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Film and Development: an interview with a filmmaker

Films open up a way of making a personal connection with someone in a way that other mediums can’t: by allowing you to look into someone’s eyes and listen to that person’s words in his or her own voice. 963 more words

Visual Storytelling


I’ve been thinking about filmmaking lately. Not long ones that last 2 hours. Short ones. Ones that capture a city, and leaves a person in awe at the pace the city moves at. 14 more words

Reviews! - San Andreas

*Warning: Spoilers*

To get the obligatory puns out of the way: this movie “collapsed” under its own weight, the plot was “shaky” at best, the characters were a bunch of “earthquakes”?… hmm, thought I had more of those, but I guess that is my own “fault” *wink*. 697 more words



On its surface, Eleven Days is simple story about a 12 year old Indian boy’s quest to find his brother after his father is killed in a car crash in the middle of the outback. 310 more words

2012, Wongi Warrior, My first cinematography.

3 years ago, Josh brought a film.

It was story of a aboriginal Australian kid telling a story of his life to his unexpected friend. It was a fun project. 72 more words


Life Between Movie Making

Well, it’s been about a million years since I’ve updated, so how do I even get started?

Here: I’m not good with social media.  I don’t love it.   1,007 more words

How A Young Woman Raises Cystic Fibrosis Awareness In Brazil


Courtesy: YouTube

Last month, we introduced you to French filmmakers Gwenn Lainé and Gwendal Danguy Des Déserts, both quit their jobs to work on a documentary hoping to inspire the inner travelers in all of us. 279 more words