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Am I a Machine or a Man? The Imitation Game

Anticipation: 4/5 Benedict Cumberbatch + Computers + Code Breaking + Nazis. Sounds good.

Final Verdict: 4.5/5 The Imitation Game’s mere title takes on a world of meanings in this tightly knit prestige biopic of one of the most important men of the twentieth century. 546 more words


Atrocious (2010)

Really tests the limit of how much ‘suspense’ is too much suspense. Even at 73 minutes, there’s only so much uneventful walking through creepy woods an audience can endure. 59 more words

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Spectre Review

I saw this film a while back so this review’s been on the back burner for quite a while at this point. Needless to say, I was not impressed and Spectre is a big drop from Skyfall. 1,852 more words


Carry on Girls

WFTB Score: 4/20

The plot: In the sleepy seaside town of Fircombe (geddit?), Councillor Sidney Fiddler plans to liven up the tourist trade by holding a pageant, much to the dismay of his bride to-be Connie Philpotts, whose hotel is overrun by the bevy of beauties. 750 more words

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Carry on Nurse

WFTB Score: 7/20

The plot: Newspaper reporter Ted York goes into hospital for an appendectomy and is tasked with writing a piece on the goings-on in the public ward. 781 more words

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Carry on Teacher

WFTB Score: 13/20

The plot: Popular headmaster Mr Wakefield has a dream job waiting at a shiny new school, but first of all he and his staff must survive an inspection by liberal psychiatrist Alistair Grigg and his assistant Miss Wheeler. 899 more words

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