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The Transformative Power of Justin Lin's Storytelling: An Initial Hater's Review of "Star Trek Beyond"

When word first reached my ears that Justin Lin had officially signed on to direct the third installment of Abrams’ “Kelvin Timeline” films, truth be told, I think I threw up in my mouth (just a little though). 864 more words

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Jonathan Yi
Michael Haertlin
Jonathan Yi
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Michael Haertlin
Jonathan Yi
Michael Haertlin
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Sorority Row (2009)

The college drama/horror theme can be a real hit or miss. Every girl in Sorority Row plays their part perfectly while making us forget this is just another lame revenge story about an incident gone wrong. 32 more words

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Evil Dead - Review


Fede Alvarez’s rebooting of Sam Raimi’s famed Evil Dead series is a film that proves itself far better than it has much right to be – something which evaded me back when I first saw it for I had not seen any of the original Evil Dead films (a big mistake on my part). 929 more words

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August Film Reviews

Let me start by saying these film reviews and any future film reviews come from a completely unqualified place. I just like watching.

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Film Review: The Light Between Oceans

Adapted from M.L. Steadman’s 2012 novel, The Light Between Oceans frames the postwar condition and the larger concept of intractable grief within the kind of melodrama that will immediately call to some and repel others still. 1,347 more words


Don't Breathe (2016)

Don’t Breathe is a thrilling joy ride filled with gut wrenching plot twists through out. What appears to be really simple turns into a very complicated entanglement that adds more layers to the story and the characters. 38 more words

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