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Film vs Digital Photos - May 2017

About five years ago I started shooting film again after going with digital only for about 7-8 years.  Now in May 2017 it seems like film is back in a big way.   1,114 more words


Happy Inauguration (of your favorite FIERCE Female) Day

It has never been more important to celebrate the strong females of our lives.

Last year I started a personal project to document the FIERCE females I know. 45 more words

Paige Green Photography

The Difference Between Film and Digital Photography

Film looks like past tense.  It presents history.

Film is for images that matter to me. See the difference? First is film, second is digital. Same time, same place. http://TheFilmPhotographer.com


Film vs. Digital on a product shoot.

Case Marine makes water filters, reverse osmosis water makers, and various other water improvement devices for, mostly, large ships.  I spent the day photographing their people and machines near the Arlington airport.   112 more words

Toy Story

In 1995, Disney/Pixar released the film ‘Toy Story’. It was the first feature-length film consisting entirely of computer-generated – as opposed to hand-drawn – animation. As with many films that become ‘classics’ of their genre (as this one indubitably has), the deceptively simple narrative of what is ostensibly a children’s movie conceals a number of less obvious, and potentially more interesting, agendas. 1,359 more words

Part 2c: Capture Medium - Film beats digital in...

In the last post, we discussed how the accessibility of digital makes it, by default, the primary option for many filmmakers. In this post, however, we’ll discuss an area where film is superior. 1,003 more words