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How Beta Readers Help Polish a Maunscript

Another invitation to be a Beta reader came in my email. Because of this Speedbo challenge I had to pass on it. *sigh* This is something I love to do. 701 more words

March 03, 2015 -Chapter 7

Chapter seven was a major overhaul. It started out as just smoothing out the rough edges but ended with re-arranging the entire chapter, with some major additions that further flesh out Adriana. 35 more words

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March 02, 2015 - Chapter 6

Submitted the final draft of chapter 6 to the Grand High Benevolent Editor.

Chapter 6 required a bit more work than the other chapters. Polished and nailed down Adriana’s voice some more by having her argue with Captain Dwan about questioning Hadlee. 160 more words

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Lay the Smackdown on Your Next Paper!

You have The Undertaker of all papers, a formidable foe to challenge your intellectual pro-wrestling (erm, or pro-writing) skills–what do you do? How do you take on such an opponent? 771 more words

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Yours, appreciatively

One often reads that adverbs should be avoided. This is sound advice, on the whole. They generally clutter unnecessarily, add astoundingly little, and are arguably actually used relatively ineffectively. 176 more words


February 26, 2015 -Chapter 5

Did some more polishing of Chapter four. Nothing major just content fixes like the description of a character and an overused word in a particular paragraph. 154 more words

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Creative Rituals

I’m wired with a strong need to avoid stereotypes. I don’t want to be just another piece inside a socially constructed genre.


There really is something magical about writing in a coffee house. 611 more words

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