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Dear How Did This Get Made, Red Letter Media, and Anyone Else Who Likes ... enh movies,

This Movie Is Bonkers.

I feel like I should be drinking more when I am writing this.  This is the kind of movie that black russians were made to accompany.   2,537 more words

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Random Theory

Would it be fair to characterize M*A*S*H as the story of the death of Henry Blake and its aftermath among those he served with?  A kind of bildungsroman that extends past the actual presence of the protagonist whose life–and the effects of that life–it follows? 12 more words

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Is This The Best Movie Speech In History?

Short Answer: No.

Longer Answer:

We’re a week out from July 4th, Independence Day in America, and the annual viewing party of Independence Day on HBO.   660 more words


CHROMATALK: Heathers, or Why Color Matters

Bare with me while I state the painfully obvious: all movies have color – unless it’s in black and white, of course, and even then there’s something to be said about shades and lighting. 468 more words


I Can't Refuse The End Of Pulp Fiction

At this point, what hasn’t been said about Pulp Fiction?

Yeah, I know, I know.  Pulp Fiction is one of those movies that people who really like film either love or hate.   969 more words

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Bloody Sundays: Sympathetic Villains in Horror Films: It's More Common Than You Think

This isn’t about charismatic villains. It isn’t about how we enjoy Freddy Krueger because he snarky and confident even without most of his skin, and forget how he was a child murderer. 1,439 more words

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Power of writing styles

I notice how many film critics like to use fillers to make their points seem longer and somehow more smart. Just get to the point I say. 140 more words