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Movie Review: Dunkirk

The Miracle at Dunkirk is one of my favorite historical events. It never ceases to blow my mind how Churchill just got on the radio and asked civilians to bring their boats into a war zone–and they did. 594 more words

November Rule (Reviewish)

For me to be so single, I sure picked a romantic movie to watch!

So November Rule, directed by Mike Elliott, is a black indie film, that I loved! 140 more words

Spiderman: Homecoming: Film Review

Who knew a Spider-Man film could be so much fun. I only wished they’d stop making new Iron Man movies.

Writer: Jonathan Goldstein (plus… 1,123 more words

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Film Review: Win It All (2017)

Netflix’s Win It All is a story about a gambling addict with no job or prospects trying to come to terms with his addiction and trying to get a hold of his life. 514 more words


Cinema Chat #9 - Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk is based on the true life World War 11 battle and subsequent evacuation of the British troops. We follow three particular storylines – the soldiers on the beach who are waiting to be evacuated, a father and son setting out to Dunkirk on their small boat so they can help with the rescue and finally a trio of spitfire pilots, who are trying to reach Dunkirk to lend air support. 171 more words


Dunkirk: An Assault on the senses

Recommendation of YES

Summary: The film tells a triptych of stories on land, sea and air about the successful military retreat of Dunkirk.

A friend of mine was confused as to the relative brevity of Dunkirk (a zippy 106 minutes) having expected it to be 2h 30 min as all modern blockbusters are somehow required to be. 781 more words


The "nymphet" community and why it can be harmful

Anyone who has an account on either Tumblr or Instagram will have encountered the “Lolita” or “nymphet” community at some point. The community is more like a girls gang than an Internet subculture, and they are taking over. 1,472 more words