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Squall Lionheart is FINAL FANTASY!

Sure most people give Cloud Strife top props or even Sephiroth but for me, the greatest Final Fantasy Game in the series is Final Fantasy VIII. 407 more words

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Updates and *Spoiler Alert* An Attack on Titan Fan Theory

Update on Final Fantasy:

So I decided to really paint myself into a corner and make my FF8 review a video one, part of a series in fact that I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now. 1,258 more words

Final Fantasy VIII

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/27/15

Rinoa with wings?  Yes please.  There are some pretty good wing tutorials out there, which reminds me of THIS hysterical conversation.

I’m usually thinking more about angel wings than chicken wings since I really have no use for the latter (too much skin and not enough meat), and I’ll take crafted or photoshopped feathery goodness over that any day.


[FOR SALE] Final Fantasy VIII : Galbadia Bears Jersey

“Part Four” from the new items arrived last week : a Galbadia Bears jersey from Final Fantasy VIII. This jersey is one of a kind, a really rare item and hard to find. 104 more words

For Sale

Never go back (…to games of your childhood)

I’m sure we have all harped back to those days when we were younger; when the grass was greener; when the air was fresher; when you could buy two pints of beer for less than a fiver (damn I miss that); and when video games seemed so much more important; more impressive.  614 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/24/15

Ah FFVIII I forget about you; I am remiss in my duties, and how do I possibly manage that?  VIII is my *counts on fingers* fourth favorite Final Fantasy (kind of tied with VI and whooo alliteration!), and… 109 more words