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Tuesday's Reviews - Isle of Dogs (2018)

 Apparently, I need to make more friends who are willing to watch Wes Anderson films. I adore all of his films but find it very difficult to find people who aren’t put off by his quirkiness. 856 more words


Avengers: Edward Norton SLAMS his MCU Incredible Hulk movie revealing why he was DIFFICULT

Ten years ago the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man.
Producer Kevin Feige had in mind to introduce a shared universe of superheroes, ultimately coming together for an Avengers movie. 18 more words


Skyscraper - Film #55

Skyscraper or Shite-scraper?

They don’t make them like they used to….until now!

Dwayne Johnson is back with another absolute blockbuster. Arguably the hardest working man in movies at the moment, Johnson is firing out movie after movie that are just hitting all the right notes. 397 more words


(Brief) Thoughts on The Incredibles 2

After what seems like an eternity (roughly a month after it made its debut in the US) The Incredibles 2 has finally opened in the UK – hurrah! 513 more words


Two PoC Guys and a White Protagonist: Thoughts on Alex Strangelove

By Fred Bouie and Erin Green

After seeing them both post and/or complain about Netflix original “Alex Strangelove,” on Facebook, I approached Erin and Fred to have a little conversation about their thoughts on the movie. 938 more words


A runaway bride, a bohemian rhapsody and sauteed mushrooms

My study of the romantic comedy canon continues.

1. Runaway Bride. It never appears on any list of best romcoms and I’m not sure why. The chemistry between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts is undeniable and we knew that given the obvious precedents. 367 more words

The Bookshop

Dir Isabel Coixet, with Emily Mortimer and Bill Nighy

A dire film. It had something to say about the loneliness of widowhood, the lifeline and freedom that books can give you, and the rigidity of 1950s Britain (already being undermined by some of the novels stocked in Mrs Green’s bookshop), but ultimately the writing was more suited to a children’s adventure story. 161 more words