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My Struggle to Enjoy Final Fantasy

Here’s something about my gaming life which will horrify Final Fantasy fans. The only Final Fantasy games I have ever finished are FFIII on Nintendo DS and FFXIII (including part 2) on PS3. 975 more words


REVIEW PLAY ARTS KAI Squall Leonhart :Dissidia Final Fantasy

REVIEW PLAY ARTS KAI Squall Leonhart :Dissidia Final Fantasy


Hi long time no see, I am very very busy with my graphic jobs. T^T… 180 more words


Final Fantasy Friday: Sidequests and Minigames

Sidequests and minigames are paramount for fleshing out and breaking up the main story of an RPG.  Not to say that a main story is monotonous if done well (a proper narrative will have its own breakups/reliefs from the often dramatic tale at hand), but SQs and MGs are a nice little diversion away from the mise en scene, and the latter could be considered meta-games as they’re games that take place within a game (or gameception if you will).. 664 more words

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Vintage Gayming Moments

I know this is a space for Vintage Moments and Music but I would be playing myself if I didn’t shine a light on ALL the music that has been a part of my life. 1,603 more words

Vintage Moments

Sing Your Heart Out: My Favorite Vocal Songs From Final Fantasy

Before I became a full blown gamer, I was always an anime fan first and foremost. When I discovered a taste for Japanese music through the opening and ending themes of most animes I watched, I began searching the Internet far and wide for copies of these songs I heard to take with me on my iPod. 799 more words

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A Few Thoughts Back - Final Fantasy VIII

Recently I finished up Final Fantasy VIII for the first time, so I created a new feature “A Few Thoughts back” to talk about this and older things I have opinions on. 564 more words


Review: Triple Triad

Yes, the Final Fantasy VIII card game. I can’t believe it took this long to get released!!

So there’s two different modes on it, typical Triple Triad and the JRPG mode. 98 more words

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