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Question of the Month: Feb 2018 Edition

Hey internet!

Guess I’ll jump back into the Later Levels question of the month game! To be honest, I’ve been pretty meh about the whole writing/blogging thing lately (again… same old story). 373 more words

Wannabe Writer Ramblings

Sentinel, Saviour, Seer and Saint: The Roles of Women in the Final Fantasy XIII Series

In this article I’m very pleased to be writing about the diverse roles that women play in the Final Fantasy XIII series. It is proudly published as part of the… 1,963 more words


Final Fantasy XII: We Can All Agree It's Better Than XIII, Right?

I’m joking, of course. I really like XIII, actually, but I don’t think it would be contentious to say that XII and XIII are often ranked right down the bottom of the  1,527 more words


Final Fantasy XIII - Post 1


Final Fantasy XIII was released in 2009 for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the series’ first entry to be on multiple platforms at release. 4,208 more words


Dissidia NT: Lightning PAK

Lightning Returns! To Dissidia NT, and also to the Play Arts Kai line! Ahem. Stupid jokes aside, the most recent release in the Final Fantasy PAK figure line is Lightning, back in her original XIII attire. 140 more words


Reverse Kingdom | 14: LOADING... Fly Away

Turquoise eyes with slanted pupils stared off, contemplative and a touch solemn, as their owner stood atop the castle spire. The sunrise reflected in the shining orbs, but the boy barely noticed the light, too deep within the darkness of his own mind. 2,339 more words


Reverse Kingdom | 13: Besiege (20 Years Ago)

Twenty years ago—and exactly so—something horrible happened to Radiance Star. In the capital castle city of Radiant Garden, it happened in the early morning, a time when people, civilians and soldiers alike, would normally find respite from a long night of terror and strife after an attempted invasion from the Forces of Darkness. 2,443 more words