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Is It All For Naught?

I have a film script, Going On a Bear Hunt, that I have been working on, and which I have considered submitting to the NYWIFT (New York women in film & television) for a workshop they are sponsoring in September. 500 more words

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From Final Draft to Publication- A Timeline

The other day, somebody DMed (Direct Messaged, for you non-Twitter folks) me asking, “I was just curious, once you felt like you had your finished manuscript (or as finished as possible), how long did getting an agent take for you? 295 more words


Sunday School : Home Sweet Home. (Pep-talk, pondering and power-ballads)

(WARNING! This post ends with Hair Metal!)

“Finishing”, is not my favourite thing. When I write a scene, I’m in it. Same for sequences and dialogue; same for beginnings and for ends. 535 more words


Nothing Clever

I am abstaining from jokes and tomfoolery today. And booze, holiday or not, I need to get focused. Yesterday, I sent 4,000 words to an editor to get LUCKY assessed. 49 more words

CtW Guest blog: My 16 Stages of Editing

I haven’t been able to verify the source or accuracy of this survey but I’m using the infographic nonetheless to illustrate my thoughts on editing. 1,137 more words


Immune defense

This is an interactive  mouse click shooter video game in, which the player, plays as the immune system,  that is trying to rid this human’s body from pathogens.   14 more words



Approximately one minute ago I finished my revisions and new ending for Vynasha Part One (still working on a better subtitle, lol) There are still edits and last run-through revisions to be made before we publish again of course. 278 more words