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Video: Refugees in Calais

Before we begin 

I made this video about the trip:


The first day of the trip involved getting seven people in the car, getting to the ferry and going to the hotel in Calais. 762 more words


Getting involved with a trip to Calais

It wasn’t a talk about a revolution

Last Tuesday, I went to an RS21 talk (Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century) titled “No Borders.” A man spoke about his grassroots campaign to bring food to Calais, and also that his was not a charity campaign but a political act. 925 more words


My Videos

This is my first video, promoting the University Of Bristol Fight Night.

Filmed using stabiliser and dolly rail.


Moment of zen

Living in London, I don’t spend a lot of time on a beach. But it is less than 70 miles away so it would be ridiculous not to travel there when an oportunity arise. 215 more words

Audio Recording

Rule of Thirds in 'The Incredibles'

Rule of thirds (rule of thumb) is a really easy way to take a picture, it makes the picture more dynamic and aesthetically pleasing. It shows the image that you want to take a picture of divided into nine equal parts, you then line the image along the lines and take the picture. 47 more words


World War Z (2013)

World War Z is an American apocalyptic, action, horror film directed by Marc Forster. I have to admit, even though now I do not find this film scary, when I first watched it I was so frightened. 547 more words