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Mobile is eating the world by Ben Evans

How is Ben’s outlook going to impact the world of cinema? So far film has been following the trends in mobile as well as Virtual Reality as we’ve been seeing increasing amounts of content coupled with audiences being more accepting of the form. 48 more words

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Making an Original Newsreel: A Tech-Based Lesson Plan for Internship Placement

This semester in my EDTC 6431 Learning With Technology course I designed a lesson based off of a lesson about 1940s Wartime Newsreels that I had taught in my internship placement. 2,955 more words

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Is it easy to film an octopus?

We are very happy to share this video of Gavin McKinney, the Director of Photography of “Odyssea 3D”.

In this video, Gavin tells us about filming tiny sea creatures underwater with cutting edge 3D technology, and how patient you need to be because “ 20 more words

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