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1001 Movies: La Haine

Mathieu Kassovitz’s La Haine is moody Parisian cinema at its best. Superbly shot, with a black and white aesthetic that is as grainy as its narrative, alongside a young cast of talent who are charged and ready to blow at any moment, this fine piece of  film is like a boiling kettle; teeming with anger and social frustrations that could bubble over – and most likely will – when you least expect it. 656 more words


Straight Outta Compton, review

You don’t have to like rap music to enjoy F. Gary Gray’s Straight Outta Compton. While an aversion to the genre might have some kind of sway on your initial choice of whether or not you should endeavour to see this film the movie, which stars an ensemble of incredible talent, isn’t just about the notorious N.W.A group. 875 more words


Michel Chion and Eyes Wide Shut

Film and film criticism have been a huge part of my life, I’ve been watching films intensely since I was five years old, starting with Robin Hood swashbucklers. 878 more words

Film Writing

"I am in Blood": A History of Macbeth on Screen

Originally written for and published by Trinity Film Review, October 2015

Australian director Justin Kurzel’s Macbeth was released at the start of the month. This latest adaptation is far and away the most high-profile version of the Scottish Play to make it to the screen in recent decades. 1,372 more words

1001 Movies: Requiem for a Dream

Before we get started, a few little things to fill you in on:

I won’t be doing this series of reviews and articles in any kind of chronology, mainly due to the fact that the majority of the older movies I will need to buy and watch for the first time. 846 more words



I have a theory. It’s not a scientific theory or even a proven theory (if it were then, well, it would be a fact and not a theory) and my theory is this: at any given time, on any given day, there are only seven people in the world actually doing something. 513 more words


2016: Five Films To Look Forward To

2016 is just around the corner and with it comes a fresh new batch of movies. Below are just a few of many that will grace our big and small screens in the New Year in a super speedy round-up of what to look out for. 677 more words