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Psychoanalysis and The Hangover (2009)

I’ve been to Las Vegas about 7 times in the past 7 years. I love the place. I love any film that takes me back there, cinema is great like that. 1,019 more words

Cultural Analysis

Dissertation Theory Practice Report:

Andre Meehan

Dr. Laura Thompson

MDA 3200: Film Theory

In this report I will discussing my chosen role for my dissertation, what this role consists of and to what extend different film theories have aided the development and understanding of this role in relation to my film projects. 1,019 more words

Film Theory

The Devils Rejects: The Firefly Family as Contemporary Social Bandits.

I revisited Rob Zombie’s The Devils Rejects (2005) and it inspired the need to share some thoughts on the film and socio-political anxieties present in a Post 9/11 America. 2,651 more words

Cultural Analysis

Getting to Know You (Me)

Another Movie Review Blog?

God, I know, right?

Hi there, and welcome to I Want To Watch Movies, But For Free, a movie review site set up by me, so that I can stop making 7,000 word Facebook posts in which I rant about Batman v. 453 more words

Film Theory

Die Antwoord: Cinematic Musings and their new EP.

Like olives on a stick, you’ll either love them or hate them. There’s no middle ground with Die Antwoord. Before the haters up and leave let me try and win you round. 1,688 more words

Cultural Analysis

Have You Been a Good Boy? The Monstrous-Feminine and Gaze in A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night


In her analysis of the horror genre, Carol J. Clover outlines gender differences between the representation of male and female characters which operates as “function positions” whereby certain narrative roles such as the monster, hero/heroine, and victims are filled based upon gender: the hero and monster are male whereas the victims tend to be female (1992, p. 3,487 more words

Andrew Murray

I don't have a style... Yeah you do.

I like talking with different people about things they appreciate. Passion is key for me in conversations. If you are not passionate about something, why are you talking about it? 846 more words