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The Importance of Mini Games And What They Could Become

I have had a difficult relationship with mini games in the past, and by difficult I mean the obsession was complete. In SNES times, as part of jump and runs like Super Mario Land, Donkey Kong  or Yoshi’s Island, mini games were not what we think of now, secret passages that led to small new areas that once found and mastered could gain you significant advantages like more lives or other bonuses. 1,063 more words


Web-scraping Final Fantasy VII with Python & Beautiful Soup

Over the last week I’ve been figuring out how to web scrape, using some handy tutorials from the internet (mostly this one from Data Science Dojo). 2,364 more words

Girls In Data Science

Guess that Movie

Can you guess what movie this word cloud generated by http://worldcat.org represents? ;)


September’s Most Upvoted Covers

Here are the top 5 most upvoted on our VGCover /Reddit during September 2017.

  • 1st) Dr. Pez – VGM with Tempo of Time: An Ocarina of Time Medley…
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Non Classé

Project: Mobile Battle: Dev Log #3

My plan was to move on to a new app project but I decided to continue development on this little game a bit longer.  It’s been too fun! 200 more words