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The Greatest Remake

Remakes are a controversial topic in the world of cinema, and more specifically in the world of horror cinema. Most often, people believe that it is more appealing to see an original film, as opposed to one that has been simply re-tooled for a new generation. 499 more words


October Essential: The House of the Devil (2009)

Few things go together as well as horror movies and the Halloween season. It’s an essential part of most everyone’s October, and sometimes nothing is better than staying in on a cold Fall day and watching a genuinely frightening horror film. 447 more words



Hello everyone,
Monday has arrived and my mind is percolating with things to talk about. Mostly because in class we are jumping around the book The Basic Kafka, which are works by a man named Kafka, many published after his death. 397 more words


Hocus Pocus: An October Essential

I hadn’t seen Hocus Pocus until yesterday.

The Disney classic, released in 1993, is a staple amongst many people my age (“millenials”) during the month of October. 266 more words


Analysis: Sign Language

Sign Language an award winning short film, directed Oscar Sharp and starring Jethro Skinner, uses a mockumentary style to tell the story of Ben, a “static outdoor information technician” AKA a board man, standing on Oxford Street holding a sign advertising for a golf sale. 609 more words

Manhunter: the Religiosity of Killing

“And if one does what God does enough times, one will become as God is.”

Manhunter, 1986

This line in Michael Mann’s superb 1986 film  334 more words


I Am the Arm

In David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and in the television series that precedes it, we’re often given the gift of watching a strange man in an even stranger room do confusing and often unsettling things. 751 more words