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“The Nepalese Grind” - A real life Final Fantasy

By Neil Merrett

Final Fantasy VII on Playstation – released 1997, Square

There’s nothing quite like getting out and seeing a world.  

The careful packing and panicked preparation before setting off into the unknown, travelling along uncertain footpaths in search of hidden kingdoms, natural beauty and interesting new condiments. 1,364 more words

[Shattered] Dreams 12

Chapter Twelve: Black Angel

His black boots pounded against the ground, searching for purchase in the loose gravel and thick slick snow. His target was only a few strides in front of him, and he was gaining fast. 4,535 more words


[Shattered] Dreams 11

Chapter Eleven: A Familiar Face

Reeve Tuesti was beginning to realize just how much he hated his job. He was sitting behind his desk in his office in the Neo-ShinRa building, diligently going through his paperwork. 4,008 more words


[Shattered] Dreams 09

Chapter Nine: Declarations of War

It was a most familiar scene; that of a darkened cavern buried deep within the mountains on a forgotten island. At first there was nothing visible save the impenetrable dark. 4,159 more words


[Shattered] Dreams 08

Chapter Eight: The Old Ways

Raven heaved a deep breath as he pushed his tired limbs to continue walking. Cosmo Canyon couldn’t have been much farther. 4,549 more words


[Shattered] Ice 41

Chapter Forty-One: Jenova’s Last Dance

The two groups somehow timed it perfectly, ending up in the same cavern at the end of their climb down. Both looked a little worse for wear, telling the tale of how they had just spent the last several hours fighting for their lives. 5,035 more words