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Sehe (2014)

Title : Sehe
Director (s) : I Made Denny
Script Writer : Yulia Hesti N, Rahmadiyah Tria Gayatri, and team
Year : 2014
Genre :Fiction… 34 more words


Bully (2013)

Title : Bully
Director (s) : Yulia Hesti N
Year : 2013
Genre :Documentary
Duration : 8:35
Production Company : SMA Kristen Terang Bangsa
Country : 14 more words


Pandawa di Puncak Tugu Muda (2013)

Title : Pandawa di Puncak Tugu Muda
Director (s) : Yulia Hesti N, Yohanes Alfa Finandra, Gabriel Dwi Elsa NW
Year : 2013
Genre :Documentary… 31 more words


First Impression of Wallace in General And I - Episode 1 to 8

This post will concentrate solely on Wallace Chung so don’t complain that I am biased :P The first 8 episodes had already been subbed in English so there is no point for me to summarize or recap them. 2,359 more words

Wallace Chung

The art of The Grand Tour.

IT’S time.

The dust has settled and The Grand Tour has had enough time to find its feet. Amazon have propelled their crown jewel onto the side of every bus and billboard across the nation. 349 more words


La La Love

I am having difficulty remembering when was the last time a film refused to let me go, kept me returning to its characters, their pain and joy long after the final credits. 1,515 more words


[Eng+Pinyin] Wallace Chung's A Lonesome Blossom 一枝孤芳 ( GENERAL AND I OST )

“A Lonesome Blossom” (一枝孤芳) is the ending theme song of General and I (孤芳不自賞).  The song was first introduced to the world when Wallace performed at  Hunan TV’s 2017 New Year Countdown Gala. 1,000 more words

Wallace Chung