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Call Me Daddy by Jade West

I am a huge fan of Jade West, she is brilliant at writing steamy filth but still manages to interweave complex and brilliant relationships. She is my one-click buy author and she’s also incredibly nice and just a tad nutty in person. 271 more words

Book Reviews

Mass Effect Andromeda: First Impressions

The original Mass Effect trilogy was a grand space opera, brimming with interesting characters, engaging quest lines and unrivalled character development. It gave players the opportunity to carve their own narrative over the course of hundreds of hours of enthralling game play which improved with each new instalment. 1,078 more words


First blog post

Hello everyone.

This is a blog set up with the goal of providing a down-to-earth, casual view on all things entertainment. Video games will be the focus, but other forms of media will occasionally creep in. 44 more words


Words of Curse

Blog No. 225

For the last few months I’ve been working primarily on the crime anthology (when I’m not working on Flags and High Fives). It’s been an interesting process, breaking out of my comfort zone. 552 more words

Filthy Rich, Not Filthy

“I can’t leave my mansion anymore without my Filthy Rich Glasses” – Richard Miller

Homelessness in America is so prevalent specifically the Bay Area, where it is getting out of hand. 629 more words


Here are two charming ladies totally oblivious to MY camera phone, but capturing their intimate moment with a selfie . Why? Who knows! The girl on the left – did she bother to look in the mirror before she went out? 48 more words

Klan 6IX: Elipse/Just Do It

More Hench wobble nastiness, keeping it unpretentiously thuggish ruggish and pitching for the gut. (Nothing on the interweb to post a preview/listen of? but) ‘Just Do It’ stands out in the filth stakes and pummels the b-line into a bloody hash of compressed, minced frequencies. Outstanding dance floor business.

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