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Dear ,

These past several weeks, I have spent a lot of time reflecting. I’ve realized some hard truths about myself.

When I got back on antidepressants this summer, my life improved tremendously. 688 more words


An Early Christmas

Some of you know that I am an aspiring screenwriter, this Christmas, I’ve received the best screenwriting gift: Final Draft. It’s the industry standard and as my independent study this year is to write and complete a ninety-page script, well this software is going to be a miracle worker. 360 more words


Winter Seen

Image by Kat ~ Used with permission.

Mountains purified asleep under snow
Skies of slate innately silent
Trees embrace the subtle cold
Fences illuminate imagined boundaries

~ Dec 8, 2017


Video Story Final Project

Idea and inspiration

After receiving feedback on the first draft if my video story I realized that some revisions needed to be made. In order to get ideas, I watched several car ads that people had made on YouTube to sell their used cars. 433 more words

Car Culture

The journey begins...

So there I was staring at Scorpio, aboard “The Nova of Splithi” a small ship is shaped vaguely like a rugby ball merged with a tuna and is in good condition.  1,697 more words


Audio Story Final Draft

Idea and Inspiration

I found my inspiration for this project when I found a poem I had previously written about my particular car topic. The poem itself is my poetic interpretation of a story my dad told me about a car he used to own while he was here at Washington State University. 314 more words

Car Culture