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Does social media protest really have an impact?

“Anyone who has ever observed or participated in a connective movement as it has pressed its case online knows that it does not operate in a vacuum”(Freelon et al. 85 more words

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How a rapidly developing technological world is affecting the production and distribution of films.

Although the Film Industry has always been very closely tied to advancements and changes in the world of technology, the fast pace of development that the film industry has witnessed, in relation to its production and distribution sectors, in the past decade is nothing short of revolutionary. 435 more words

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How does slanted media representation affect today’s youth?

The media, although often portraying what many assume to be reality, are in fact often just portraying reconstructed reality and very often, objectively. This can be observed in many different forms and from a variety of outlets. 318 more words

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Fake News

The term ‘fake news’ is a phrase that one hears almost daily nowadays. Although many may attribute the now infamous saying to the US President and its viscous overuse during the 2016 US election, the origins of ‘so-called’ fake news and the the act creating rumours and lies, especially for political gain can be traced back centuries to far before even the invention of the printing press (Burkhardt 5). 339 more words

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Chapter 1. The Sailboat Button and the Love of My Entire Life

Have you ever wanted to be beautiful?

Whatever your ideas of beauty are. Imagine one fine morning you wake up in a new body – the ideal body you always dreamed of. 3,394 more words

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Is going to film school worth it?

Is it necessary for a student to become a filmmaker, attend film school? That is a controversial question that always tends to raise a debate. With easy access to the internet and with equipment like a smartphone with a filmmaking application at their fingertips, a person now in days can self-teach themselves filmmaking. 518 more words


We On Set

It’s finally here! The day has come for us to start filming our scene recreation. We’ve been feeling nervous, scared, excited — just a whole mix of emotions. 291 more words