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Write when Baby Writes

Another week, another 10,000 words closer to my goal, another seven days closer to my deadline, another notch up on the panic scale. I think we’re around abouts purple, going on plaid. 251 more words



the moon came knocking at the gate last night
I’m not used to visitors this far up the mountain
every morning I wipe star dust off my window sills… 12 more words


Sunny Days Ahead

Ever since that snowfall two weeks ago, Michigan has been all sunshine and flowers. Within the space of a weekend, every tree here has burst forth with leaves or blossoms. 266 more words


Leaky Faucet

one by one
every droplet

then falls

into the universe
that is

the kitchen sink


april 11, 2017


Coffee Chat: College Essays

I am currently in the process of finishing my fiftieth college essay (or, at least, that’s what it feels like to me). The exciting part is that this will be my last essay that I have to write for scholarships, and while I have almost no motivation to complete it, I know that I will be glad when it is finished. 490 more words


Hello, hello

Wow, babies man. Thinking you can write a book while juggling a newborn and a job must be the mark of a madman.

Add updating your blog to the mix and, well. 207 more words


My Story - Final

Idea and Inspiration

My topic of the semester was undocumented immigrants. As such I decided to create an audio documentary of my story, the story of an undocumented immigrant and student. 491 more words

Undocumented Students