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How Car Companies Deny You Orgasm: A Psychoanalytical Approach.

I just wanted to do a quick analysis of the difference between car scenes (or more broadly, collision scenes) in film  vs. car commercials. The basic distinction is their relationship to orgasm ( 265 more words

This Is Not a Pipe

Photo manipulation is nothing new, and for anyone growing up in the digital age, Photoshop has morphed from a proprietary digital editing program into a verb. 1,733 more words

The Meaning of "Animation" in Edison's Frankenstein (1910)

This video is an experimental “annotation essay” that develops a reading of Edison’s Frankenstein (1910) through on-screen text annotations. This is the complete film, unedited except for the annotations and new digital intertitles. 50 more words


Dunkirk- A tale of spectacle, and nostalgia (or A return to cinematic roots with modern style)

Dunkirk, the mere mention of this name bring forth only imaginable horrors placed in our minds from countless school lessons, echoed with yearly documentaries that only add to the horror. 718 more words


Dear Matthew Patrick,

My name is Cameron, I am a big fan of Game and Film Theory and GT Live, and I created a blog just to give you this message. 5,184 more words

Film Theory

Harry's not the chosen one?

So, I’m assuming everybody who is reading this has finished the Harry Potter series, or you are here to listen to me go on about how Harry is NOT the chosen one. 561 more words

Looper: The endless circle

For his trickery, the Greek Gods condemned Sisyphus to the underworld. For his punishment, Sisyphus was tasked to push a rock uphill. No matter Sisyphus’ efforts, the rock would roll back down the hill before Sisyphus reached the summit, leaving him no choice but to start the task anew. 1,689 more words