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Through Fathom Events, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) recently hosted a local screening of Rear Window, which I attended. TCM — bless their nostalgic hearts — book-ended the film with talk-show variety commentary and anecdotes about the making of the film from Ben Mankiewicz (a TCM regular, or so Google told me). 399 more words


Review of "Cake"

Originally written for and published by the Trinity Film Review, February 2015

Let’s skip over the preamble about Jennifer Aniston’s place in the sitcom canon, her decade spent in rom-com purgatory failing to escape those shackles, and her new film Cake representing a great leap forward in the direction of the Californian becoming A Serious Dramatic Actor who acts in Serious Dramatic Films. 615 more words

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Moviedrome Introduction to Louis Malle's Damage

Note: If I ever hosted BBC’s Moviedrome I’d introduce this film

Damage concerns the deep obsession of a woman by Dr. Stephen Fleming. He lives happily with his wife and daughter in London until one day he meets his son’s girlfriend Anna Barton played by Juliette Binoche. 298 more words

Film Writing

Watching: There and Not There

I want to love every film that I see. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. I’ve have watched twenty films in the last three weeks, I feel exhilarated. 732 more words

Film Writing

Passion for Cinema

There are too many film production courses in Ireland. Only around forty features films can be made in Ireland every year. There needs to be equal emphasis on the history of film. 575 more words

Film Writing

Boyhood and Leviathan (2014)

Two films from two nations (USA and Russia) are amongst the most acclaimed of 2014 and are the favorites to win Best Picture and Best Foreign Film respectively at the Academy Awards. 893 more words

Film Writing

Get Carter (1971)

New Yorker critic Pauline Kael stated ”There’s nobody to root for but the smartly dressed sexual athlete and professional killer (Michael Caine) in this English gangland picture, which is so calculatedly cool and soulless and nastily erotic that it seems to belong to a new genre of virtuoso viciousness”. 719 more words

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