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Genesis Lynea

📷 : Michael David Smith

Joining the cast of Casualty in March 2019, Genesis Lynea played the role of Archie Hudson before leaving last month with her character having a new job opportunity in Sudan. 1,588 more words


Could he be the Messiah?

I’ve recently fallen for Netflix’s advertising and took a chance on their new show Messiah. You know how it is, wanting to find the next Netflix gem. 740 more words

Film & TV

The Politics of the Sewer: John Sayles and Lewis Teague's 'Alligator'

Reviews / April 2, 2020

ROBERTS: Steven Spielberg called Joe Dante’s 1978 Piranhathe best of the Jaws ripoffs,” but my vote goes to 1980’s… 2,415 more words


"Hancock" (2008) Review (Film Only). 3/5

I love superhero movies and you only need to look at the money being raked in by the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to see that I’m far from being alone in that. 838 more words


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

I saw people talking about this show all over Instagram and I was not interested at all. Not even a little bit. I saw images of this man with 20 ear piercings and a mullet and I was not intrigued. 2,124 more words


Netflix Shows You Shouldn't Waste Your Time On

Since I gave you a list of shows I think you should give a try, it’s only fair for me to warn you about the ones that aren’t so good. 1,205 more words

Unwanted & Untethered

"For All the Dead Heroes": Lizzie Borden's 'Born in Flames'

Eve Tushnet / April 1, 2020

In 1983, Lizzie Borden attacked the World Trade Center.

I’m talking about Lizzie Borden the film director, and the bomb that goes off at the top of the Twin Towers is the final image of her punk feminist film Born in Flames. 1,547 more words