Everybody Relax, I'm Here: An Appreciation of Jack Burton and Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China’s Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) is my favorite action hero/sidekick because he is all too human. He is insecure, boisterous and has an unearned confidence that keeps him alive.   1,286 more words

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MFF Randomness Special: Sleeveless Shirts and Strategic Knife Throwing

It all started with an observation about Kurt Russell’s sleeveless shirts. I cheekily wrote a post about the sleeveless one and it ballooned into a whole lot of… 311 more words

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Street Fighter II Casting Call, Part 1: Which actor would you cast as Blanka?


We recently discussed who we would cast if they did another Street Fighter II movie in The MFF Podcast #32: Street Fighter Casting Call. Our picks were all over the place and I just wanted to share some of my personal favorite picks… 461 more words

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MFF Special: The Summer Horror Wardrobe Guide

Are you planning on visiting a horror movie that takes place during the summer anytime soon? Well, if you are this is your lucky day. Last winter, I wrote about horror wardrobes that could get you by in the cold months. 636 more words

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The 2016 Mid-Year Random Awards: Celebrating Wasted Scotch, Teeth Piercings and Sweaters

The Random Awards are back and they are celebrating the best of 2016 (so far)! I love randomness (just listen to the pod) and because of this I put deep thought into dumb awards. 814 more words

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The MFF Top 100: The Best Films of All Time According to Critics and Audiences

I love coming up with hybrid lists that feature combined critic and audience scores. There is something about combining critic/audience scores that makes me feel like a nerdy rebel. 707 more words

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