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Harlestone Firs.

Glimpse of my macro film location.

Below is a short taste of what the ants look like. Filmed on a wine glass… Student style.


New Mavericks: Ana Maria + Luisa

The Firefly, or La Luciernaga, is a film written, directed and co-produced by Ana Maria Hermida. The story follows the journey of a woman in mourning who finds comfort in an unlikely ally. 904 more words

Paul's Tub Talk: #Starbucks - March 28

If you want to start a conversation, let’s talk about something we can do something about. Tell Governor Pence what you think of the Religious Freedom Law. 317/232-4567.


Definition #165 Resolving conflict

Albany VA

taught us how: change hats; grin wide!



On March 27th, 2015 the Stratton VA Hospital, Family Mental Health taught us conflict resolution, handling anger and communication strategies. 8 more words


"Plain Clothes " The Light And Darkness of the PTSD

By: Austin Winter-Chase

This is a deeply moving and insightful film about PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the  toll it takes  on one’s life “Plain Clothes” is written and directed by Sam Jaeger (Parenthood, American Sniper) who also stars as Officer Cole. 127 more words


New Maverick: Danielle Beverly

Danielle Beverly is a Brooklyn based filmmaker, and this weekend her film Old South played during the Atlanta Film Festival at the Plaza Theater. The documentary explores the effects of a fraternity moving into a historically African American neighborhood in Athens, Georgia. 388 more words

The Man Behind the Camera with Izak Gracy

“Videography has become a skill anyone can learn. Gone are the days when being a “cameraman” meant college and a niche market. Now, our phones are capable of shooting video nice enough for prime-time.

1,118 more words
Scotty Jacobs