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What I've Learned in My First 10 Videos

Some people say you just need to dig in and create 100 YouTube videos before you concern yourself with improvement and growth. I disagree, and think that with each video you make you should be looking for ways to improve. 91 more words


Amazing video shot by shot breakdown technique

Yesterday I was going through my Explore Filmmaking Future Learn lessons when I decide to Google about shot number and ended up on Youtube.

I didn’t find (yet) what I am looking for but I have found something very interesting. 34 more words

The Muse

One of the biggest issues I faced in college was coming up with ideas for scripts. Without too much self-pity, I have to admit that it’s difficult for college students to write a decent script. 1,444 more words

A Simple Marketing Guide for a Student Production House: The Internal Aspect

As mentioned in my previous post titled ‘A Simple Marketing Guide for a Student Production House: Introduction’, there are a few simple internal and external aspects to how students can market their production house effectively. 889 more words


J360 Radio Live#1: Opening Night

J360 Radio Live#1: Opening Night Source:

Taking time from The J-Man Show and The Cyclone. J and Alan discuss movies, gaming, and all sorts of wierdness on J360 Radio Live.



1,2,7,14: Week of April 16th

After watching Marvel movies to prep for Infinity War, I must say my dislike of Tony Stark know no bounds. 195 more words


Creativity: Power to Unite

Welcome to week number seven in our study on creativity! Let’s review briefly in an effort to go forward… If you have begun to discover your individuality… 677 more words

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