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November is an important month as it is Wallace B-day ( which happens to land at the end of the month where we do our monthly Wallace’s news recap, Nov 30th). 975 more words

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mechanical eye [z & s]

The slowly warming mechanic gracing my hand grows heavier as I hold the shot. The frame holds a moving picture, the subjects eyes casted away from my focus, closed slightly from lethargy as they occasionally take a sip of tea, pages of their subject moving rapidly. 367 more words


Favourite Artist of the moment: Matthias Schoenaerts

Let’s talk about Matthias Schoenaerts.

In my spacious and enduring ‘crush’ kingdom, I have always been unintentionally assembling people from various scenes and backgrounds ranging from sports to music. 670 more words


"Yilu Fanhua Xiangsong" Released 5min Trailer and Posters

Wallace’s upcoming drama Yilu Fanhua Xiangsong (一路繁花相送) recently wrapped up production just last month and we’ve already received a 5min trailer and posters. However, what I really want is an official English title to this drama. 251 more words

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Filmography in Caerphilly Castle

We’ve finally visited one of my most amazing castles in Wales, today we attended a Frozen sing-along event at Caerphilly Castle which Sam will do a full write-up of. 371 more words


Infinite Jest - Week Three (pages 55-78)

“Hello all. Next Tuesday we’re going to discuss pp.55-78. This week’s pages include several more E.T.A. snippets, as well as our introduction to Don Gately and Kate Gompert, two characters not at all associated with tennis whose scenes (for anyone feeling a bit claustrophobic at the tennis academy) will come as a nice change of pace and perhaps a relief! 366 more words

Infinite Jest Readthrough

Tips and Techniques for Under Water Photography

The general purpose of underwater water photography is to bring ocean life to the surface. The general public curious about what lives underwater and what truly goes on below the ocean surface. 400 more words

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