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The Good, The Great and the Ugly

Assigning guilt:  I think of an enforcer.

Today’s WordPress prompt is the word guilty and it is enticing because so many concepts of “guilty” can be elaborated upon and it is a theme that affects everybody who is human.   301 more words


The Magic Library Part 2

The second part of the Magic Library, set in the world of the Magic Means series, is up! These are rough drafts where I play with a few ideas between characters in the book for fun. 89 more words


Getting your Hands Dirty

Have you ever noticed how satisfying getting your hands dirty is?  I mean working a task that gets you just filthy.  Something where you are elbows deep in grease, manure, earth, paint, sawdust and sweat just glued to you. 277 more words


Shields Up, Fire at Will!

Shields Up, Fire at Will!

James R. Aist

If you are old enough to have been a fan of the Three Stooges slap-stick comedy series, the title of this article may have reminded you of the episode where the Stooges are armed for battle and someone gives the command, “Fire at will”, to which one of the stooges responds, “Which one is Will?” Well, this article is not about the famous Three Stooges, but it is about four not-so-famous child “stooges”, including myself, who lived so far “out in the sticks” of rural, central Arkansas that we had to invent games to entertain ourselves during the long, hot summers when school was out. 796 more words

True Tales


Rating: 3.8/5

In a word, this song is: disorienting. But, I’m pretty sure that’s the point.

Mixed in a way that almost reminds me of  319 more words

Dan’s Tunes

Misadventures on the Night Shift - Lauren Rowe

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I got this book from the library. I have heard of the Misadventures Series, and have even bought a couple, but I haven’t read any yet. 365 more words