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Respect the Stages

I entered into Pitch Wars. Since, I’ve been trying (<— read, failing) not to just stalk all my potential mentors’ feeds and see if they say anything that resembles my book at all; trying (<— read, still failing) not to refresh my email every ten seconds in hopes that a request for a partial or a full might come through; trying (<— read, forever failing) not to get lost in the feed while glancing at my calendar and wondering why it isn’t August 25th yet. 1,369 more words


Final Draft 10.0.2 Build 49

Final Draft is the choice of professional screenwriters and filmmakers around the world. 140 more words



don’t care if it rains or shines
one hour to the next doesn’t matter
writing letters to friends with silence
more and more often forgetting who I am

~ July 12, 2017



my meditation window faces East
greeting each rising of the moon and sun
there is no greater heaven
than watching the horizon with anticipation

~ August 1, 2017



lantern swinging in the evening breeze
creating shadows defining the path
half moon and sparrow my closest friends
one moment breathing contentment enough

~ july 20, 2017


Anatomy of A Screenplay

The formatting of your screenplay will determine the fate of your screenplay, No one will take you seriously with a script that does not look professional. 286 more words


I finished the Red Edits! Phew!

Actually, I finished last weekend, just before I went to London for a few days.

I had a list of specific things that needed to be done: 420 more words

Novel In A Year