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VGC Day 29: Unexpected Love

Welcome back to our 30 day video game challenge! If you’d like to catch up with the other days, click here.

Wow! Our penultimate “day” of the 30-day Video Game Challenge! 565 more words

Video Games

Warrior Chef 1: Afterword

Hopefully, you all who read the series actually enjoyed it. It must be strange seeing written text in paragraph form if you were reading through all of those previous Warrior Chef rounds before reading this, isn’t it? 294 more words

Warrior Chef

Life update: where I explain my absence to assuage the neverending guilt

I am now on the last leg of completing my PhD. I know I said that in my last “life update” but this time… it’s serious. 330 more words

Random Tidbits

The Duck’s Gaming Hoard Part 1

Thanks to my discovery of the wonderful thing that is a comic convention (a misleading name indeed when it covers gaming, movies, and TV in addition to comic books), I have been able to amass a semi-respectable collection of video game items, including figurines, plushies, and replica weapons and the like.  167 more words


Friday Favorites #6: Favorite Levels and Locations

Settings in video games are very important in terms of atmosphere, design, and storytelling. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Gold Saucer, Final Fantasy VII… 629 more words

Video Games

You can now stream FINAL FANTASY XIII and XIII-2 in your web browser

It seems like every year FINAL FANTASY XIII is released on a new streaming service and 2017 is no different.

Square Enix has released FINAL FANTASY XIII… 141 more words


5 insufferable video game companions

Where would the majority of video game protagonists be without their companions? If not for Wheatley’s guidance (albeit incompetent), Portal 2’s Chell would probably have succumbed to GLaDOS’ scheming long before the end credits rolled. 1,245 more words

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