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Friday 20th March

I’d been up for an hour but took a shower at around twenty to nine, and that’s when I hear some one call my name and I pop out in a towel. 428 more words


A Game of Bluffs

Over the last few weeks I have been developing a script for a short film and it has finally come time to bring it to life. 159 more words


The Only Difference Between YouTube and Writing is The Content

If you’re not aware, I’m currently balancing two creative hobbies: YouTube and novel-writing. There’s also some amateur graphic designing going on sometimes, but my focus is mostly on YouTube or my novel. 433 more words


Call Sheet(s)


The following information was largely found using http://howtofilmschool.com/making-a-call-sheet/

Features to include on a call sheet are:

  • The date of the shoot
  • Call time (include a line reminding all crew and cast to check the call list for individual times)
  • 444 more words

Filming update

This week i filmed the rest of the introduction to the film. Including some reshooting of the first location. I also finished filming in the cellar. 56 more words