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Gmail වල filter හදල පිළිවෙලට තියාගනිමු

ආයුබෝවන් ඔයාට. අදත් හිතුන ලිපියක් දමන්න. හිතුනෙ වෙන මොකවත් නිසා නෙමෙයි මටම වෙච්ච වැඩක්. ඉතිං මමත් ඒක කරන ගමන් screenshots ටිකක් ගත්ත ඔයා එක්ක බෙදා ගන්න. 57 more words

කරන්නෙ මෙහෙමයි...

JavaScript Filter, Map, Reduce in 5 Minutes

This post will summarize JavaScript’s filter, map, and reduce methods with simple examples.


From a given array of numbers, we want to keep the even numbers only. 247 more words


Lonely Tree - Version 2

Going Gray

I used a filter called Going Gray on the original color photo titled Lonely Tree.  It’s amazing how the change to monochromatic gray changes the photo’s appearance from a bright spring day to a day filled with ominous clouds.   149 more words

Photography Challenges

Gus Gus en El Plaza

Galería de fotos de Gus Gus el 17 de Abril de 2015 en El Plaza, Ciudad de México. Cobertura para Filter México

Photo gallery from Gus Gus  on April, 17th, 2015 at El Plaza, Mexico City. 48 more words



Friendship. That one word crosses all boundaries and borders, cultures and races, uniting mankind. A confounding desire shared by humans across the globe, regardless of ethnic diversity. 2,608 more words


Photoshop Tips: Polarizing and Adding Fog

For most my images, I don’t do a ton in Photoshop (although, I’ll admit, it’s probably more than the average). I pull in my image, crop/straighten, adjust levels and color balance. 670 more words