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Affect and Authority

I am honored to be participating in this lecture series at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf. My talk, titled “Affect and the Authority of Images in a Post-Cinematic Media Environment,” will take place on November 30.


Robin Wood lists 12 American values of classic Hollywood movies

Film thinker Robin Wood made a list of 12 American values featured in classic Hollywood movies that represented the funadmental ideology of American filmmaking, in his 1976 paper… 341 more words


Download PDF -- Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film

I am pleased to announce that Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film, which I co-edited with Julia Leyda, is now available for download in PDF format… 325 more words


Feminism Q&A

  • 1.     Does the representation of women in the media lead to women having a negative body image?

Yes, it does. Because the images of the perfect bodies can lead to women want imitate the body and it can cause the physical and psychological problems. 579 more words

Film Theory

The Ghost of Frankenstein

After the rather salacious business yesterday’s selection traded in, snap back to reality/oh, there goes gravity because it’s a viewing of the horror classic(?) The Ghost of Frankenstein… 2,555 more words


Marcus Stiglegger: The German war films in the 1950s

Marcus Stiglegger

Out of the graves, out of the rubble …

The German war film in the 1950s



The war film as historical revisionism


The war film as a genre has never had it easy in Germany. 4,190 more words

Film History

Why Hollywood gets it wrong, part 3

By Gordon Rugg

The first article in this short series examined how conflicting conventions and requirements can lead to a movie being unrealistic. The second article… 1,049 more words