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The Psychological Thriller Genre

The Silence of the Lambs, Rear Window, The Sixth Sense, Gone Girl, Misery, Se7en, Vertigo, and Jacob’s Ladder can all sit with a Psychological Thriller tag on them. 945 more words

Psychological Thriller

"Life pushes us forward"

Nothing is an end in itself and therefore nothing is a source of complete rest. Everything is a stimulus to new wishes, a source of new uneasiness which longs for new satisfaction in the next and again the next thing. 228 more words


Analysis of The Last Jedi Trailer: Questions, Answers, and More Questions...

This past Monday night, millions of nerds across the United States magically became fans of the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears. Why? Because the newest official trailer for  1,972 more words

Movie Reviews

An IT thought piece

(spoilers probably… most definately)
What is IT? Well it’s a book, a really old TV miniseries, and now a movie. It’s a tale of overcoming such horrors as: fear itself, childhood trauma, and eldritch clowns. 1,563 more words


Anti-Heroism: Sinners & Not-So-Saints

We live in a “transitional state, where the masses no longer trust the elites and are confused about their values.”[1] Following the established institutions no longer guarantees a good life. 1,650 more words


सिनेमामय आठवडा, भाग#६

हा ब्लॉग माझ्या सिनेमामय आठवडा मालिकेतील सहाव्या भाग. Film Appreciation(रसास्वाद सिनेमाचा) शिबिराच्या अनुभवावर आधारित ही मालिका आहे. त्यातील आधीचे भाग येथे वाचायला मिळतील. आता महिना झाला शिबीर सुरु होऊन गेल्याला. 40 more words


Editing Theory Through Edits: Looking at Béla Balázs and Lev Kuleshov

by Matthew Ari Elfenbein

A close-up of a person, tears streaming down or a smirk wiped across, this face emanates emotions and cognitive clues. On the other hand, there are hundreds of eyes staring back at this image, scrutinizing or empathizing with the character. 1,821 more words

Film Theory