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Final Fantasy 8 Part 1 - SeeD Mercenaries

Final Fantasy 8 came shortly after FF7, and was a huge leap, mostly in graphics.

FF8 was also the first FF I got my hands on as a young child and got to play, so of course I might be just a tad bit biased when it comes to this entry in the franchise. 3,417 more words


Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) - a broken game?

I’ve had a long history from Final Fantasy VIII. I played it when it first came out on PC only to get stuck somewhere on the third disc (in all fairness I was only 10 years old at the time). 855 more words


[FF8] New Leadership

“Okay, troops!” Selphie paced back and forth in front of the squad Squall had assigned to her, with her serious face on. “We’ve got a dangerous mission today and our Commander has entrusted us to make sure it’s carried out quickly, accurately, and without a single injury. 310 more words


[FF8] Unfaithful

It’s a struggle to get out of the bed, unwinding his limbs from the nearly octopus-like grip that Seifer has on him. Zell wriggles, which only succeeds in making Seifer tighten his hold, muttering into the back of his neck. 372 more words


[FF8] Dreams

There’s a talking duck with a vile temper and a magical staff. Next to him is a talking dog with a goofy laugh and a big shield. 460 more words


[FF8] Everything You Aren't

He’s everything Squall isn’t, and nothing Squall is. Which sounds like a riddle and Seifer’s never been too fond of riddles, but something about Laguna Loire is simultaneously simple and ridiculously convoluted. 444 more words