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Final Fantasy VIII: A Subdued Junction

The Final Fantasy series is known for its great music. The memorable scores brought out in the main games by Nobuo Uematsu have created iconic themes like… 621 more words


Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot - VIII Strength

<–VII The Chariot                                                                                IX The Hermit–>

This is my current Final Fantasy Friday post where I’ll be discussing which characters I think exemplify each card of the Major Arcana.  373 more words
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Final Fantasy 8 Part 5 -Battle of the Gardens

Last time we did quite a bit and found out some juicy information regarding the sorceress.
Check it out! 2,767 more words


Hashtag top ten games tbh

With all the really, really good stuff I’ve been playing lately it seems high time to expand my top twenty games list into a top twenty-five one. 952 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

This Final Fantasy VII Action Figure Ain’t No Angel

While Square Enix recently revealed its Squall Leonheart collectible, it isn’t finished yet! One of the most recognizable villains in gaming is getting the toy treatment next. 178 more words