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Filthadelphia CENSORED

Filthadelphia CENSORED.

I read some NY fan made this video.  Philly fans are portrayed  as negative or hostile to other teams fans.

The New York Giants and the… 71 more words

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Rats in The Park

Some people call Philadelphia “The City of Brotherly Love”. Others call it “Filthadelphia”. We think it was mostly Filthadelphia this past week. It was warm and humid. 160 more words


Happy Halladay!

I’m old enough to not remember the last time the Nationals beat Roy Halladay but I am still young and internet savvy enough to find out that it was under the Expos banner in 2002 when the franchise did.  175 more words


Shaky as you go

It is cliché to say that a win is a win.  Except, as with all clichés, it’s true and for good reason after last night the Nationals tried to close out the series opener against Filthadelphia Charlie Sheen style.  211 more words


Nats 1, the Unwashed 0

During the off-season, Nationals officials went to great lengths to try to encourage their fans to “Take Back the Park” from opposing team’s fans, specifically, the unwashed from Filthadelphia.  193 more words


Best Seat in the House

Greetings from my bathtub, the best seat in the house.

Why not get clean while I watch the filthy Flyers (ptooie!) lose and my Pens redeem themselves? 19 more words

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Filthadelphia Beauty

Philly seems to be a bit well known for its “litter” problem. Sure, some parts are dirty. Every city has those. But even the dirty parts have a bit of charm to them, sometimes I think the most. 62 more words