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Singin' in the Rain

My relationship with film is a paradox – I rarely suggest movie-going, don’t count it as social to stare at a screen alongside friends and rarely gush over celebrities, but drag me to a decent movie and I need to debrief for about an hour afterward so fly-on-the-wall absorbed am I by the suspense of disbelief. 422 more words


Classic Hollywood Cinema

When observed in retrospect, experts in industry, economic and marketing analysis have reframed the emergence of Classic Hollywood Cinema as a well executed plan. The period 1910s to early 60s afforded this particular branch of American entertainment impressive influence first domestically, and then a crippling domination of its rivals abroad. 1,229 more words


Family-Based Cults in Horror Movies

In the opening post of this series, Ti West’s The Sacrament serves as an example of a movie that depicts a textbook “dangerous cult.” But a sinister sect doesn’t have to be as large as Father’s (or as diverse) to induce a reaction of horror in audiences.  777 more words


Cults in Horror Movies: A New Loud Green Bird Series

The topic of cults has been a perennial theme for horror filmmakers. Movies like The Wicker Man (1973), Suspiria (1977), and Children of the Corn… 614 more words



Hello wordpress readers.

Don’t really know what to put here, simply just an illustrator who thought that starting a blog would be a fun new hobby. 50 more words


Win Slavoj Zizek's Cashmere Wank Flannel!

The “Ron Jeremy of Hegelian Marxists”

Whoop it up or recoil in horror all ye Cultural Studies and Controversial Theorism majors! The world’s foremost pansophist and dialectical materialist film critic, Slavov Zizek, popular global village professor of Disparate Intersections at the University of Ljubljana, Adult Learning Annex, and known connoisseur of higgledy piggledy, broken pushpins, and stolen cat pajamas, is doing a laundry! 103 more words

"Darling" (2015) and the Female-Led Film

With the release of the Ghostbusters reboot looming (it’s scheduled to open in U.S. theaters on Friday), Hollywood is now trumpeting the “female-led film.” According to some accounts, it’s as if Tinseltown invented the idea. 1,174 more words