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Week 8-Editing

Today, our group got together to take a look at the video clips filmed last Friday.

One of the Memory Cards didn’t show any footage filmed last week, but we are going to look in to that later to see if we can find it. 67 more words

Re-Shot and Perfect

So yes, the scenes from last week were thrown away… Why? Because of this:

Which is what I would say if I had the videos from that filming session, however, I was so angry and tired of that one filming session that I had to delete all of those videos. 218 more words

AICE Media Studies

Malta: Expats Meetup

After work on Monday, we went to the coastal town Golden Bay, which was beautiful. There’s a beach there with cliffs that you can walk, or in my case stumble round, to get some lovely views of the sunset. 545 more words

Beginner's Guide to Videography: Vlogging Is Harder than It Looks

In my latest YouTube video, I share a workout session with my personal trainer. Even though, there is a more formal intro and outro, the bulk of the video was filmed vlog-style. 677 more words

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Interactivity and feedback.


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s work interacts. Sometimes with the viewers in the space, and sometimes with data. For example, Sway (2016), seen below, is a pendulum in the shape of a noose. 281 more words


I found a bag!

This is the coolest tackiest bag I found as a prop for STARS IN HIS EYES. James Dixon will be carrying this around in the movie – trying to look unobtrusive. 33 more words

A Day Wasted

Filming the last scenes of the final task is vital and needed. So it was understandable that I was giddy when filming the scenes as this was the most tense, mysterious, and thrilling scene in the whole two minutes of the film. 209 more words

AICE Media Studies