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MIM WAL: Adding double quote within a string

I want to create a displayName with the WAL. The end state of the display name is

The goal of “Gary Brown” is to play “Baseball” 112 more words


Discussing MIM/FIM Tools and Future direction

I was just interviewed about MIM/FIM, the tools available and future direction for the product. I talked about a new tool I am building and very excited about, Voice-Control of MIM/FIM.


MIM 2016 Portal: Change the Display Name of an Approval Summary or Title

When a user gets a notice to approve a request they come to MIM and go to their approve request clue, they see the approval summary in the queue. 167 more words


MIM WAL: Mathematics and MultiValue attributes

The Case

I have a multivalue attribute attrib1, I want to find out if the any of the items in that list is contained in another multivalue attribute attrib2. 122 more words


MIM 2016: Limit the number of characters for an attribute

I want to limit the number of characters on an attribute, I want to be able to type any character in the attribute, all I want is the character limit set to 34 characters. 70 more words


MIM/FIM WAL: Null function and clearing an Attribute

Yes we are back to that infamous Null() function which we have tried to use in attribute flows to force FIM MA to continue to have top priority even when it has nothing to contribute. 181 more words

FIM 2010 R2: WAAD Connector - Managing the SourceAnchor field in a Multi-Forest Exchange organization


The FIM Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) connector uses the SourceAnchor field as the identifier of the Azure object. The SourceAnchor field is derived in WAAD via attribute flow extension from the Objectguid of the user object. 1,228 more words