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Why do I shoot film?

Not so long ago, I got back my first ever roll of Velvia 50, and although I fell in love with the roll, it made me question why exactly I was shooting film. 644 more words


FILM film vs digital

by kar2nist

Analog/Digital Comparison: 35mm vs. Arri Alexa vs. Arri Alexa with added grain

Several short test videos in Vimeo

Generation Film

The rise of digital technology has meant tough times for people shooting on film, but against the odds, a new wave of filmmakers are turning to celluloid… 8 more words

Film Technique

Photography and truth

Prior to Film 2.0 (my 2017 return to using film rather than digital), I had a far more limited understanding of how film worked, and I had a rather naive sense of photographic ‘truth’ and ‘absoluteness’. 1,500 more words


Weighing-in on the film vs digital debate

There was time, about a decade ago, when the photographic world got hot under the collar in the film vs digital debate.  I have recently rekindled my interest in film, and I would like to weigh-in with a couple of points – in favour of film! 354 more words


Side by Side (2012) Reaction

Once in a while, a non-fiction documentary will absolutely take hold of me and envelop me in its narrative. This does not happen because, simply, I do not seek out documentaries as my main source of film entertainment. 448 more words


Opinion: Sensible perspectives on film and digital in current times

Today’s post has been a long time brewing. The recent resurgence in the popularity of film is undeniable, to the point that there are both new brands and revivals of old ones happening on a fairly regular basis. 1,392 more words