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France - Puff Pastry (pain au chocolat and regular croissant)

Puff pastry is related to the Middle Eastern phyllo. It was made famous by the French, mainly through croissant-like finished products).

Puff pastry is very diverse, it can be used for sweet pastry (e.g. 632 more words


I didn't know whether to laugh or cry - blog topics to come

Several things happened this weekend that made me reconsider blogging again. So I guess it was all good, despite feeling the opposite at times. Let’s see, in chronological order: 375 more words

Cucc - Zeugs - Stuff

The Unorthodox Way

Instead of an expensive dinner or sipping overpriced coffee and nervously asking “how’s your day”… I wanna know you the unorthodox way.

A simple chit-chat over the pile of papers in our workplace telling me what shitload are we facing right now while drinking coffee you made for the both of us. 144 more words


Chocolate Baklava Parcels

Yep, I know there is a little bit of a theme running here – sweets, desserts, puddings etc. This is my real passion when I am in the kitchen, partly because I just love eating this delectable food but I also love playing with the flavours of sweet things. 496 more words



How do you replace filo pastry? This will be a hard little project but alas we’ll definitely figure it out.Spanakopita or spinach pie is a favourite for all.


Asparagus wrapped in FILO 

Today’s recipe is so simple but really good. I will have my wine club ladies over next weekend for wine tasting and I have been racking my head over what to serve? 294 more words


Mini Asparagus Quiches

Those mini crunchy asparagus quiches are a bite into spring! The beauty of this meal is: it’s polyvalence, whether you eat your quiche warm, or cold… or change the vegetable in it… if you feel like mushrooms or ham etc.  562 more words

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