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At look back at Alfie (Gilbert, 1966)

I have always been fascinated how director Lewis Gilbert and writer Bill Naughton develop London Casanova Alfie Elkins‘(Michael Caine) relationships with women into segments. Like Naughton’s… 523 more words

Film Writing

60 Seconds from a De Palma Film

Brian De Palma is famous and rightly so for his set piece sequences, from the bucket of blood sequence in Carrie (De Palma, 1976) to the Grand Central Station chase in… 563 more words

Film Writing

Burning Down The House

Here’s my latest piece for FilmBar Phoenix. This one looks back on my favorite Spike Lee joint (and no, it’s not “Bamboozled”… although, to be honest, I really do like “Bamboozled”). 12 more words


I always see little blurbs about writing habits. Habits like getting up early to write before the day really starts or staying up late, etc. I hear stories about successful scripts being written… 218 more words


Mourning a Warrior Woman

 Princess, general, rebel, surviving monarch of a dead world. And yet, that represents a fraction of Carrie Fisher’s accomplishments. It’s a dark day for the rebellion, and an unfortunate end to an unpleasant year. 150 more words

Good versus Bad

Ever got into an argument about a film you thought was great and everyone else in the pub thought was rubbish? And you couldn’t defend your opinion? 200 more words

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