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Media Distortions

A recent article on Bloomberg proved Americans vastly overestimate the size of the gay-lesbian-transgender-other community.

Seriously, how is this even news?

How is this even remotely a revelation? 292 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind

CEM 21 No. 804 2014, Quotes

As media changes because of new technologies more and more people are attracted to the opportunities that result. While such passion and enthusiasm are appropriate it is also appropriate to understand the reality of the situation. 87 more words


You must be excited, your first book has released! "Nope"

Friends ask me “You must be excited your book has released!”

Nope. I am not ‘excited’, just glad she has; the process of being published is so gradual, over so many months, that the excitement dies and contentment settles in. 41 more words


$150 lens vs $15,000 lens: Can you tell the difference?

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How much of a difference is there between cheap and expensive lenses? In this video, Freddie takes 3 sets of lenses in the low, mid, and high price ranges, and uses them in different filming conditions. 21 more words


Only in Hollywood...

Only in an industry as ignorant, backwards, racist, sexist, predatory, creatively bankrupt, and immoral as Hollywood…

would “feminists” cheer the female lead in a high octane action film, where the actress (in this case the beautiful Charlize Theron) was unequivocally stripped of any glance of femininity: shorn, over-smeared with axle grease, demoted to errand-running truck driver, brutalized, and mutilated in favor of a masculine hydraulic pincher for an arm. 57 more words