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Curry Butternut Soup and Spanakopita

Today I start and finish with a random photo because she is just too lovely to be last, and I like her shoes….

I recently ordered this curried soup and spanakopita combination in a restaurant in Hermanus (they did not even intend the two starters to be a combination and now it is my favourite pairing).Two dishes that has absolutely no relation or is not a known or even a usual pairing of dishes, but just the right two things to make it spectacular. 447 more words

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Mediterranean Vegetable Filo Puffs

Filo pastry really is a handy ingredient to have in the fridge, to team with some vegetables and create something quick, delicious and impressive looking. 294 more words


Crispy Baked Spring Rolls

Spring rolls were the last thing I wanted to make after picking my kids up from school today 1) because I was tired after getting up at ridiculous o’clock, a little bit frazzled from running errands all morning and slightly not with it; and 2) because I’ve never made them before. 842 more words


Spinach and Feta Pie

To do something easy and tasty for lunch where elements of the dish can be prepared ahead and it is not full of cream and butter can be a challenge but this dish fits the bill.   331 more words


Tangle Pie

I recently came across a marvellous recipe from my adored “Hairy Bikers”.  It’s a delicious and easy dish and takes only minutes to put together and turns left over roast chicken and sliced ham into a meal that is not only healthy but looks fantastic… I always laugh when I read Simon and Dave’s recipes as they are slimming us down by stealth…  Their recipes are low-fat but so yummy you wouldn’t cook them any other way… 464 more words


Wild Green Pie, foraged from the Fridge!

I love Greek style pies. The most famous, is, of course, Spanakopita, which is spinach and feta in filo pastry. Sometimes, I feel like a change, or in this case, I asked a few friends over for dinner, and needed more than the bean soup I was cooking. 728 more words

Mediterranean Diet

Dee’s Thai Quinoa Veg Pot Filo Bake with an Asian Side Salad

This recipe is inspired by my love of filo pastry. It’s so versatile, you can use it in savoury or sweet recipes and the crispy crunch is delicious. 286 more words

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