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Swiss Army Man

Now here’s a movie that’ll split opinion.

If you’re offended by fart jokes, inappropriate boners, the molesting of dead bodies and repeated use of the word ‘retard’, then move along now. 103 more words

Review Gangsta

London Cinemas: My Top Picks

We all know that London plays host to some of the biggest world film premieres going but its passion for film doesn’t stop there. London is also home to some of the cosiest, most atmospheric cinema experiences around. 763 more words


Media and screens in Mr Robot

Media is presented for the audience to analyse.

Often, individual episodes of Mr Robot make use of recurring motifs, on a theme. In s2e10, the idea of auditory and visual discrimination is present throughout. 818 more words

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Mr Robot - Mind Awake, Body Asleep: Cartesian Dualism in the digital age

Dualism in Mr Robot.

S2e11: “Maybe there’s a way to stop them from winning. Mr Robot, the ever-present silent observer. Watching me at all times. Even when I can’t see him. 925 more words

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Religion in Mr Robot

The technological world is Godless.

Mr Robot’s characters reside in a Godless world, where the supernatural has been replaced by the harsh reality of physical processes. 668 more words

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What Should We See From An Obi-Wan Kenobi Film?

It was announced this week that the Jedi Master himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi, has a film in the earliest stages of development. This report from The Hollywood Reporter… 787 more words

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The longing for endless nights of drinking is common among the youth of today

Following my article on Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror episode “San Junipero”, I published a survey that determined the majority of respondents would choose having an afterlife.  355 more words

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