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The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training

Comedy film, part 2
Year: 1977
Year in film: 1970s
Country: USA
Who in bedroom: boys ~8-10 ? 135 more words


Fathers and Daughters (2015)

A Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist (Russell Crowe) with mental health problems struggles with fatherhood following the death of his wife in a car crash, while years later his daughter Kate (Amanda Seyfried) battles her own demons. 168 more words


See the first pictures from Two Arrows - my first South African film 🎥

I always knew that there were many talented South Africans and I always believed in the skills and creativity of my team, and yet I was still surprised by their enthusiasm and level of competence. 59 more words


Fitz and Starts

I got lucky and blundered upon a copy of Werner Herzog’s Conquest of the Useless in a charity shop. £2. Possibly £2 wasted, since I bought his earlier book… 733 more words


Rough Night review: A dark but funny night out from hell

Scarlett Johansson has spent much of her time recently jumping around action films in tight outfits but she’s always been a diverse actress with a knack for comedy – think the trashy Barbara in Don Jon or Hail Caesar’s less-than-glam starlet. 535 more words


Boule & Bill 2

Comedy film. Based on comic
Year: 2017
Year in film: 1970s
Country: France, Belgium
Who in bibs: Boule ~11 ?, other boys… 115 more words


Housewife (Turkey, 2017)

‘There’s only you and your dreams’

Housewife is a 2017 Turkish horror film directed by Can Evrenol (The Field Guide to Evil; Baskin… 105 more words