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Monsoon Magic - or 'aswachh' Bharat

Mumbai during the monsoons – July and August in particular – is magical everywhere but by the sea, it’s heavenly. The view is beautiful and one cannot but sit on wet sand or take a walk along the coast, to soak in the view. 112 more words

Picture Of The Day

Filthy Rap Lyrics

You wanted flirty

But it ain’t me, baby-doll, I’m straight up dirty

Chocolate squirty, herpes, and a case of the scurvy

I live in squalor, holler,  dollar… 101 more words

"A Different Kind of Rest"

“I’m pulling off at the next exit,” radioed Malin to the pair of pickup trucks behind her. Each carried a slew of geological equipment and an attachable camping pod, their occupants having recently come from the rural backcountry. 2,363 more words

Durand Beach Litter Clean Up: The Full Story.

Today I was able to get a group of amazing folks out to Durand Eastman Beach to start what I hope will inspire people to take some initiative in the community. 464 more words

New York

My Cats Are Filthy!

For the past few months, my cats have been in and out of the garage on a daily basis! They spend more than half their time there, and it’s a struggle to bring them back in for bed time… 186 more words


Who's Going To Rio?

This is what happens when you go all Affirmative Action and award the Olympic Games to a third world cesspool. Like Brazil. Now the city of… 95 more words