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Film 2018: The Lacemaker (La Dentelliere)

I have owned this DVD for several years, and this is one of my three most favourite films ever, but this is the first time I have played it. 2,090 more words

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Film 2018: Hellzapoppin'

There’s something decidedly modern about the humour in this classic 1941 comedy film. I heard about it from my Uncle before I ever saw it, and he was disparaging, primarily because he was in the British Navy in the Pacific during the Second World War, and… 1,473 more words

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Film 2018: Y Tu Mama, Tambien

This film represents the entirety of my Mexican film collection, and this morning is only the second time I have watched it.

It’s a strange film, for all that it adopts the conventional form(s) of the coming-of-age story and the road movie. 1,533 more words

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Film 2018 - "Don't Look Now"

Thanks to the circumstances of my teenage years, I had a delayed introduction to anything approaching maturity, a condition that many people of my acquaintance would swear I’ve yet to attain. 2,090 more words

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Film 2018: Delicatessen

Apart from my ongoing fascination with Isabelle Huppert – forty years and counting – most of my small collection of French films come from a brief burst of enthusiasm nearly twenty years ago. 1,185 more words

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Film 2018: Airplane!

Something simple for a working Sunday, like I said.

Airplane! was the third film by the writer director team of Jerry Abrahams, David and Jerry Drucker, and probably their biggest hit. 473 more words

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Film 2018: Curse of the Golden Flower

Not wishing to find myself having to work through a surplus of sub-titled foreign films at any point, I decided I would select another this week. 1,535 more words

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