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Namaste India!!

Hi everyone I am Maitri Doshi and I am from India, so I thought why not write on India.

India is one of the fastest growing countries and its population is in billions. 175 more words


BSA306: A new Project

The challenge ahead: research a topic, technique or style etc. that interests me and produce a body of work based on my findings.

Obviously my biggest interests are film and photography so my research will be focused around elements of these mediums. 594 more words

Talking to the enemy

The greatest challenge for a documentary film also happens to be its primary asset — its connection to real life.

Real life is complicated. It’s fuller and richer, if less theatrical, than any drama fictional cinema can typically produce. 817 more words


Netflix February 2017_day.20 – Superman Returns (2006)

_Up until now, my schedule for the month with Superman movies was to watch all of the original films, and to stagger them in accordance to how they were released in theaters, with 1 day for every year between releases. 815 more words


A Cure for Wellness, A Cure for Ennui

So, I wrote about the sometimes-blasé nature of contemporary horror in a recent piece on The Bye Bye Man, a much hyped movie that turned out to be a dull, formulaic disappointment.  1,337 more words


What Does "Hacksaw Ridge" Offer?

My ex-wife went through a period during our marriage where she was obsessed with movies about World War II. She always has and still does love war movies, but for a period of several months we must have watched every single movie about World War II that existed, and there are a lot. 767 more words


Oscars Countdown... # 8 Arrival

Arrival is not your typical sci fi film there is very little action, no big aliens vs humans showdown and it is infuriatingly slow paced at times. 242 more words