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IAM: Bring FIM/MIM into the next generation of Identity Management

I just saw this notice on one of the financial institutions

If you have listened to my interview with Scott Eastin of Durand Technologies, you will know that I am very excited by voice imprint and communication between man (male and female) and computer. 113 more words


MIM AD MA Export Error - The specified value already exists

While performing Export operation of Active Directory Management Agent (AD MA), on creation of a few Distribution Lists (Distribution Group), it was throwing “cd- 85 more words


MIM 2016: ResourceManagement.Workflow in a faulted state

MIM 2016: The communication object, Microsoft.ResourceManagement.Workflow cannot be used for communication because it is in a faulted state

I got this error when I made some changes to my workflow. 313 more words


MIM WAL: Adding double quote within a string

I want to create a displayName with the WAL. The end state of the display name is

The goal of “Gary Brown” is to play “Baseball” 112 more words


Discussing MIM/FIM Tools and Future direction

I was just interviewed about MIM/FIM, the tools available and future direction for the product. I talked about a new tool I am building and very excited about, Voice-Control of MIM/FIM.


MIM 2016 Portal: Change the Display Name of an Approval Summary or Title

When a user gets a notice to approve a request they come to MIM and go to their approve request clue, they see the approval summary in the queue. 167 more words


MIM WAL: Mathematics and MultiValue attributes

The Case

I have a multivalue attribute attrib1, I want to find out if the any of the items in that list is contained in another multivalue attribute attrib2. 122 more words