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Final Fantasy 8 Part 3 - The Sorceress Edea

Last time we started another SeeD mission… But some complications came up.
Check it out! 2,473 more words


Final Fantasy 8 Part 1 - SeeD Mercenaries

Final Fantasy 8 came shortly after FF7, and was a huge leap, mostly in graphics.

FF8 was also the first FF I got my hands on as a young child and got to play, so of course I might be just a tad bit biased when it comes to this entry in the franchise. 3,417 more words


Nostalgia....You're An Evil, Lovable Sometimes Vindicated Ass

Nostalgia is a weird thing, it makes you feel like the past was great and what’s happening in the present cannot come close.

Playing through these old Playstation (PSX or PS1 for those in the know) of games I have no memories of ever touching weirdly enough makes me think of my childhood spending hours on the Final Fantasy series especially… 471 more words

Chronological Challenge Reviews: Final Fantasy VIII / Gex 3

Hello! Welcome to this week’s edition of Chronological Challenge Reviews, where we continue into 1999 with two very different games. Enjoy!

The first is Final Fantasy VIII… 1,281 more words

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