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A Thanksgiving Break

I’ve taken a pause from writing during Thanksgiving week. It’s been the first time this whole trip that I haven’t wrote or thought about writing. Instead, I’ve enjoyed watching birds come to drink and bathe in the backyard fountain. 979 more words


Memento To Receive The Remake Treatment

Remakes are popular in the world of cinema. It must be that whole idea of making a quick buck. If done right though, remakes can be a smart move. 264 more words


Want to Write for Sprites?

Calling all film scribes!

We’re looking for regular contributors to write for Sprites News and Reviews. If you know your Altman from your Argento, live and breathe cinema and have a way with words, we want YOU. 69 more words


1,001 Movies (But Not Really)

In the spirit of updating my blog more frequently and throwing something a lil’ bit different into the mix I turn towards Empire’s 1,001 Movies To See Before You Die  147 more words


Screenwriting 101: How to plan & write a good character

I’d like to preface this post with – as usual – the quick disclaimer that I am not a screenwriting expert, nor do I claim to be any more knowledgable than anyone else. 1,518 more words


Bodies in Space: Donnie Darko (Kelly, 2001)

“I think the greatest thing I learned from Terry is that every frame is worthy of attention to detail. Every frame is worthy of being frozen in time and then thrown on a wall like an oil painting, and if you work hard on every frame, the meaning of your film becomes deeper, more enhanced” Richard Kelly (2011) 767 more words

Film Writing

Begin Again - A Whimsical Tale Of Finding Yourself

Begin Again is a beautifully shot, well-acted and brilliantly scripted film that brings a level of warmth and joy to its audience that many movies attempt to attain but few successfully capture. 566 more words