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Generalized Fréchet filters

Just a few minutes ago I conceived a definition of generalized Fréchet filters with definition for every poset on which filters are considered (however, I have not yet calculated the class of posets for which generalized Fréchet filter is defined; it should be easy but I am busy with other business). 19 more words


Beach Photography

Hey All,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve made a post.  I have been busy trying to buy a new house and with photography. 735 more words


Our Perception of Reality


It is so hard to see the world around us in an objective way, without any filters or any biases. That occurs because there are so many external and internal factors that play into the way we perceive our surroundings:  age, gender, upbringing, social class, and the list goes on. 340 more words

Formal Compositions

We're Basically Running the Joint

Below is a link to a Prezi I’ve used to outline the effect that convergence is having on media users. It discusses the effect of filters in the public forum, and how soon it will be until most of these filters dissipate and if gate keepers will be a thing of the past. 12 more words