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Hindi Film 101: Shahrukh's Filmography Continues! Where Do You Go When You Reach the Top?

Happy Thursday!  Welcome back to our journey through SRK’s filmography.  Not to see which films are good and which are bad and so on, but as a case study for how a career can grow.   2,028 more words

Shahrukh Khan

Hindi Film 101: Shahrukh's Filmography, Part 3!

Happy Tuesday!  Once again, I am going through Shahrukh’s filmography film by film in chronological order.  Because it is an interesting case study for how a career progresses, and how the industry has changed, over the past 25 years. 2,140 more words

SPIDARLINGS to be distributed by TROMA

Troma Entertainment, the longest running truly independent film company in American history has announced the acquisition of Salem Kapsaski’s punk rock musical Spidarlings, World Premiere on Troma NowJuly 1st. 9 more words


Hindi Film 101: A Journey Through SRK's Filmography, Part 2!

Well, this is fun!  It’s partly a list of every Shahrukh Khan film, but more than that, it is a case study for how a career progressed in the 90s in Bombay.   2,291 more words


Hindi Film 101 One-Off: A Tour Through Shahrukh's Filmography

This is just a random idea because I am in the middle of unpacking my Shahrukh DVD box and putting them in chronological order on my shelf.   2,078 more words


Cake or Death

Familial ties can allow one to stand on the shoulders of giants, or to forever remain in their shadow. Chiara Mastroianni — with those features, with that last name — will hardly ever escape comparison to her legendary parents, Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni. 1,227 more words