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First ever Adamantortoise arrives on Earth. Mistakenly denounced as Alligator/Dinosaur.

First ever public Adamantortoise washes

ashore on Russian coastline

This is the astonishing moment when fantasy became reality as the first ever Adamantortoise arrived on Earth. 448 more words


Bucket List #44 Use a white crayon and paint to create a lyric artwork

Use a white crayon and paint to create a lyric artwork.

This happened, but not in the way I was hoping. It didn’t turn out nearly as good as what inspired me but for a first time (and Christmas present)! 243 more words

Bucket List

Ravenglass and Eskdale Folk Meet: the one where I sang Tribute by Tenacious D with Richard

Greg and I have been to the Ravenglass and Eskdale Folk Meet rather a lot over the past few years. I really enjoy it but it is a very long day for us because we have a two and a half hour drive up there in the morning and another back in the evening plus all the to-ing and fro-ing, dancing and drinking in between. 1,465 more words

Morris Dancing

Final Fantasy VIII - Review

Released in 1999, Final Fantasy VIII was the highly anticipated successor to the very successful Final Fantasy VII. It’s the first game in the series to have a more realistic look to it, and was seen as a departure in the franchise with its jettisoning of traditional mechanics towards a more experimental nature. 824 more words


Soft Reset: Twenty Personal Gaming Fails Part I

Short list of things I regret being unable to do on my old games.

20. Mario Party’s Bandstand fail. I never won Bandstand as the conductor. 547 more words

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Squall's Cat pt. 2 "Frisky Friday" (Final Fantasy Something Fan Fiction)

Squal’s Cat II: Frisky Friday

It was the day before the equivalent of what Halloween would be in the land of Final Fantasy VIII, and Squall was sitting on the couch with his cat Purina. 1,085 more words

Fan Fiction

Squall's Cat (Final Fantasy VII Fan Fiction)

It was a calm and sunny day in the city that Final Fantasy VIII takes place in, and Squall was sitting on the couch watching the sports game. 1,076 more words

Fan Fiction