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New Roles!

So, as we know Bobby has completed filming on 4 new movies and 2 guest appearances in tv shows. His appearance on itv’s Unforgotten, where he plays Nathan, is due to air early 2017. 115 more words

Bobby Lockwood

Revisiting Lynch, 1: Eraserhead.

When discussing his 1979 film The Brood director David Cronenberg has often joked that the film is his version of Kramer vs Kramer. A tongue-in-cheek reference, sure, but one which reveals the dark history behind that work. 653 more words


Fangirl Stalking: Lee Sang Yoon

Lee Sang Yoon is one of those perfect leading men.  He can easily play the guy next door, genius professor, or even a king, wooing us with his gorgeous dimples.  588 more words

Fangirl Stalking

A Review of Three (三人行)

South Korea was not one of the lucky countries where Three (三人行) was released last summer, but I wanted to see Wallace in the film so badly that I decided to fly to Hong Kong to watch it. 1,418 more words


Rupert Friend as Kevin Lewis: The Kid

Friend is tall, slim as a sheet of paper and so ethereally beautiful that he looks unlikely to survive a strong wind. So he might seem an odd choice, but he brings an interesting spin to the role, investing it with quiet dignity, and a “first day on earth” sense of bewilderment that underscores the effects of Lewis’s damaged childhood, emphasising how remarkable it is that he found a happy ending.

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Paris 2011


Back in 2011 I flew to Paris with my girlfriend, as romantic as that sounds it really wasn’t. We spent two of our four days at Pitchfork music festival at La Grande Halle de la Villette watching Bon Iver, Lykke Li & Aphex Twin as well as number of other bands.

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