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The Dispatches Review: Duck Amuck (1953)/Rabbit Rampage (1955) - Part 2

“Who’s responsible for this?”, Daffy screams at the frame, “I demand that you show yourself!  Who are you?” Ever see Cube (1997)? Buried (2010)? Ever read Kafka’s… 1,403 more words

Film Theory

Evil Dead II: A Masterclass in Direction.

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been on this strange hype for Horror B-Movies so I figured I’d start with the quintessential trilogy: … 2,077 more words

The Dispatches Review: Duck Amuck (1953)/Rabbit Rampage (1955) - Part 1

Hi there! Let’s talk about cinema and film and movies and motion pictures! Or, let’s start this review series by talking about cartoons, which some people might not consider cinema, film, movie, or motion picture! 1,109 more words

Film Theory

Montage, Memory, and Film.

A film consists of a series edits, even films in which there are little to no edits, (like Russian Ark for example), the mind continues to “edit” audio-visual information. 188 more words

Film Theory

My silent cinema shelfie

When I am not watching silent movies, I’m often reading about them. Or writing about them. Or dancing in my kitchen to Taylor Swift, but that’s another matter entirely. 424 more words

Silent Film

Lesbian Depiction in a Man's World: The L Word Through the Lens of Laura Mulvey

In many ways The L Word feels like a lesbian “rite of passage.” Now if you’re not a lesbian and have never heard of the show (or you are one and have been living under a rock for the past decade) … 2,830 more words


Thoughts on the Uncanny Lesbian on Film

Horror films are, at their core, melodramas; works that delve into the muddled waters of familial, romantic, and sexual relationships in order to showcase the horrors that lie underneath the surface of societal interactions. 1,145 more words