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Tell me again those
Filthy words, your
Breath against my ear;
Feel my body quiver, taut
To yours, poised for
Conquest, surrender.


The Best Stain Remover There Is 


All it takes to feel dirty;

Is to find a stain on a clean attire;

It doesn’t matter that no one else can see it;

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There are some days when you feel filthy. And on those days, you wonder what you did that make you feel so filthy.

You wonder why and try to remember back, way back to the morning as you wash your plates from dinner. 107 more words


Daily Prompt: Filthy

Filthy From WordPress 11/16/16

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Such a lovely word for today. When I hear this word right away I think of “look at this place!” You can only walk through a narrow path that is surrounded by boxes, books, newspapers, magazines, things I don’t ever know what they are. 175 more words


Sexual Abuse: True Filth


Sexual abuse is as good a definition of ‘filthy’ as I can think of. It is time society stopped brushing this particular dirt under the carpet of denial and into the closet of ‘S/he asked for it!’ – and got out the power hoover of truth faced in order to eradicate this vile filth once and for all. 681 more words

Daily Prompt


I need forgiveness

This sin is a sickness.

I need cleansing

From the filth that inhabits 

my well-being.

Can read like lyrics from a Depeche Mode song, eh?


Will you dance?

For the Daily Prompt: filthy.

I am with my EX. He has that wicked trickster expression, which can mean fun or trouble or both. 309 more words

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