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Filling In Dates for Civil Facts

I recently figured out that I have quite a few Civil Facts without dates. Places are great but they are most helpful when paired with a date. 87 more words


Customer Images: Dewitt Jones

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II Full Spectrum camera.  Most images were captured using on-lens IR filters.

3 easy tips on improving your Instagram feed

You have a nice looking photo that you REALLY want to post, but when you post it, you just realize how different it is from the other photos on your feed. 495 more words


Monotheistic Filter: Redefining God(s)

Monotheism has embedded in people’s minds that God is always good and always rational. He cares about individuals and humankind. Under the watchful eye of God, everything happens for a reason. 436 more words


Clean Up XML Formatting in BBEdit

If you work with XML or .plist files you’ve most likely run into a file that is proper XML but is not human readable due to its formatting.   296 more words


The Monotheistic Filter

What is The Monotheistic Filter?

In her blog, “Gangleri’s Grove,” (Note 1) Galina Krasskova explains that people are shaped and informed by nearly 2000 years of Monotheism. 423 more words


FileMaker Dynamic Portal Filtering for Web Direct

Web Direct is becoming increasingly popular with FileMaker developers as it is easy to implement and in many cases, faster than FileMaker client pulling data from FileMaker Server. 520 more words