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Using Powershell to generate eventviewer statistics and event exports

During FIM health checks we need to have a good overview of the event viewer on the FIM Servers.
In almost any case the event viewer is a good measure of the server’s health. 330 more words


Note-to-self: quickly checking which #FIM2010 Sync Security groups used

Although, it’s best practices to use AD based security groups to setup your FIM/MIM, this is not always the case in practice.
So, how do you quickly verify which groups have been used to secure your FIM Sync configuration? 332 more words


Note-to-self: #FIM2010 Virtualisation support

Nowadays, it’s not a hot topic anymore, rather a common practices to run your FIM / MIM environment in a virtualized setup.
Still once in a while we do get questions about virtualization support for FIM/MIM. 352 more words


FIM 2010 R2: How to Bulk Import Attributes Flow Rules into a Synchronization Rule in the Portal


I had to create 6 Sync rules each one with 100+ attribute flows. It would take me at least 2 dedicated workdays to do this repetitive task. 713 more words

#FIM2010 R2 Scoped Sync Rules - Part 2 (The Experience)

So I decided to take up the challenge on a recent FIM2010 R2 project – outlined in the first part of this post.

Lets just say there are plenty of FIM folk who would simply ask ‘why?’ … 1,773 more words

FIM (ForeFront Identity Manager) 2010

#MIM2016 now officially published and generally available

Source: http://blogs.technet.com/b/ad/archive/2015/08/06/microsoft-identity-manager-2016-is-now-ga.aspx

As many of the FIMsters already knew by the updates on MSDN/VL downloads and the update on the TechNet Center,.. is now also officially announced by the FIM/MIM product group. 246 more words

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