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Movies are hard to get into

Before I begin I should say, I have been a part of a dozen films with different artists. You can find me on IMDb.com, but you have to find me by the movie. 501 more words

Foreword: Lessons of Refusal

The lessons of cinema can only be given by a filmmaker who has never received them. Otherwise, he will only repeat the recommendations that he has collected from his masters, he will model his films after those movies and a film stuck in a sterile formula does not advance. 376 more words


The Problem With Talking Heads

Today I sat down and watched a favorite movie of mine: M (1931, dir. Fritz Lang). It reminded me of an issue prevalent in today’s cinema: the oversimplification of photography and image. 1,304 more words


The Journey of a Filmmaker: Intro

This blog of mine will kinda be like my digital diary. My filmmaking adventures kinda shared with the world. I’ve been messing around with cameras and editing for just over nine years. 65 more words

Heather @ Yukon Chalk Fest

The 4th chalk video I made for Unlikely Events Yukon features Heather Von Steinhagen– a born and raised Yukon artist, who I had the pleasure of meeting last summer at our offsite chalk art venue for Nuit Blanche! 47 more words

Heidi J Loos

Nicole @ Yukon Chalk Fest

The 3rd chalk video I made for Unlikely Events Yukon is about Nicole Bauberger, who is not only one of the 10 featured artists at the 1st Yukon Chalk Art Festival, but will also be teaching a chalk art workshop for adults on Sunday June 12, 2016 from 1-4PM in the parking lot of dana Naye Ventures on the corner of 5th and Black St. in Whitehorse.

Heidi J Loos

Taylor @ Yukon Chalk Fest

The 2nd video I made for Unlikely Events Yukon is about this rad chick, Taylor Karpyshyn Levitt that was on my soccer team this winter and who happens to be an incredible artist & photographer. 13 more words

Heidi J Loos