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Title for Spider-Man sequel revealed

Tom Holland too to Instagram today to reveal the title for the next Spider-Man movie.

The reveal came in traditional Tom Holland fashion, with an ‘accidental’ reveal via an iPad while he was explaining they wont have much to show at Seattle Comic Con. 126 more words

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"Trauma" (2018) Review (TV Mini-Series). 1/5

Having been a big fan of John Simm since he did such an excellent job of playing The Master on “Doctor Who”, the thought of him starring in two TV mini-series over the early weeks of 2018 was quite exciting. 930 more words


Review : Jason X (2001)

This is it, folks ! I am concluding my Friday the 13th marathon with the final installment: Jason X, directed by James Isaac and released in 2001. 757 more words

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Review : Jason Goes To Hell (1993)

After an unintentional break into my Friday the 13th marathon, here is my review of the worst entry in the franchise : Jason Goes To Hell, directed by Adam Marcus and released in 1993. 576 more words

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Sound Design: 'Eurythmia'

Eurythmia is a UCT experimental short film that combines live action and animation to deal with the topic of anxiety and how societal pressures force one to adhere to the “natural law of harmony.” 10 more words


Missing Johnny

Hey Adam, why did you watch this?

Well, this is a film to review for Asian Movie Pulse and the NY Asian Film Fest. I had actually browsed over the group post of screeners offered and there were not too many films left. 297 more words


Movie Trailers of the Week (22/06/18)

Below you will find the latest and best trailers from this past week.

Highlight of the week

Creed II

Boarding School

To All the Boys Ive Loved

How It Ends

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