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A Series of Unfortunate Neil Patrick Harris Costume Changes...

Having read A Series of Unfortunate Events as a child I was very much looking forward to the Netflix original series starring one of my favorite people, Neil Patrick Harris. 609 more words


The History of the Moving Image II

Author:  Grace Sexton

11th December 2015

Concepts – 1(a) Auteur

In literal interpretation, the word ’auteur’ is French for author.  In the world of film theory, to understand the concept of ’Auteur’ you must first imagine that a camera is synonymous with a pen and that a film director’s control of everything that happens before and behind the camera represents the creation of his/her work.  5,465 more words

Film Theory

Dok.Mob! 2016, Karlstad University

Dok.Mob! 2016, Karlstad University

A video summarising the work undertaken by students at Karlstad University as part of the Documentary Film course 2016 run by Stina Bergman.

Film Theory

If he loves you, he won’t eat McDonald's in front of you (or at least apologize for it)

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things that I miss is McDonald’s French Fries. I mean, it’s the memory of the prefect McDonald’s French Fries, and those were few and far between. 890 more words

Celiac Disease

Ordinary World - The Review

Film Review: Ordinary World.

Being a big Green Day fan I was excited but equally apprehensive when I first heard about this film. Billie Joe Armstrong is a fantastic front man and lead when it comes to music and holding an arena but how will he fair up against the camera. 409 more words


My 2017 Reading List

I was very humble with my Christmas list last year, the contents of which revolved around practical items such as socks, make-up remover, and of course books! 663 more words

What makes a film go to Heaven?

In the simplest terms: it has to be good.

Of course, it’s not as simple as that. Unpacking exactly what makes a film ‘good’ is a problem that has troubled artists, critics, audiences, and philosophers for millennia. 745 more words

Film Theory