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Spinach and fetta filo triangles

Spinach and fetta filo triangles

Nice with a cup of black tea or lunch with a salad, kid friendly. In the photos I made one according to the method I’m outlining below, but the rest are with a lot less butter- perhaps because it tastes a bit lighter and I wasn’t dying to eat one. 217 more words


Sweet Potato Dabeli in Phyllo Shells

I find something very soothing about cooking a meal at the end of a tiring day. The absolute joy I feel is when someone relishes a dish I prepared and I can see the happiness on their face. 421 more words

Crave N Cook

Spinach and leeks filo pie

I haven’t baked any cakes or cookies recently for an obvious reason: last December I gave birth to my son. It is not surprising that a newborn suddenly limits the mother’s personal time to only a few essential survival activities (I was very unhappy to find out that taking a shower every morning is NOT one of them). 654 more words


Recipe: Baklava

I have a thing for baklava. But I’m particular about it–though I’ve seen (and tasted) many, many versions of it, this recipe has always been my absolute favorite: made with walnuts instead of pistachios and with rose-scented sugar syrup (known as atr) instead of honey. 433 more words


Spinach and Feta Filo Pie

I’ve loved spinach and feta filo pie (or Spanakopita as the Greek call it) ever since I first tried it. There’s something about the heady mixture of salty feta, fragrant nutmeg and crispy, light filo pastry which really appeals to me. 363 more words


Chicken Apricot Brie and Bacon Cordon Bleu

This dish is influenced by a sister of mine, who was trained formally in the kitchen and first introduced this dish to me almost 20 years ago. 552 more words


week four - filo pastry à la gioia

they say you should try something new every day. or is it every week? does anyone actually say anything like that? regardless, i did try something new today: cooking with filo pastry. 294 more words