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Review: Macbeth

Michael Fassbender is always a draw to the cinema for me. He improves any film he is in by at least 25%. Macbeth was therefore already a must see for me. 324 more words


Film Review: Yakuza Apocalypse

There is an extremity to death and violence in a Takashi Miike movie that few other filmmakers ever try to muster. His propensity for grotesquely exaggerated sound effects and hard-hitting fits of carnage make filmic violence visceral again, in a way so few movies manage in an era where, around the globe, large-scale destruction has supplanted old-fashioned fist-to-face brutality as the dominant cinematic language of destruction. 749 more words



Hey there, everyone. TGIF, am I right? Am I? I decided to check out a more recent movie today, yet another of the “big” ones from last year,  798 more words


In Actuality: The First Comic Book Cinematic Universe(s)?

Warner Bros. and comic book publisher DC Comics are set to expand their shared universe (currently limited to a single film) with at least 11 new films over the course of the next five years. 560 more words

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As I am in my dark times.

I’m starting to worry that I’m emotionally detaching myself from people and everything. Its scary. Have you ever been in the position where you are use to being alone, without any real human contact even a hug that it feels weird when someone touches you? 352 more words

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Leading Lady - New Release Review

An insipid and uninspired rom-com which revels in contrivances and poor writing…

This story of an aspiring actress travelling to South Africa in order to research a part before falling for the local farmer is, despite its good intentions, ridiculously trite. 318 more words