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This Final Fantasy VII Action Figure Ain’t No Angel

While Square Enix recently revealed its Squall Leonheart collectible, it isn’t finished yet! One of the most recognizable villains in gaming is getting the toy treatment next. 178 more words


This Final Fantasy VIII Action Figure Will Strike At Your Wallet

Square Enix has been in the toy-making game for the past few years, creating painstakingly detailed figures for their Play Arts Kai line. From Resident Evil 5… 189 more words


Forged by Final Fantasy VIII

Hello everyone, it’s been a while. I hope everyone is having an awesome summer. I’m taking part of my summer to learn more about game programming, specially unreal engine and I have plans to create some more technical posts in this blog and put it back up. 417 more words

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Final Fantasy 8 Part 3 - The Sorceress Edea

Last time we started another SeeD mission… But some complications came up.
Check it out! 2,473 more words


Final Fantasy 8 Part 1 - SeeD Mercenaries

Final Fantasy 8 came shortly after FF7, and was a huge leap, mostly in graphics.

FF8 was also the first FF I got my hands on as a young child and got to play, so of course I might be just a tad bit biased when it comes to this entry in the franchise. 3,417 more words