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Humanize It

There are no straight lines in the human body. Humanize your song with:

  • Manual automation
  • Prominent singable leads
  • Vowel treatments / envelope filters
  • Subtle randomization
    Listen at 1:55


Such fun to play with this very simple image of a branch escaping the snow cover. Do you favor one over the others?


Playing with Pictures.

I take a million pictures  (Pictures)  or so of my cats and on my phone I got about 6 or so photo editing programs.   38 more words


JQuery- Extracting Page Content

The next stage of development in JQuery Essential Training is JQuery- Extracting Page Content. This area covers, Overview of selectors and filters, Basic selectors, Basic filters, Advanced selectors, Advanced filters, Attribute filters, Traversing documents with jQuery, jQuery statement chaining, Challenge: Annotate page content and Solution: Annotate page content.


A Quick Introduction to jQuery

The next stage of my developement is JQuery Essential Training. The first stage I am covering is A Quick Introduction to jQuery. This area covers Your first jQuery-enabled page, Introduction to selectors and filters, Creating and changing page content, Handling events, Using jQuery animations and AJAX made simple.


Pleasing Your Aesthetic Needs

I recently saw a twitter picture going around called “The three stages of Instagram.” I can definitely say I have been through all three of these “stages.” 168 more words