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Roman Holiday Opening Scene Notes

  • •Black and white

    •High key lighting


    •After montage ends it subtly switches into present tense

    •Loud, busy, non diagetic music

    •Voiceover narrating

    •Anna cant sit down yet even after a long tiring day, now continuity editing…

  • 120 more words

Lecture: ‘Why so serious?’: Battling the Comic in The Dark Knight (2008)

From 2011. 40 mins. Apologies that the slides are a bit minimal, and some of the audio lags a little; I’ll correct the latter when I get time. 34 more words


Sergei Bondarchuk's visionary War and Peace (1966)

Bald Hills, one of many landscape scenes, where the Bolkonskii family lives

Marya (Antonina Shuranova) submits to her father, Prince Bolskonsky’s (Anatoli Ktorov)’s instructions in geometry… 3,558 more words

Political Novels/films

Hitchcock on "Terror" and "Suspense"

In February 1949, Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) had a piece published in the Good Housekeeping magazine called “The Enjoyment of Fear” where he distinguished between the feelings and moods of “terror” and “suspense” with the help of vivid illustrations. 455 more words


Lecture: 'This is my art, and it is dangerous!': Tim Burton's Artist-Heroes

Lecture from 2012 on the theme of the artist-hero in Tim Burton’s films. It runs around 50 minutes. An audio-only version is available here. 172 more words


Cronenberg III: The Brood - Look How You've Grown

The Brood – The Monstrous Birth

by Jessica Pyle

In Cronenberg’s previous works there has been a propensity to use ideas of repression, female sexuality and use of the body to examine fears of the female body and particularly the womb and its abject nature. 2,238 more words


Roman Holiday - Quick Review

I think a big theme in this movie was about maturity and growing up, throughout the film Anna has to learn to grow up. We can see this from the beginning of the film where she is being restless, almost having a tantrum. 284 more words