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Rape and Women as discussed in How to Get Away with Murder

I’m a big fan of Shonda Rhimes. Having been thrown into the world of Grey’s Anatomy’s full 11 seasons in 2014 to catch up on, I have stuck with the trials and tribulations presented by her characters ever since. 654 more words

Thoughts On Life

MDA3200: Auteur Theory

The auteur theory is the idea that the director is the sole author of the film and each film they make represents the auteurs world view. 1,352 more words


Random Theory... and maybe-not-so-regular programming

UPDATE: Turns out I’m nowhere near the first person to have this idea:

Mufasa = Darth Vader as a positive father figure = If King Hamlet had lived, he’d have gone bad (W00t!) 95 more words

Film Theory

Non-Diegetic Decapitation, or: The Animated Gif as Film-Theoretical Instrument

In my book Postnaturalism: Frankenstein, Film and the Anthropotechnical Interface, I follow Robert Spadoni in arguing that James Whale’s Frankenstein (1931) harnessed the energies of the recent transition to sound cinema, focusing them in the menacing figure of what Spadoni calls an “uncanny body.” I contend that Whale’s “capture” of these energies manifests itself, 1,025 more words


Kingsman is still my favorite?

Posting this here because I love, love, love its interpretation about Kingsman.

Yes, to some, it may appear to be another pastiche, but it is, as another writer noted in a website I unfortunately can’t recall, having its cake and eating it too. 136 more words

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"The Martian" is Ridley Scott's "Top Gun"

With a focused understanding of the science fiction genre, director Ridley Scott is a master in creating narratives that speak not only the complexity of time and space but more importantly address the layers of the genre itself.  574 more words

MDA3200: Documentary Film Theory

John Grierson coined the term documentary and defined it as ‘the creative treatment of actuality’. 1926.

Having studied Documentary as a module last year I know have heard of Bill Nichol’s theory before. 460 more words