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What if your entire world was a small room in a garden shed?

With no one to hear your cries and a small son to take care of, what do you do? A review of the film Room. 438 more words

Movie Suggestions

The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016)

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron, Nick Frost, Rob Brydon, Alexandra Roach, Sheridan Smith.

Dirctor: Cedric Nicholas-Troyan.

I was hyped for this movie. 356 more words


Midnight Special (2016)

Starring: Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst, Jaden Lieberher, Adam Driver.

Director: Jeff Nichols.

The film has a pretty neat plot at the crux of it: a father, Roy (Shannon), desperately hides his son Alton (Lieberher), as they’re on the run from the Government, and the Ranch- a cult-of-sorts of which Roy and Alton used to belong. 438 more words


Ralph Bakshi Retrospective Part 8: Fire and Ice

Though Bakshi had worked with other screenwriters before––on American Pop in particular––and made his most famous films adapting others’ work, he preferred to exercise tight personal control over his films.  1,133 more words

Film Reviews

Film Review: Underworld: Awakening

Lackluster as a standalone but perhaps an exciting twist in terms of the franchise, Underworld: Awakening is perfect for anyone in the mood for mindless action with a few touching moments. 427 more words

Film Review

Ex Machina and the Image of Control

Disclaimer: Below is my final essay for a film criticism course I took this spring semester. I hope you enjoy it!

Ex Machina directed by Alex Garland is an intense science fiction film that takes the viewer on a slow ascent into the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. 2,865 more words

Film Review: Captain America (1990, dir. Albert Pyun)

I don’t read comic books. I’m not a big fan of superhero movies. I’m not particularly a fan of the Marvel movies we have been getting. 4,020 more words