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Johanson Technology

Had a nice visit with a couple of guys from Johanson Technology. Showing my some nice IoT Antennas. Look forward to trying some. They have some nice bandpass filters for one client in particular. 14 more words

Using Color for Mood

Ever heard the term “rose colored glasses”?

Definition of rose-colored glasses
: favorably disposed opinions : optimistic eyes views the world through rose-colored glasses

But we can also use this color in animation and photography to denote naiveté, innocence, or love. 898 more words

Cycle of Tears

I painted still life with water colour
When I was a little boy
I sought approval from mother for colours
When I had no little toys… 183 more words


Atypical Sensory Processing 101

You Guys. I was SO THANKFUL when they–you know, the awesome makers–came out with tagless, seamless clothing items. I remember consistently needing to have the tags cut out of all of my clothing as a child to the point of my parents eventually pulling the tags out as soon as they were purchased. 806 more words

Sensory Processing

Once You See Something, You Can’t Unsee It

Recently I heard something that really stuck with me. I can’t quote it perfectly, but it basically went something like this, “Once you see something, you can’t unsee it. 700 more words

Leading Self

Super, blue, blood Moon!

We were in Canlaon City, Negros Oriental, Philippines for January’s Blood, blue, super moon! We watched the lunar eclipse from the central park and I framed it against a vegetable monument that resembled a totem pole. 59 more words