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Get Ready for Movie Night

How about Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck?

More movies ideas from AFI here.


Today’s Assignment:

1. Pick a movie to watch tonight. 15 more words


Final Draft of Script

We needed to adapt some changes to the first draft of our script, as we discussed after writing the first one that we wanted to add an extra clip which would essentially change the tension of the film. 90 more words


Screenplay software; abandoning a writing project. #screenwriting #writing

The screenplay idea isn’t dead but it feels like it’s in a coma. When I got this new computer I turned down paying the high price for Microsoft Office because I knew the computer would have WordPad. 521 more words


Pitch: Final Draft

Our final draft was typed up and printed off in order for us all to learn it and record it tomorrow, here it is below: 152 more words


#11 I think therefore I am (reflection)

How many roads must a student walk down before they can finish a documentary? Just one. One long, pot-holed, magical rainbow road full of doubt, mistakes, fun and possibilities. 572 more words


Tying up loose ends in the final draft stage of writing

Wednesday morning I got up at 5 AM fully intending to get all the final stuff I needed over to Iva (my editor) so we could print the galley proof and see what this book looks like in the flesh — that is, with ink n stuff on paper n stuff. 793 more words


Clouds That Concealed My Sun - Condensed Personal Essay

Fear is this itch crawling in the back of your skull that most often we cannot seem to reach, leaving us with this restricting uncomfortableness. The worst moments of fear occur when someone informs me to sit down for a talk or when I receive a phone call at irrational times. 630 more words

Final Project