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Rich Perfect

Money. Makes the world go around, and I wonder what I would be like if I ever actually had any, instead of the 32p currently ferreted into my purse, clinging on for dear life in case I ever fancy a Chomp. 419 more words


Can What Is Happening In Greece Happen in America?

Unless you just refuse to listen to the news or perhaps you get your news from a very serious news commentator like Jon Stewart, (okay, that was sarcasm if you didn’t catch it), you have no doubt saw the riots in Greece. 928 more words


Plan B

By Ian Wishart, Jonathan Sterns, and Corina Huye

Europe’s refusal to draw up contingency plans to prepare for the failure of negotiations with Greece is alarming some euro-area finance ministers. 582 more words


McDonald's Is Raising Wages

By Julie Verhage

McDonalds’ is the latest company to announce that it’s raising wages.

In a press release the company says its raising wages and offering paid vacation to employees at company-owned restaurants (it won’t apply to franchises). 204 more words


Earning Money Online has Never been Easier!

  • Back in August of 2014. I came across an AD that said earn your way to  $100k. Well it was right and I’m well on my way.
  • 339 more words

Money money money monnneeeeeyyyy....MONEYYY$$$$$

And today we had the pleasure of being financially advised : )

His name is Brent and he wears a bow tie, BAM!

Well, it’s time to take control of my financial situation, hey I’m only getting older. 244 more words