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Intro to Filofaxing

Hi Everyone,

Sorry that I kind of fell off the grid for over a month there. I just finished my second year of college and the end of the year was just really hectic and stressful, but I’m back and I will be here for the foreseeable future. 374 more words

Organizing Your Life

Filofax - Planning my life

     Planning. I am hoping my filofax will help me keep my summer on track and so here is a post dedicated to it. Prepare for lots of pictures in this post! 975 more words

Miscellaneous Everything

The Set-Up Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is the second half of the blog post on my A5 Purple Malden Filofax set-up. We have so far, briefly mentioned inserts and some of the different sections I include within my planner and now i’m going to show you the rest of it! 357 more words


My Purple Malden A5 Set-Up

Hello Filofax fans,

Today i’d like to start with an overview of my own Filofax and a quick look into how I set it up. Later posts will deal more specifically with each section and how you can recreate my inserts yourself, so please feel free to comment below if there is anything in particular you would like to know. 501 more words


Filofax Friday Week 22!

This week is an exciting one for me, though it didn’t feel like it was too “planning heavy” I guess you could say. This is the week that I’m on vacation with my dad so I didn’t have to plan for cleaning the apartment or anything like that (which was nice). 387 more words


My Weeks 20 & 21

A lovely pretty couple of weeks in my Piyo Diary. 

This has been largely down to making some planner stickers for the first time! I made some simple ones to add a bit of colour to my planner (I’m struggling with not feeling like I can decorate this too much as it’s already so pretty) and some blog post stickers as I was getting hacked off with the ink smearing on my washi and going everywhere. 80 more words


Two RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) that are with me every day

The ladybug bookmark that Ashley gave me and the ladybug divider/flyleaf Courtney gave me. Thanks guys!

Filofaxes And Organisers