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Martin Paquet

Title: President

Company: Lavokika 2000 Inc.

Location: Quebec, Canada

Inspired by his father, Martin Paquet followed in his footsteps and established a career in the rubber recycling industry. 218 more words


Water Quality in South Orange County

Ever wonder what comes out of your faucet?

The city of San Juan Capistrano as well as many local municipalities release annual water quality reports. If you’re like me, these kind of ‘junk mail’ notifications usually end up in the recycling bin. 242 more words

Uses of filtration systems

Precoat filtration systems are mainly designed for the filtration of medium to rough filterable suspensions. They are expressly fit for the irregular filtration of the large groups and/ or for regular processes. 518 more words


Wholehouse Water Filters

How are they beneficial?

In the end, installing a whole water filter is less expensive and a more environmentally water source option. With the right models, you can avoid contaminants common to your area. 138 more words


UV Pure system succeeds in disinfecting septic effluent with extremely low UVT

A groundbreaking research project has shown that UV Pure systems can provide a high level of disinfection for treated wastewater effluent drawn directly from the Clearford One™ Smart Digester. 187 more words

Filtration Systems

Catalyst Recovery Systems

Catalyst recovery systems are normally used to recover the precious catalyst where in system required to recover fine particles of catalyst after it is used. These systems used in almost all industries like petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, Refineries, Edible oil etc. 20 more words

Why are marshes important?

Marshes, also known as wetlands, are frequently inundated (flooded) with water.  Plants found in marshes such as the common cattail, lily pads, and duckweed are adapted to the saturated soil conditions. 347 more words