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Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation

Salem Kapsaski’s short film WAXHOUSE ROCK is going to be featured in the upcoming Anthology GRINDSPLOITATION 4: MELTSPLOITATION released by Troma and Body Bag Films. 71 more words


Spielberg Doc: A Man of Sentiment and Spectacle

HBO’s latest documentary Spielberg, directed by Susan Lacy (creator and executive producer of the American Masters docu-series), tracks the meteoric rise of celebrated filmmaker Steven Spielberg. 857 more words


Who will survive and what will be left of them ?

Title Credit: Release poster for first Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.

Happy October !

It’s officially the month we all consider prime time Fall. Maybe that’s November to everyone else? 395 more words



Dull night, the sacrifice for peace,

the city sleeps through this mundane routine,

and the free roams.


Natures serenity

Natures glory brings serenity,

peace in mind comes with hers magnificence,

as I witness the speed of our sun, experiencing the days as none, only to drift with time.


Being is a state of mind

Driving brings up that state of mind, a moment of silence

emptiness while waiting to reach somewhere

thoughts turns void sitting in time.


Smile for the Camera Feature Film

I pretended to take a picture of Gustav Cook when he entered the room. I said, “Smile for the camera!” From that we filmed a video, which has now unfortunately been deleted and never-to-be-seen again, which was pointless and without plot: that is, it was me with my phone chasing my friend screaming, “Smile for the camera.” Later, we began to make a series called “Smile for the camera.” It was mainly just me chasing him, and the first two episodes, (which were all we did), were very similar to each other. 137 more words