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Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/1/15

Let’s open up August with this sweet, little Final Fantasy VIII cosplay; I mean it is the eight month after all.  One of the (many) things I love about the Final Fantasy Series is how they didn’t feel the need to resort to the petty trope of always pitting women against each other.  113 more words


Eyes on...

Apparently, I’m getting better. And that is great! :D 929 more words


An Intimate Fan's Retrospective: The Final Fantasy Series----Where I got started and an Ode to Loved Ones Lost

RPGs were not something I had great familiarity with early on in my life. At one point my parents rented Super Mario RPG for the SNES when I was eight or nine. 1,215 more words

Final Fantasy

Time Traveling train of thought completely derails

During E3 2015, the Square Enix press conference blew up the JRPG lovin’ side of the internet. When their announcement trailer for Final Fantasy VII, the HD remake/reboot began to play, many people watching live or streams sat in confusion and disbelief, believing it to be another technical demo or spin-off movie. 1,305 more words


Final Fantasy VII, Part 1: A Strange and Wonderful Place

In this series, we’ll examine one of the most beloved (and critiqued) video games of all time — Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy VII, a game that unquestionably changed the gaming landscape forever when it was ported to North America on Playstation consoles in 1997. 1,138 more words


Zack Fair - Final Fantasy VII's Unsung Hero

Zack Fair – Final Fantasy VII’s Unsung Hero

The plot twist is an old tradition amidst the writing community. The reader is introduced to a character, but the reader doesn’t get the whole picture. 487 more words