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Film Review - Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation

Ethan Hunt and gang are up to their usual espionage high jinks in Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. These are, it must be said, rather entertaining high jinks; certainly on a par with the last instalment, … 309 more words


A Review of Inside Out (2015)

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder, “What is going on inside their head?” Well, I know.”

Emotions control a person from the inside, causing them to feel certain ways at times. 175 more words


The Matrix

WFTB Score: 17/20

The plot: Dissatisfied computer programmer and part time hacker ‘Neo’ becomes involved with a group keen to show him that there is more – much more – to life than he knows. 588 more words

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Best of Enemies review: How the pundit state was born

When ABC decided it was going to have conservative intellectual William F. Buckley provide commentary for its coverage of the 1968 Republican and Democratic national conventions, they asked him if there was anyone he wouldn’t want to debate. 421 more words


MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION - a review by Jacob Heaton

Starring: Tom Cruise (Edge of Tomorrow), Simon Pegg (The World’s End), Rebecca Ferguson (Hercules), Jeremy Renner (Avengers: Age of Ultron… 1,111 more words

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Adventures in Cinema: The House of the Devil

A horror film that is supposedly based on true events can go one of two ways. It can be downright terrifying making you imagine how the scenario played out in reality and whether you are also faced with this danger. 415 more words


I'll Buy That For A Dollar

RoboCop 3 (Ted Dekker, 1993)

The third film of a franchise comes with low expectations – by then none of the original cast are in it, or the protagonist faces an evil double, or everything is shot in 3D, or the original premise is junked. 791 more words

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