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Late Night (2019)

I got to admit, I am not the world’s biggest Mindy Kaling fan. I went to see this for Emma Thomson, who I am also not a huge fan of. 74 more words

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John Wick 2 (2017)

The indestructible killer for hire calls a truce with the Russian mob, but upon hearing that he has returned to “the business” an Italian mobster calls in an old debt leaving John at odds with the entire assassin fraternity. 168 more words


SUNO : A Call of Conscience

Shubham Yogi‘s new short film SUNO is extremely relevant and timely for today’s times as it brings the conversations around marital consent, entitlement and domestic violence to the center stage. 500 more words

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Mirai (2018)

There are countless animated films that exist that feature some variation of “family” as a theme. Most of them are quite banal, riddled with clichés and ultimately concluding that family is all that matters.  1,421 more words

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Under the Silver Lake (2018)

Under the Silver Lake (2018)

What are they hiding?

Following on from his acclaimed allegorical horror film It Follows (2014), writer and director David Robert Mitchell leaves it all out on the field with the elliptical, ambitious, and more than a little self-indulgent neo-noir… 703 more words

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Official Secrets (2019)

The release of Official Secrets (2019) coincides with the current US President telling the world he gladly accepts intelligence dirt on political opponents irrespective of source. 415 more words


Second Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - Toy Story 4

Second Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight – Toy Story 4. All the old gang, all the old problems. Toy Story is a great franchise, it entertains children and adults alike and is superbly animated. 105 more words

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