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Lovely colourful gif, Click …

“It’s Fathers Day. Why am I doing all the heavy lifting?” Thoughtful Man harrumphed as he dropped the heavy box… 224 more words

Fathers Day

Bucket List #44 Use a white crayon and paint to create a lyric artwork

Use a white crayon and paint to create a lyric artwork.

This happened, but not in the way I was hoping. It didn’t turn out nearly as good as what inspired me but for a first time (and Christmas present)! 243 more words

Bucket List

Final Fantasy VIII - Review

Released in 1999, Final Fantasy VIII was the highly anticipated successor to the very successful Final Fantasy VII. It’s the first game in the series to have a more realistic look to it, and was seen as a departure in the franchise with its jettisoning of traditional mechanics towards a more experimental nature. 824 more words


Lost (FF8 Short Story)

Squall Leonhart was lost. All around him, stretching as far as his pale eyes could see, was a featureless plain. There were no landmarks to mark where he was, no indication of where he had been, and no signs to tell him where he was trying to go. 919 more words


Crimson Blades

A chance to test my mettle
against the one,
the only one
who is close to my equal

Our sparring, unauthorized
by the tyrants
who seek to mold us, 94 more words


Finish It...

Disarmed, defiant,
he stared his rival
directly in the eyes.
“Come on, Rain Boy,”
Almasy challenged,
“Finish it, if you can.”

© TacomaSquall 2015


Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 Wrap-up!

Wrapping up 3 games today – Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9!  I was on a roll this weekend!

Final Fantasy 7

After leaving Midgar, I grabbed myself a Chocobo and ran past Midgar Zolom instead of fighting him.  748 more words