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I keep meaning to update this place with actual content but I’ve been way too busy and mentally exhausted to do anything other than listen to angry music and curl up in bed with my friend. 21 more words

Black And White

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This past Christmas I was lucky enough to receive an Apple TV as a gift. I’ve been absolutely dying to convert my movie collection to a more digital format, and I see this product as a great investment in doing so. 146 more words
Leah Ayers

Drinkwell hefty homemade filter

I like my Drinkwell fountain, it stores 2 week’s worth of water for our cat, and our cat loves driving from it over still water.  My only gripe is that the little filter packs cost $2 each, and they expect you to change them every 2 to 4 weeks because the packs are so thin and small. 183 more words


Idhu Bru Ma

I love my South Indian Filter Coffee. For me, my filter coffee is liquid Gold. I can’t start my day. Without my morning cup, I am like toy that has 5% battery but goes on the entire day. 124 more words


creative commons licensing and why I chose it

I have selected an ‘attribution share alike’ creative commons license which allows users to use my work for commercial purposes so long as they credit me and license their new creations under the same terms as mine. 294 more words



Insta-fooding. The modern act of posting bagazillions of entirely pointless Insta-food photos on Instagram. Otherwise known as Insta-doofing (You got me – I’m lying. I just typo’d first time round. 1,323 more words