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Starred Up (2013, David Mackenzie)

In one of many subtly profound but almost throwaway moments in the sitcom Seinfeld, George and Jerry briefly discuss incarceration. Rather than describing how terrible it seems (as you might expect), we get this – 152 more words


Marilyn Monroe's' Birthday

It’s her birthday and if she was still alive she would be 90 years old today.

One of my grandmother’s thoughts about age was if you don’t want to get old you have to die young. 18 more words


The job and the life

No life without job – this is our reality. For ordinary poor people. I am not talking about Illuminati & Co. They are beyond the “reality” they configured for us. 110 more words


Musical archaeology pt39: "I'm in Love with a German Film Star" by The Passions (1981)

Do you remember the early 80s when winters were proper cold? I’m talking Siberian heatwave here. One Sunday morning in the winter of 81 I was wandering round the concrete hive that was Petticoat Lane market, trying to find anything interesting to buy other than leather jackets, yeah, that part of the market (“the big red building in Petticoat Lane”, as the ad jingle went). 209 more words


Who was Merle Oberon?

“I couldn’t dance or write or paint. The only possible opening seemed to be in some line in which I could use my face. This was, in fact, no better than a hundred other faces, but it did possess a fortunately photogenic quality.” – Merle Oberon. 1,571 more words