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A Few Thoughts Back - Final Fantasy VIII

Recently I finished up Final Fantasy VIII for the first time, so I created a new feature “A Few Thoughts back” to talk about this and older things I have opinions on. 564 more words


Review: Triple Triad

Yes, the Final Fantasy VIII card game. I can’t believe it took this long to get released!!

So there’s two different modes on it, typical Triple Triad and the JRPG mode. 98 more words

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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Collectibles Revealed

Square Enix makes some great games, but it is also known for the fantastic Play Arts Kai action figure line — and these latest items are the most incredible yet. 244 more words


Final Fantasy VIII Final Thoughts and Stats

Let’s jump right into it.

The Graphics

Kind of a mixed bag. Playstation games generally look horribly dated by now, and while FFVIII had a more realistic style than Final Fantasy VII, it still hasn’t aged very well. 2,153 more words

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Final Fantasy VIII Part Four: Promised

January 31st, 2013: Two more bosses to go.

Oh, man. Krysta looks cool. Too bad it speaks in dorky allcaps.

Its death animation is cool, too. 965 more words

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Final Fantasy VIII Part Three

January 29th, 2013: Even as the President of Esthar, Laguna is still Laguna. He believes that courage is the magic that turns the plan to defeat Ultimecia into reality. 868 more words

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