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Looking back on Final Fantasy VII

Just saw that today was the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII’s North American release and felt the urge to say something about it. No idea what it is exactly I’m about to write, so this may be a little rambling and unfocused. 1,030 more words

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Looking Good in Goggles: A Gamers Guide

Ok, so, goggles. Mostly flying goggles, but anything goes around here! Many video game characters wear them, and generally they look a bit ridiculous. Ever wondered who would make it into a clearly thought out and well researched list of the top 5 goggle-wearing video game characters? 624 more words


Final Fantasy VII: How the Game and its Protagonist Changed My Life Forever

Good morning and welcome to another edition of “Games with Coffee!” May the delicious brew in your favourite mug give you +1 in both your wakefulness and energy stats! 2,024 more words


This Week on GameChops: Nov. 28, 2017

Girl from Inkopolis

CG5 returns to GameChops with a remix of Girl from Inkopolis from Splatoon 2.

Ok Desu Ka

Chiptune veteran and multi-instrumentalist An0va makes his GameChops debut with this funky Earthbound remix that blends lofi hiphop and IDM for an unique-sounding track. 360 more words


Weekend Plan

Before starting, I hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving have a good one! I, on the other hand don’t plan on going anyplace, but thank the gods my nephew’s taking the kids somewhere, leaving me here in peace, aka a mini vacation. 162 more words


Ille Iterium Veniet

With this year being the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, I used one of my projects in printmaking last spring to pay homage to Mr. 428 more words


Yen On: SAO Alt Gun Gale, Defeating Demon Lord, FF7, WorldEnd

At their Anime NYC panel today, Yen Press announced the following titles for their Yen On light novel imprint: