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Research Paper - Meaning of Life (FD)

Most of us have undermined how powerful a sense of purpose is. Our purpose is the compass that points us to the correct direction, and prevents us from being lost. 840 more words

Final Draft

Austin Film Festival Submission!

With less than a half an hour to spare before the Friday, May 20th, deadline for the Austin Film Festival, I submitted my full-length Romantic/Comedy screenplay, knowing I had given my best! 281 more words

Follow Your Bliss

Redfield - Final Draft Submission


I’m very pleased with the way the final draft of my script has turned out. It seems that most people from my cohort, my tutors and my friends and family outside university who have read my script respond positively towards it and that its something that is definitely worth showing to employers looking for screenwriters as a testament to what I can do. 118 more words

MDA3400 - Film Dissertation Project

Final Essay

‘How to See Yourself’ –

Discuss some of the different ways that representations of identity have shifted over time. Explain different concerns artists, photographers and others have had about identity which have influenced the kinds of visual texts they produce. 1,496 more words

Assessment 2

Abandonment - Senior Thesis

Abandonment 1 

Abandonment 2

Abandonment 3

Final Gallery Composition


Literacy Narrative Final Draft

Danyel deSouza

Professor Reisinger

English 101.01

April 23, 2016

One Time

The experience that changed me changes everyone when they go through it for the first time. 2,822 more words