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Shogun’s Subobjective Music of ‘Final Fantasy’ Ranking # 17: Hurry Up

It’s been a while, but we’re back in action and have our 3x speed cheat activated.

Strike up the Prima Vista band and crank up the Regalia’s radio; we’ve got some hymns to sing. 540 more words


Closing Chapter 8

I finished it! As I said I had a lot of international travel and I just kind of sprinted to the end. I do mean sprinted–I missed every single optional dungeon and the vast majority of the guardian forces, I think. 884 more words

Dead Ends

I’ve been traveling internationally, so there’s lots to say as I keep slogging (and that is the most accurate term) through Final Fantasy 8.  Let’s see. 570 more words

A nerdy finding!

Look at this shop I found whilst exploring Fukuoka city!

It doesn’t have anything to do with Final Fantasy 8, but I wonder if the owner is a fan too?


What a Twist!

With these games that I didn’t like, or didn’t play that much, there’s usually still a plot twist or two that I remember, often the big turn in the middle of the game. 622 more words

Game With The Best Cutscenes

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 16 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘game with the best cutscenes’.

The only game I’ve ever played that I’ve fallen in love with the cutscenes for was… 189 more words


Most everything that’s happened since I last posted has made me dislike this game a little more.

The first thing is, you can’t get anywhere.  They drew all of these gorgeous backdrops to everything, all these cluttered rooms you find yourself in, and they look great.  236 more words