The 10 Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Moments

I am an unabashed Marvel Cinematic Universe fanboy. It may be a massive corporation now, but back in 2008, Marvel took a massive gamble by planning an unprecedented amount of films. 676 more words

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Green Room: The Best Thriller in Years

Green Room is one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in years because director Jeremy Saulnier (Blue Ruin – watch it now!) has mastered the art of creating white-knuckle tension and killing people very violently.   656 more words

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The MFF Podcast #56: Listener Questions

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If you get a chance please make sure to review, rate and share. 199 more words

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"Vs." Movies That Need to Happen: Part 3: Random Fights Galore

I love putting these fights together. They don’t make a lick of sense and I’m not sure why these people would be fighting. However, we can all agree that these “vs.” films would be awesome and really surprising. 650 more words

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Man Up: An Unabashed Romantic Comedy That is Lots of Fun

Man Up relishes in the fact that it follows every romantic comedy trope. It is an unabashed love story that features mistaken identity, the obligatory fight and eventual soppy reunion. 352 more words

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MFF Streaming: Five Films Worth a Watch on Netflix

The streaming landscape is so vast it becomes difficult to single out one film to watch.  In an effort to save you time and energy I’ve scoured the streaming services and started offering film/television recommendations that you might appreciate. 455 more words

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"Vs." Movies That Need to Happen: Part 2: More Randomness.

I love random “vs.” movies. There is something about two random characters creating hypothetical chaos that I love. These movies will never happen but it shouldn’t stop you from wondering if Death from… 692 more words

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