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Making an Original Newsreel: A Tech-Based Lesson Plan for Internship Placement

This semester in my EDTC 6431 Learning With Technology course I designed a lesson based off of a lesson about 1940s Wartime Newsreels that I had taught in my internship placement. 2,955 more words

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Is it easy to film an octopus?

We are very happy to share this video of Gavin McKinney, the Director of Photography of “Odyssea 3D”.

In this video, Gavin tells us about filming tiny sea creatures underwater with cutting edge 3D technology, and how patient you need to be because “ 20 more words

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Meet Gavin, our Director of Photography

A native of the Bahamas, with over 20,000 underwater hours to his credit, Gavin McKinney is a veteran of underwater filmmaking.

He has worked on many feature and television films, among them five of the James Bond movies, “Splash,” “Speed 2″, “Jaws: the Revenge”, “The Abyss” and many more. 78 more words

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Telling (Digital) Stories of our Nation's Past: Using Film Technology in the U.S. History Classroom

The technological revolution has knocked on our classroom door, and it is asking to come in. Proponents of using technology in the classroom insist that it allows students to investigate learning in new and individualized ways. 684 more words

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