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Savings worksheet 3

A) since Ben makes more money he can save more since his expenses will be a lot less than his income unless he spends a lot on his expenses and if he does he is dumb. 163 more words

What I learnt from the video savings worksheet 2

I have learnt that banks are very smart and they do this so they can steal your money and make other people go into big debts while they make more money. 122 more words

My New Hobby

Ive taken up Trading option contracts on the stock market and have only trade twice but both my trades have been successful thankfully. I’ve only made about $55 but for its something to wake up to do at 9am EST and as for the moment right now gives make my bank account happy and me happy. 72 more words


What I have learnt from Financial Literacy

I have learnt a lot about being smart with my money from Financial Literacy, I have learnt how to create a budget and lessen the cost of things to save money, I have understood the meaning of words related to budgets such as surplus and deficeit. 67 more words

Review about financials lesson

I think I learnt alot because now i am up to date with my work. I think i should stop laughing so much and concentrate more. 9 more words