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"you're gunna need a bigger boat"

I’ve always been afraid of the ocean. My sister and I used to have blue carpet in our shared bedroom. I remember the fear of hanging my feet over the edge of my bottom bunk, thinking it was the ocean, my childish imagination running wild, images of ferocious teeth sinking into my lean calf, dragging me under. 711 more words


Silent Film-and-Music Pairings Highlight Art of Filmmaking

Silent Film-and-Music Pairings Highlight Art of Filmmaking

A winter of community-based opportunities for film studies continues here in western Massachusetts, with opportunities to enjoy and learn about the art of silent film coming to the Pioneer Valley and Berkshires. 404 more words

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Film resources trial

Four film resources are currently on trial until 31 March 2016:

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive

An archival research resource containing the essential primary sources for studying the history of the film and entertainment industries, from the era of vaudeville and silent movies through to 2000. 268 more words

Cinematography Task

Raging Bull (1980, Martin Scorsese)

“Raging Bull is about a man who loses everything and then regains it spiritually” – Martin Scorsese” (Kelly, 1991, p. 119) 668 more words


Walter Murch on Anand Pandian's Reel World

We were very excited that renowned film editor and sound designer Walter Murch agreed to write a foreword for Anand Pandian’s recent book Reel World: An Anthropology of Creation… 700 more words
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45 Years: how does a gentle film wreak devastation?

Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay in Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years

Geoff: You really believe you haven’t been enough for me?
Kate: No. I think I was enough for you, I’m just not sure you do…

2,285 more words
20th Century Culture

Casting Ready Player One: Female Geeks and the Sexy Sidekick Stereotype

Do you love games?  Have you always wanted to be in a Hollywood movie?  You can apply to be in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of  479 more words

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