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DUST, Code 8, and Miami Vice

Are any of you familiar with DUST? I discovered it the other day, when I came across this short video, based on a Dark Horse comic. 744 more words

Existing Properties

Triple Six Horror Shorts: Dissociative

Dissociative is the third short film from director Damon Rickardand. It tells the story of a man overwhelmed with paranoia about an assumed infidelity in just five minutes. 100 more words


Triple Six Festival Shorts: Gene

Gene follows a recently widowed mother, who is having problems with her 11-year-old son, and may have to take drastic actions to stop him. Gene… 167 more words


Triple Six Festival Shorts: Pigskin

Laurie is a high school cheerleader with body issues.  She binds her stomach, claws at her skin, and acts socially withdrawn because she thinks she’s overweight and unattractive.   161 more words


Neil Blomkamp’s Newest Sci-Fi Venture: Oats Studios

When Ridley Scott decided to take back the reins of his Alien franchise and helm Alien: Covenant, the news was met with varying degrees of enthusiasm. 882 more words


MSA Festival Interviews – Keith Myers

As the sole virtual reality project set to be screened at MSA festival, Intertainment caught up with creative visionary Keith Myers about his VR expedition into the iconic… 1,579 more words