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Rule 34

The Review: Your first question is very much probably “what is rule 34?”. And to that I say….click this link: What is Rule 34? Now that you feel like an asshat, and you are one by the way, lets continue. 119 more words


The Dangers of Excess

Chris ate shit for the 3rd time in his life on his 30th birthday. Which just happened to be aligned with the summer solstice. He pined for day when he could chew turds without being judged by his peers. 61 more words


gray shades of ugly - a horsy bully!


we has been to a horsie ranch and made some beautimous picshures therer, and most horsies were beary kind and quite photogenic too, as it should be, wight? 102 more words


Zach Britton: Great Britton

There are many good closers in baseball and I’d put Zach near the top of that list.  In 81 chances he has only 8 blown saves. 56 more words


David Copperfield

The Review: Some say he is the greatest magician to ever live and others say his show is the hokiest piece of shit they have ever seen. 137 more words