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WEEK 2 ANNOUNCEMENTS: Assignments & attendance

  • Remember that if you miss more than one class you must e-mail me to arrange for a compensation assignment. As a rule, you should try to be present in class as much as possible.
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Final Essay


Kassandra Reyes


  Business Administration

Internship Site / Department:

Property Management

LaGuardia Community College


Property Management Coordinator


31-10 Thompson Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101… 1,414 more words

Final Essay

Research Paper

Detailed Outline:

Aspects that I did well on:

  • I did well on my thesis statement that was written in my introduction paragraph. My statement was clear and it focused on the main idea of how an equal rights amendment should be added to the constitution to achieve gender equality.
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Final Essay

The technological evolution (750 words)


There is a big change in the way the recorded music is consumed or produced. The evolution of the technology has been so fast that in 60 years we have moved from the first commercially-available vinyl long-playing record to the first internet streaming. 1,057 more words

Final Essay

Solo production workflow; (1500 words)


Let’s start by breaking down the music production process into it’s most basic traditional formula. While many people will skip some steps outlined here, in my experience, when the steps are followed and completed individually, better results are typically achieved. 1,352 more words

Final Essay

Introduction (250 words)

The world of music is in a fast evolution. Every day there are new solutions in every field but in music production the change is noticeble.   174 more words

Final Essay

Music and your mind!

Have you ever wondered what influences music can have on your mood, or maybe how the artist came up with your favorite song and what his or her influences were? 555 more words