awaited sequel picks up immediately from where the first film left off, with the Incredibles pursuing the Underminer. 563 more words

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The Year of Living Dangerously (1982)

In going back and discovering Australian films from the 70s and 80s, the films of Peter Weir were a revelation. His films Picnic at Hanging Rock, Gallipoli and The Last Wave are iconic Australian films that are more than just great films – they tap into the national psyche and tell us about the Australia itself. 287 more words

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Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence (1983)

Most notable, perhaps, for starring David Bowie in a lead role, Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence is a film by the Japanese director Nagisa Oshima. The film also notably include Takeshi Kitano in an early role, in charge of the prisoner of war camp, the Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, who also wrote the fantastic score for the film, and Tom Conti, the Scottish actor, who is fantastic as Lawrence and also manages to speak good Japanese in some parts of the film. 241 more words

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Phoenix (2014)

Directed by Christian Petzold, Phoenix tells the tale of a woman in post World War 2 Germany, who has her face reconstructed, giving her a new identity. 229 more words

Film Review

Moving pictures 2018, #41

I have seen other films by all the directors in the post, except for the last. Some, of course, more than others – Lang is my 8th most-watched director, with 25 movies. 1,677 more words