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Interview with documentary filmmaker Jenna Gartlan (MISSING PEACE)

MISSSING PEACE played at the November 2017 Short Film Festival to great reviews. It is by far one of the most unique films the FEEDBACK Festival showed in 2017. 441 more words

Alfred Hitchcock: Response Post (due: Monday, 1.22.18 by 11:59 pm)

Watch the following videos and read the article on our site “Alfred Hitchcock -Innovator of Intrigue”. Then address (4) four of the following questions (with an original response post): 168 more words


Celebrity Chef Motivated By Health Becomes Award-Winning Filmmaker

Charles Mattocks is a well-known celebrity chef, who wrote several books about healthy eating. His dedication to the war against diabetes has motivated him to take his career to the next level. 350 more words


Filmmaker Marko Mäkilaakso Talks ‘It Came from the Desert’

I used to play ‘It Came from the Desert’ religiously in the early ’90s on my TurboGrafx CD. It wasn’t a great game, but the 1950s big bug plot and the FMVs kept me glued to the screen. 40 more words


14 Lessons From Making A Feature Film In Two Days by Hank Orion

14 Lessons From Making A Feature Film In Two Days by Hank Orion via FilmCourage.com.

Hi! My name is Hank Orion. I’m the writer, producer and director of THE JOB and I’m here to share 14 things I’ve learned from making my second feature film, THE JOB with you guys and Film Courage. 431 more words


DOGGIE HI (2017)

This is a film that explores an afternoon at the Huntington Dog Beach – and explores the unknown motives and personalities of the dogs that have been placed in this world of sea water and sand. 314 more words

Sara Celeste Martin

Filmmaker: Paul Thomas Anderson

One of the best in the business.

P. T. Anderson

Name: Paul Thomas Anderson

Born: June 26, 1970

From: California

Education: Santa Monica College, Emerson College, NYU (dropped) 235 more words