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Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Movie

Dir: Jim Mallon, 1996


Relatively scarce in the UK, the US TV series Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was a hit in its native country, becoming a cult. 326 more words

The House of Seven Corpses

Eighty some odd years ago, seven mysterious occult-related deaths took place in an old mansion in Utah. Naturally then the thing to do would be to go to that mansion and make a low budget film re-enacting the bloodbath, complete with real readings from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. 854 more words

70s Horror

hail, sherlock!

thurs 1/19/2017 12:27am

It’s amazing how, even after nearly one-hundred years of separation, two films can say nearly the same exact thing about cinema. I came into these films ( 381 more words