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The Sorceress' Resolve (FF8 poetry)

All time crumbles
into the abyss
of entropic destiny.
Why do you fault me
for seeking to undo
the harsh cruelty
of mortal necessity?
I just seek to keep… 50 more words


Why Final Fantasy VIII Is Still My Favorite

By Kenneth Shipp

I’ve never liked the idea that I should like something simply because it’s expected or that the majority prefers it. When I tell people I prefer VIII over VII, you would think I killed someone’s dog. 781 more words

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Music from Final Fantasy VIII will be released on vinyl

A listing from Square Enix’s Japanese Store have just confirmed that a picture disc vinyl record with music from Final Fantasy VIII will be released on vinyl with an estimated release date of December 21st, 2015. 160 more words

Confirmed Release

[FOR SALE] Final Fantasy VIII : Transcendent Artists Collections Zell, Irvine and Diabolus Limited Edition

Re post from old post, with additional photos and more info. This gorgeous cold cast is now officially for sale. There are 3 minor issues here (see the photos and you will know) : 135 more words

For Sale

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/27/15

Rinoa with wings?  Yes please.  There are some pretty good wing tutorials out there, which reminds me of THIS hysterical conversation.

I’m usually thinking more about angel wings than chicken wings since I really have no use for the latter (too much skin and not enough meat), and I’ll take crafted or photoshopped feathery goodness over that any day.


[FOR SALE] Final Fantasy VIII : Galbadia Bears Jersey

“Part Four” from the new items arrived last week : a Galbadia Bears jersey from Final Fantasy VIII. This jersey is one of a kind, a really rare item and hard to find. 110 more words

For Sale