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Recent developments

The christmas period is now officially over so now it is back to editing the radio documentary into a 7 minute final piece.

After getting feedback from my tutor about my rough cut, I have decided to switch parts of the narrative around so that the piece flows better. 64 more words

Diary Entries

All That's Left

the dark wall is all that’s left
memories conflated into nothingness

the dark Self is all that’s left
ego compressed into nothingness

the dark eye is all that’s left… 63 more words


Final Draft

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.¬† I sat, again, last week to write a post and a) couldn’t come up with anything and, b) Ran out of time. 309 more words

The Harvest Moon Murderer

Isaac McCoy

Mrs. Jank

English 2

13 December 2016

Authors Note: In my suspense story, I noticed some improved upon aspects in my creative writing. For example, including much more dialogue than I have in past assignments providing a better understanding of my characters. 1,994 more words

Final Projects

If James Joyce did it...You can do better

Ah, the editing process. That time when you begin to have serious concerns that you have been living under the egotistical delusion that you can write. 199 more words


Writing Progress Thursday: Computer woes.

I thought that yesterday I was going to have at least something to report in regards to converting my old MS Works files into Rich Text format so I could review them in Final Draft. 503 more words


Homework for Friday, November 11th

It feels not too long ago I was writing about you turning in your first paper, and now here we are, all of you turning in your second paper. 516 more words

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