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Relinquish With Joy

The world looks on compassion as a weakness. They consider that a weakened man cannot sustain his hold on the things he has. So their hideous greed approaches, emboldened. 220 more words


Filthy Berries

Red stained, bruised and all
You still crave for this
Hair uneven/Lips unfolded
I am the unwanted angel
The wrath of Jesus rains down on me… 105 more words

A Taste of the Chasm

To hear your voice a afresh.

To hear your words so clear.

After a time of rest,

Without your music in my ears.

I’ve spent time with the Holy One. 122 more words


Filthy, by D-12

Fuck fat ass nasty dirty niggas
FILTH, Shit, Fuckin filth yeea

Ayo my style bust holes in the earth
Crush the crust by the dirtiest… 316 more words


Fifth Sunday of Lent, First Sunday of Passiontide


Blessed Passiontide!

Our Lenten season has undergone yet another shift.
Today we enter Passiontide,
a somber time as we enter more deeply into Jesus’ sacrifice, 595 more words


A Gypsy Kind of Night

Spark up the hookah and call up your friends for a gypsy kind of night.  Unlike the terror that most violent storms cause, Hurricane Dub… 57 more words