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Hello everyone,

So I was thinking about what to write and I’ve decided to talk about Suicide Squad today. Which was actually a movie I liked…but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have short comings.Well, the reality is that the movie has good and bad to it. 569 more words


Goodnight Mommy: A tale of grief

When a movie boasts the scariest trailer of all time, you can’t let it go unwatched. Especially when, like me, you’re a self-confessed horror-movie lover, a trait that I’ve not been surprised to find is actually quite rare among the general population. 1,103 more words


DON'T THINK TWICE (2016, dir. Mike Birbiglia)

Something funny about Don’t Think Twice: in an era when so many  seemingly scripted comedies utilize improvisation (and to *varying* degrees), writer/director/actor Mike Birbiglia has made a quite good scripted comedy that’s about an improv comedy troupe. 503 more words


GHOSTBUSTERS (2016, dir. Paul Feig)

My young niece got into the original Ghostbusters when she was three, which is around the same age that I got into the movie. And way before this new movie was announced I had a phone conversation with her in which she asked me, “why aren’t there any girl Ghostbusters?” “I don’t know. 1,099 more words


Take Two #6: The Rocketeer

Many moons ago, I wrote this little piece about one of my favourite films: The Rocketeer. The 30s-style pulp adventure wasn’t quite as successful as it could’ve been – opening opposite Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Terminator 2 will do that – but I love it all the same. 8 more words