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Melitta Coffee Filters Junior Basket (62914)

White paper basket. Textured thicker paper traps more oils. Fits most 4 to 6 cup coffeemakers. Model Number 62914.
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Happiness is running 5 KM

Happiness is running 5 KM

Happiness is running 5 kilometer powered by ambition… Today when I clocked 5K in 32 minutes, I was really flying thanking the stars. 91 more words


Snapchat filters

Snapchat is a useful app for communicating with your friends quickly, easily, and visually. At the end of the day, why send a lot of text when you can make yourself clear with a single picture instead? 130 more words

Accumulair® Gold 21.5x23.25x2 (Actual Size) MERV 8 Air Filter/Furnace Filters (4 pack)

Designed for uniform air flow. Will not support the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew or fungi in normal use.
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The good old days of Instagram

Before Snapchat, before Vine, my number one favorite app was Instagram.  It was dope and right on time for a dude like myself.  The creatives, photographers, hipsters and artists could appreciate a platform such this.   445 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Snapchat filters

Do you have times when you just play around with all your snapchat filters? Because I do that all the time. Sometimes I don’t even take a photo, I just play around because it’s funny. 13 more words