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From the production team to the solo producer: The technological evolution and the role transformation (1500 words)

The evolution of the technology. 500

How did it affected the roles. 500

How did it allowed the exponential growth of the solo producer.. 500

Home studio

Final Essay

Solo production workflow; (1000 words)

brief look to the different stages

General workflows, techniques and methods.

A look to the stages focused in the solo workflow

Final Essay

Introduction (500 words)

The world of music is in a fast evolution. Every day there are new solutions in every field but in music production the change is noticeble.   159 more words

Final Essay

Music and your mind!

Have you ever wondered what influences music can have on your mood, or maybe how the artist came up with your favorite song and what his or her influences were? 555 more words


The Cure for the Villain

And with this final essay my school year is complete. As you can see, I have a clear assignments list. This last essay I wrote was for Advanced Composition and is about the three kinds of characters in stories. 657 more words

Advanced Composition

CATS Assignment - Comparison of two influential journalists - Essay

Kate Adie and Rageh Omaar.

I have chosen these two journalists, as their careers featured in news bulletins from my formative years.  Even though they were born in different parts of the world, educated differently, and started their media careers in different ways, their work has followed a similar path during conflicts and wars. 2,204 more words


Representing A Girl

All around the world women have been uniting to change the mindsets that think, say and believe that being a girl is shameful. As girls are growing up they feel a lot of pressure to look a certain way, present themselves and behave in a manner to feel accepted in society. 2,712 more words

Final Essay