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I arrived on the island of Amostra a few short days ago and began my journey as an explorer. Crystals are a hot commodity, y’see, and this isolated land is rich with ‘em! 1,761 more words


My interview with DotEmu, the studio behind many recent FINAL FANTASY ports

This month I was lucky enough to interview DotEmu, a French-based video game company founded in 2007. DotEmu have been working with Square Enix for many years now porting many classic FINAL FANTASY games to PC via Steam. 1,099 more words


[FOR SALE] Final Fantasy VIII : "Sleeping Lion Heart" ZIPPO Limited Edition IV

Another Sleeping Lion Heart ZIPPO for sale (this is the fourth). Limited edition, serial number 300 of 3000 pcs worldwide. The ZIPPO is brand new, unused and still in complete state with the wrapping plastic (not shown). 83 more words

For Sale

Episode 61: Fifty Shades of Grey Wolf Sif

To bring new year and season 4 of S.Link FM, we decided to kick back and talk about the games we have been playing lately. Some of the games discussed include Final Fantasy VIII, Rune Factory IV, Dark Souls, The Witcher 3, and Trails Of Cold Steel. 130 more words


Games that defined my way of life

Terry from gamingatheart has written his first contribution for us! Here he discusses those classic games which have left a lasting impression on him. 1,068 more words

This Is How It Ends...

I’ve come to the end of my fanficition writing career–and I’m okay with it.

Last week I finished my last remaining Star Trek AOS piece.  It took almost a year, with a 6-month hiatus in the middle–because life. 1,309 more words

Breakdown: Identifying with Squall Leonhart

Squall Leonhart is one of those Final Fantasy characters that people either love or hate. Okay, they either like him, or hate him. No one really loves the guy. 132 more words