Kids, To Die For, Welcome to the Dollhouse and Village of the Damned: Ranking the Troubled Youth of 1995

1995 was a banner year for troubled youth. Kids, To Die For, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Basketball Diaries, Toy Story, Village of the Dammed and… 963 more words

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Dracula: Dead and Loving It: Mel Brook's 1995 Comedic Gem

But Lucy! I’m British.

I am a huge Mel Brook’s fan. Blazing Saddles is one of my favorite films and I can watch¬†History of the World: Part One, Spaceballs, The Producers, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Young Frankenstein…

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The Best/Worst Fight of 1995: Analyzing the Goro vs. Johnny Cage fight in Mortal Kombat

The world loves great fights. When choreography, solid editing and courageous stunt men unite we get showstopping moments that live forever. One fight scene that lives in infamy is the short and awkward fight between Johnny Cage and Goro. 347 more words

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The Best Moments of one of the Worst Years in Horror: looking back 20 years to 1995

There are great horror films (e.g., Saw,¬†The Conjuring), there are typically color-by-numbers trope-rich sequels (e.g., A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise) and there are zany, gory, low budget direct-to-video releases (e.g., … 552 more words

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Alec Trevelyan, Goro and Tony Perkins: The 1995 Heist Crew.

Hello all. Mark here.

JMoore (AKA Ham sandiwch) is back! The last time you heard from him he was giving the world an amazing football team comprised of… 456 more words

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Before Sunrise: The Best Romance of 1995

20 year ago a little indie came and went out of theaters. It didn’t have much of an affect on the populace but has since grown into a beautiful time capsule. 673 more words

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