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Vintage Gayming Moments

I know this is a space for Vintage Moments and Music but I would be playing myself if I didn’t shine a light on ALL the music that has been a part of my life. 1,603 more words

Vintage Moments

Podcast:" Final Fantasy VIII."

Remember to keep a journal! I just obtained Bahamut and cannot remember why I keep referring to Yoshi as a Green Donkey.


Did you ever wonder what a gay Squall would sound like?

Sing Your Heart Out: My Favorite Vocal Songs From Final Fantasy

Before I became a full blown gamer, I was always an anime fan first and foremost. When I discovered a taste for Japanese music through the opening and ending themes of most animes I watched, I began searching the Internet far and wide for copies of these songs I heard to take with me on my iPod. 799 more words

Video Games

A Few Thoughts Back - Final Fantasy VIII

Recently I finished up Final Fantasy VIII for the first time, so I created a new feature “A Few Thoughts back” to talk about this and older things I have opinions on. 564 more words


[Final Fantasy VIII.]

I have just legally purchased Final Fantasy VIII at full price for at least the fourth time in my life. (Maybe the fifth.) Emotions are running high as my imagination takes hold creating a new experience for myself around the romantic links versus the elemental and GF systems. 622 more words

Review: Triple Triad

Yes, the Final Fantasy VIII card game. I can’t believe it took this long to get released!!

So there’s two different modes on it, typical Triple Triad and the JRPG mode. 98 more words

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