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Photography and truth

Prior to Film 2.0 (my 2017 return to using film rather than digital), I had a far more limited understanding of how film worked, and I had a rather naive sense of photographic ‘truth’ and ‘absoluteness’. 1,500 more words


Weighing-in on the film vs digital debate

There was time, about a decade ago, when the photographic world got hot under the collar in the film vs digital debate.  I have recently rekindled my interest in film, and I would like to weigh-in with a couple of points – in favour of film! 354 more words


Side by Side (2012) Reaction

Once in a while, a non-fiction documentary will absolutely take hold of me and envelop me in its narrative. This does not happen because, simply, I do not seek out documentaries as my main source of film entertainment. 448 more words


Opinion: Sensible perspectives on film and digital in current times

Today’s post has been a long time brewing. The recent resurgence in the popularity of film is undeniable, to the point that there are both new brands and revivals of old ones happening on a fairly regular basis. 1,392 more words


Matthew Schell on film vs. digital

The highly contested debate around film versus digital photography is one that is ongoing and that die-hard film aficionados or technologically advanced digital photographers always feel they have to partake in. 817 more words


Film vs Digital Photos - May 2017

About five years ago I started shooting film again after going with digital only for about 7-8 years.  Now in May 2017 it seems like film is back in a big way.   1,114 more words


Happy Inauguration (of your favorite FIERCE Female) Day

It has never been more important to celebrate the strong females of our lives.

Last year I started a personal project to document the FIERCE females I know. 45 more words

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