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Wednesday's Filming Session Part 3! (18/05/2018)

In this screenshot, this is the one of me headbanging to music. It may not seem too convincing but I wanted to do a shot that was a more laid-back headbanging approach rather than the absolute torture we had previously. 218 more words

Practical Skills

Wednesday Filming Session Part 2! (18/05/2018)

As mentioned previously, I have decided to do this in multiple blogs as then it doesn’t become too cumbersome for the reader then.

As you can see in this screenshot, I have done a pan of the second drawer with PS2 games inside of it. 359 more words

Practical Skills

Wednesday's Filming Session Part 1! (18/05/2018)

I have had to update this blog and start from scratch because I did do it once but it deleted all my work for some reason so I just had to restart it. 282 more words

Practical Skills

Change of narrative

The Change of narrative has helped me use more creative, visuals and changed my idea to create a new stylistic profile on my concept, It will be 1.50 seconds of footage of how the drugs and world can corrupt and change peoples perspective, and how saying not to harmful drugs and issues cam change your lifestyle and perspective.


Filming the Car Scenes

The car scene is one of the pivotal points within my short film therefore I knew this was important to film and i had to take my time. 683 more words

Problem Solving

Wk 4.1 Building a Rough Video

I looked up the wrong stream information, and forgot that we were going to show our sample footage in class – so I showed up with nothing to show. 135 more words