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I like cooties on my face

I used to do it!! Most people that drive still do it! And maybe after reading this you will think twice next time you pull up to the pump. 431 more words


Filthy Emotions

He doesn’t understand why they do it.

It’s like they’re stuck in a deep pit.

They know it hurts them,

And they know that he condemns. 115 more words


Filth, secrets and fast food

Some filthy chats with Jonny Alec and Ciaran.
Secret sharing with Jonny on the way home…via another pub.
Chicken Cottage. On the tube. All over my fingers. I wasn’t even embarrassed.


The perkiness of her breasts is to much to handle, is it worth the heartache and emotion she causes me, maybe……. Only time will tell when I can put one of her succulent breasts in my mouth, her heart beats I flutter and away my soul goes

My story (part three)

Here we are again, just couple more to go! Here are the links to the first two if you need to get caught up…

My Story (part one) 1,737 more words

My Thoughts

Asda driver reveals photos inside filthy delivery van - store admits it hasn't met own hygiene standards

A driver who delivers online shopping has shared photographs of the inside of the vans, claiming they smell bad, are covered in mould and only get washed once a year. 8 more words