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Torture Porn: How I miss you.

David Edelstein’s article Now Playing at your Local Multiplex: Torture Porn appeared in the 6th February 2006 issue of New York Times Magazine. Edelstein wanted to draw awareness to the proliferated expansion of extreme, protracted graphic torture, rape, and dismemberment within the narrative of a group of horror films he defined as “torture porn”. 2,108 more words

Cultural Analysis

Representation in House of Cards

This response seeks to explore the representation of working class African Americans in the Netflix adapted television series House of Cards, and examine how this program both draws from, and responds to existing discourses around race, power and socio-economics. 2,397 more words

Don't Plagiarise

Sigmund Freud and The Hangover (2009)

As the summer approaches, I’ve normally got a trip to Las Vegas on the horizon. My wife and I took our 9-month-old last year and had an amazing trip. 1,383 more words

Cultural Analysis

The Dance:Ingmar Bergman's Fear of Death in THE SEVENTH SEAL

             Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal follows the journey of a knight as he literally plays chess with an embodiment of Death and struggles with the greatest question known to man: What happens to me when I die? 2,945 more words


History of Animation: Special Interest Elective

During the spring semester, students had the opportunity to learn about the origins, process and legacy of animated film in a history of animation class. The class, taught by Chris Blair, professor of communication arts, traced animation from its beginning in the late 1800s to the early 2000s. 417 more words

Union University

The Devils Rejects: The Firefly Family as Contemporary Social Bandits.

I revisited Rob Zombie’s The Devils Rejects (2005) and it inspired the need to share some thoughts on the film and socio-political anxieties present in a Post 9/11 America. 2,651 more words

Cultural Analysis

Die Antwoord: Cinematic Musings and their new EP.

Like olives on a stick, you’ll either love them or hate them. There’s no middle ground with Die Antwoord. Before the haters up and leave let me try and win you round. 1,688 more words

Cultural Analysis