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La La Land review

Going into this movie I admittedly felt optimistic about the musical element of it. As a genre musicals are certainly not my favourite, due to a long term fear of the story and dialogue being impinged upon by big cheesy musical numbers that lack depth. 328 more words


Paterson (2016)

Jim Jarmusch is great lover of poetry. That much is clear in his latest film, ‘Paterson’, an understated, quiet film where on the surface it seems not a lot happens, though the essence of all life bubbles underneath. 1,081 more words


Hidden Figures in Plain Sight

I just rushed out of work to catch the 7:45pm showing of Hidden Figures. This was a GREAT film. It had so many elements that I like to see in a film and was well worth my $11. 450 more words

Hell Of A Thing

Aftershock - 2012

Anytime you throw in Eli Roth’s name you can expect some good ole blood & gore. In his English film debut Chilean writer/director Nicolás López… 274 more words


Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey - 2012

If you’re a music fan then it’s more than likely you’ve hummed or sang along with Journey. Since the early 1970’s they’ve been entertaining thousands of fans with their pop rock anthems from Wheel in the Sky, Any Way You Want It, Open Arms and of course Don’t Stop Believin’. 422 more words


My Amityville Horror - 2012

I would assume anyone into horror would know about The Amityville Horror. Most might be familiar with the remake starring Ryan Reynolds back from 2005 and others might recall the original version from 1979 starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. 758 more words


Come Out and Play - 2012

I’ll admit it… children in horror movies creep me the hell out; everything from Pet Cemetery, Children of the Corn, Poltergeist and even those damn girls singing the Freddy Krueger song. 705 more words