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Uncollected Thoughts: Doctor Strange

From the moment the first reports leaking from filming got anywhere that I could read them, there’s beenĀ  a good vibe about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest offering, the introduction of Magic in Phase 3, Benedict Cumberbatch’s first – but definitely not last – outing as Doctor Stephen Strange. 795 more words

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Gene Wilder

I first saw him in Blazing Saddles, playing the drunken sheriff and gunslinger, playing a gentle, humble, laid-back second banana role to Cleavon Little despite being the more established star. 223 more words

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The Archers: A Matter of Film and Glory - no. 1 - The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

This short series is a consideration of my personal Top 5 films by The Archers, being the film production company composed of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, active from 1939 to 1957. 3,601 more words

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Robin Hardy: One film's enough if it's good enough

Suddenly the obituary count is once again ratchetting up with the same rapidity as it was doing at the beginning of this benighted year. In the past weekend, we have lost Caroline Aherne, Michael Cimino and Elie Weisel, and now it’s the turn of Robin Hardy. 679 more words

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Uncollected Thoughts: Life of a Mountain - Blencathra

Back from this film’s second screening at Penrith’s Rheged Centre and very pleased with Terry Abraham’s second documentary film, following up last year’s Scafell Pike… 859 more words

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The Peanuts Movie

I doubt very much that it’s prescribable on the NHS but as one who is currently in a bit of agony from a knackered back, I can put forward the recent… 587 more words

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Uncollected Thoughts: Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice

I spent most of the Easter weekend avoiding specific spoilers for this film, but I’d have needed to lock myself in a monastic cell to have avoided picking up the impression that the general reaction to… 1,230 more words

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