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What a Twist!

With these games that I didn’t like, or didn’t play that much, there’s usually still a plot twist or two that I remember, often the big turn in the middle of the game. 622 more words

Game With The Best Cutscenes

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 16 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘game with the best cutscenes’.

The only game I’ve ever played that I’ve fallen in love with the cutscenes for was… 189 more words


Most everything that’s happened since I last posted has made me dislike this game a little more.

The first thing is, you can’t get anywhere.  They drew all of these gorgeous backdrops to everything, all these cluttered rooms you find yourself in, and they look great.  236 more words


Just as I’m playing this 15 year old video game, the Onion’s AV Club posted a long analysis of the game and particularly the characters and the plot as one of those ‘retrospective’ kind of things, the sort of ‘it wasn’t as bad as you remember’ genre. 458 more words


I remembered almost nothing about this game when I loaded it up, but just a few hours in a lot of memories of my first playthrough came flooding back. 645 more words

Thoughts on Chapter 8

This is another one of the ones I’ve been dreading, sort of like Final Fantasy 2.

I played it once, ages and ages ago, and I really did not enjoy it at all.  431 more words

Lost Odyssey- Final Fantasy Better Than Final Fantasy?

When it comes to my film and video game purchases I have a tendency towards getting things that have been around for a while rather than the more recently released materials. 717 more words