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How to Cosplay Irvine Kinneas-Final Fantasy VIII

Series Description in One Sentence: When a powerful sorceress threatens the stability of the world, it is up to the SeeD mercenary group, led by Squall Leonhart, to confront the sorceress and restore balance. 275 more words


Final Fantasy Friday: The Opening Act

Final Fantasy Friday

As video games veered more towards the cinematic, how they began became bigger than merely introducing the character you’d control and their basic objective.  1,143 more words

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Final Fantasy Character Assessments: Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy Character Assessments

<–FF Character Assessment: Cecil Harvey

*Potential spoilers for everything involved with the topic character and their game.

Thanks to LightningEllen for making this character suggestion on… 2,363 more words

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Level Thoughts part 2: The Negative Aspects

Last time, I went into detail about how some of the ways level in RPGs can be used in a positive manner, and how they can be used to enhance the experience of playing an RPG, and I used tabletop RPGs as one example.   1,005 more words

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30 Day Video Game Challenge - Day 27

Day 27 – Most epic scene ever.

This may be coloured by nostalgia some but the Edea parade scene in Final Fantasy VIII will always stick out in my memory. 284 more words


30 Day Video Game Challenge - Day 18

Day 18 – Favourite protagonist.

Woops, I accidentally took the weekend off so here’s some catch up blogging.

Favorite protagonist is actually pretty difficult – I’m apparently all about that antagonist or side-character lifestyle. 305 more words