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Review: The Liar

There are absolutely no prizes in guessing what the department of Theatre, Film and Television’s second early modern show is about. Lies are the aim of the game in this Parisian tale from the seventeenth century, and lies are in no short supply. 399 more words

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Point of View: Movie Musicals - The Flawed Formula

Most people do not go to the theatre often, even once a year is a stretch for those not active fans of the theatre experience. On the other hand most people visit the cinema multiple times a year, maybe even a month. 615 more words

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Review: Turcaret

Early modern theatre is often a tough sell; posters and websites often promise that the seventeenth century farce will shine a damning light on modern western culture, the language remains awkward and performers will slip into a sing song tone which overrides any integrity of performance. 517 more words

Review: Fiddler on the Roof

Set in Western Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century, Tony Award-winning musical Fiddler on the Roof takes a sweeping look at family, tradition and life in small Jewish communities. 447 more words

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Review: Woyzeck

Dramasoc’s production of Woyzeck is an ambitious take on a truly challenging play. Woyzeck is both unfinished and ambiguous in its narrative and intentions, leaving any director to decide exactly what story they want to tell. 463 more words

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Interview: Woyzeck

We caught up with Caitlin Burrows and Leo Jarvis mid-rehearsal,to ask about their experience of playing leading roles in this unique, Brechtian production of Woyzeck. 671 more words

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Review: Blue Stockings

York Settlement Community Players’ production of Bluestockings, by Jessica Swale, tackles the issue of women’s right to education in a play that by turns feels uplifting, challenging and deeply shocking. 549 more words

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