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In October 2017, I began writing an investigative study into the implications of how and why rape and sexual assault are portrayed onscreen. My original idea for this project was a study of rape as a psychoanalytical ‘weapon’, however this concept was far too broad and would have required more research and analysis than I was capable of at the time. 123 more words

'Death of Stalin' and the big Other

Lovers of history and satire alike would be well served watching Armando Iannucci’s latest project Death of Stalin, now playing at the Michigan Theater. Crafted with an eye for historical accuracy, the film chronicles the intense and bizarre struggle for power following Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953. 1,062 more words

Armando Iannucci

Thursday Night at the Cinema presents: Patrick (H) Willems

Happy Thursday!

I’ve been thinking lately about how I’m stuck in a YouTube rut: I listen to the same handful of albums on repeat ( 1,022 more words

Thursday Night At The Cinema

Ricciotto Canudo,The Birth of a Sixth Art (1911) - Part I, Sections I - IV

It was difficult to find a picture of Ricciotto Canudo in which he didn’t look like the café waiter was bringing everyone else their coffees while his cappuccino sat on the counter, getting cold. 1,314 more words


"Children of Men": When A Dystopian Fiction Becomes Aware of Its Hyper Realism

After the success of “Y Tu Mamá También” in 2001, Alfonso Cuarón hesitated before undertaking another project. When the script for “Children of Men,” adapted from the homonymous novel by Phyllis Dorothy James was proposed to him, he initially turned it down. 3,316 more words


The Exploiting Narrator in Martens’ “Enjoy Poverty”

A Dutch artist, Renzo Martens is best known for his documentaries “Episode I” (2003) and “Episode III: Enjoy Poverty” (2008), which were both regarded as highly controversial by the critics. 2,071 more words


Breaking the Fourth Wall in “The Big Short”

The 2008 financial crisis affected millions of people throughout the world, and is still very much present in today’s society as an underlying fear, impacting lives, decisions, and popular culture. 848 more words