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Pilot TV Show with Alex Horne

It’s not a surprise that I have Twitter and that I bloody love it and I think you should follow me hereOn my Twitter, I follow quite a few comedians which is very unsurprising, seeing as I love watching comedy programmes and going to see live comedy. 526 more words


Filming at Anime Expo 2017

Hello again!

From July 1st to July 4th, Madeleine Brookman (MinetChan) will be filming at Anime Expo 2017 in Los Angeles. Similar to her work at Sakura-Con, she will be conducting interviews and filming AMV events at the convention. 63 more words


Daphne's hand-reared otter Rudi has become quite a TV star

Daphne has been busy filming with her tame otter Rudi starred in the BBC TV Natural World series ‘Suppercharged Otters’ with Charlie Hamilton James, who he is investigating in Mark Wheeler’s photograph above.   48 more words

Daphne Neville

White Witch Interviews #drwho #reeltime #tv

Last weekend was all about filming interviews for the extras disc that will accompany White Witch of Devil’s End. Those who follow my blog will recall that this is a Dr Who project from Reel Time Pictures starring Damaris Hayman, reprising her role of Olive Hawthorne from Dr Who’s ‘The Daemons’ (which was first screened in 1971! 316 more words


D33P W3B

Last week I was in Quebec City, not for a delicious French restaurant, but to film a part in an independent thriller, D33P W3B. I play Kristina, a girl who is very into gaming and sort of gets in a little over her head. 379 more words


Time Travelling

My 1976 self not listening to my 2017 time-traveller self at Nash Point in South Wales, telling him not to give up film-making and pontificating about many other things life has taught him. 25 more words


Filming analysis 2

I filmed my second day needing to get a variety of different cutaway shots i started the day by filming Leo walking into college, i then went to his house with the intention of filming him with his girlfriend, when i got there i took the step of first recording any family photos i could find, then i prepared to film him with his girlfriend, however there was an unexpected occurrence as she was unable to be filmed as her social anxiety was too high to film the interview at the time as she was anxious about being recorded, i, therefore, had to replace this segment of my film with still photos of her with Leo i was given, so although it didn’t go to plan i still managed to have some footage of the two. 68 more words