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Rupert Friend as Lt. Kurt Kotler: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

I definitely knew I wanted to be a part of the project unequivocally, but I did have reservations about how I, as an actor and as a human being, would literally do what was required of me.

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Deadpool (film) 2016

Okay so before I jump in I just want to say this is not a standard review analysing every detail from character performance to the cinematography all the way down to microfeatures such as the audio. 362 more words


Interview Project (2011)

The first task given to us on our Foundation degree (my second year at college, but the first for most of my peers) was to split into groups of three to interview each other in an imitation of David Lynch’s series Interview Project. 1,017 more words


World Premiere! The complete, original "Lose That Long Face" from "A Star Is Born" - with Judy Garland and Monette Moore

Complete original version with
Judy Garland and Monette Moore

This video presents, for the first time ever, the newly discovered complete version of… 257 more words

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Knowing that I could have gone with the wind in all the numerous possible directions, doesn’t make this course seem somewhat different from any other eventuality. 39 more words

Rupert Friend as Martin Taylor: Brimstone and Treacle

SEArED in association with the Arcola Theatres stages the first major London revival of Dennis Potter’s most controversial play. Renowned for being banned before transmission by the BBC, … 987 more words


[20160201] The Corpse of Anna Fritz

Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, let’s talk about the Spanish Film, El cadáver de Anna Fritz, ‘The Corpse of Anna Fritz’. After the reading the plot, I kinda got interested, it’s a little bit R-Rated because it includes sex scenes and a little bit of violence tho. 703 more words