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Busy Writing Person Tip #38

Another strategy for writer’s block… even if we don’t know it we have routines, and sometimes we remove letters and have ruts. I’ve suggested other tips (even creating routines), but sometimes our routine needs to be jostled. 47 more words

It's been a while!

Wow. Well.

It’s been a while since I blogged here, but I have an excuse! Several, in fact.

The main thing is that I have been Adulting, which means trying to organise bills, get money to pay bills, and generally working hard. 209 more words

Book Blogger

Playwright format

I swear to god Playwrighting is 10% writing and 90% submitting stuff the way people want it.

Right now I’m submitting Route 84 to a horror radio show and I think it’s got a good shot but I’m sitting here manually reformatting it into BBC radio format like they require. 105 more words

Busy Writing Person Tip #37

You just finished what you thought/hoped/dreamed would be the last rewrite/revision/edit. Sit back, let your mind go blank, and ask yourself… Is anything missing? Do you cringe thinking of a scene? 120 more words

Wanting Only to Be Heard: The Emerging Author As a Woman

By Susan De Freitas 

The world is full of people who want to publish a book—many of whom have spent very little time on the actual craft of writing. 1,345 more words

Authors As Guest Bloggers

Geese Galore!

Patrick Fennelly was always a bit scared of going to college. It’s not easy moving away from home, adjusting to new surroundings and living with complete strangers. 1,041 more words

Final Draft

Jonathan Perez

Professora Flovin

English Comp 102

23rd April, 2018

Spain and the United States are two countries who are so far apart from each other, but believe it or not they are great partners. 2,361 more words

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