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March Movie Madness!

This month I’m going to lighten it up a bit and add a variety of movies to the mix. I’m excited for a few new movies coming out as well as knocking off some I should have already probably seen… 175 more words


A week away in the Lake District

I’ve been to the Lake District three times now, and every time I go I have a brilliant time. I went with school in Year 6 to Derwent Hill, with college for a trekking trip for a few days, and I went a couple of weeks ago with Amy and her family. 224 more words

Time To Kick Everyone Out Of The House

Nightcrawler’s out on DVD this weekend, so that  title’s dead serious. Tell everyone there are fireworks outside  and then bolt the doors when they’re out  there. 116 more words


Reboots should be clearly identified as reboots so people know films haven't always sucked

Some of my earliest and most cherished recreational memories are of watching films. Back before the ‘casual internet’ era the only realistic forms of entertainment you could take part in without adult assistance or financial support were watching films and playing computer games (The latter being extremely expensive at the time, even more so than now). 926 more words

Assault On Precinct 13

February Wrap-Up

The month of February has come to an end, and I thought that I’d wrap up my reading. I ended up reading three books during the course of the month, the first of which was Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. 722 more words


The after

So, I decided to have a nap after my bath/ shower too and went and slept next to him. Now that my need was numb. He woke up at some point and I opened my eyes to find him staring at me. 220 more words

Into the woods

Its awesome :)😁⭐✨💢!💨💦🎶🌹