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Men Saving Film: Tarantino and PT Anderson on 70 mm and The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino is a man who stood his ground on the topic of “Film vs Digital” ever since digital started biting into the gorgeous medium (Film) and one by one, film makers started to turn to the much cheaper medium (Digital). 176 more words

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Photographer, 80, Says Digital Photography is a Lying Experience

It’s a thought often provoked by contemporary photographers creating surreal images with their new found technology. The absolute speed and ease manipulation can be obtained on a colour digital photograph is frightening nowadays and… 507 more words


It Isn't Film vs Digital Any Longer

With the popularity of film finding its way into photographer’s hands, headlines are still reading, “Why Film is Better than Digital” and “Comparing Film vs Digital.” 1,378 more words

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Oversharing, we all do it!

In a world where social media takes over our lives, it seems all we do is overshare. I am not saying I don’t, fact of the matter is I have a profile on LinkedIn, I share videos and funny things on Facebook, I tweet my thoughts on weather and food, and take photos of things I find beautiful for Instagram. 1,067 more words


The Message in the Medium

Seeing that there was a 35mm screening of Casablanca in the local independent theatre, I suited up and dragged a couple of friends along, insisting that they dress up to respect the film. 1,892 more words

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On Film Resolution and SOARIN' OVER CALIFORNIA's Digital Update

Link to header image HERE if you want to take a closer look.

Let’s talk a little bit about film resolution.

Recently, Disneyland closed down their popular Soarin’ Over California attraction to swap out its film projectors for new digital replacements. 827 more words


Not Bad For A 61 Year Old Camera

As promised, the BIG reveal! Once I received the message that my photos were ready I eagerly went and collected them. Let me get the first horrible experience with my old Pentax camera out of the way, the only surprise I really got out of it was the man sitting on a bench with a face mask on turned out…with a crazy light leak and it’s not a stunning shot, but I’ll show you anyway. 295 more words