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Approximately one minute ago I finished my revisions and new ending for Vynasha Part One (still working on a better subtitle, lol) There are still edits and last run-through revisions to be made before we publish again of course. 278 more words


Problem/Solution Essay: FINAL DRAFT

In an increasingly globalized world, the need to be interconnected with the affairs of our surroundings through the Internet has been more prominent than before. This is especially true in the case of Singapore, where out of the 4.45 million Singaporean Internet users, almost 90% are active social media users (Kemp, 2014).  1,493 more words


Reader Response Final Draft

In his article “The Perils of Oversharing in Social Networks”, Emm (2014) brings attention to the rising anxiety of netizens regarding their privacy and surveillance online. 882 more words

Reader Response

Some guidelines from your prospective editor

Several years ago I agreed to do a sample edit of a memoir. The author claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of a minor celebrity. Some parts of her story just seemed off, so I did a little research. 224 more words


Writing Stages of Grief: Life through gifs

This week neither Ashley nor Kathleen could remember whose turn it was to post. Thusly they have developed their new segment “Work it Out Commentary, with Ashley and Kathleen.” This week, Ashley and Kathleen begin to go through the stages of grief. 619 more words


The War on the Script Consultant - Part Deux: It Sounds Good on Paper

Yesterday, we chatted about the attack on the script consultant. The quick and dirty version is that script consultants suck, everything is horrible and everyone should kill ourselves because, really? 2,237 more words


WIP Check-In: The Final Draft and Final Countdown, Day 1

I have a week left until my wholly self-imposed deadline of April 1st to finish this final draft of my WIP. I’m a month late already and April Fool’s Day just seems to be an appropriate time to send this beast to my beta readers. 229 more words