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How Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Made Chocobos Great Again

Featured Image taken from Square-Enix.

Recently I have been playing Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, which is the third entry in the Final Fantasy XIII… 830 more words

Game Design

Tuesday Tunes: Snow's Theme (FFXIII, 2010)

Happy Tuesday! This week’s track is Snow’s Theme from 2010’s Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack, composed by Masashi Hamauzu. 221 more words

Final Fantasy

[FOR SALE] Final Fantasy XIII : Blinded by Light Music Box

“Part Three” from the new items arrived this week : a small music box from Final Fantasy XIII. It plays “Kimi ga iru Kara” or “Blinded by Light” battle theme from Final Fantasy XIII. 83 more words

For Sale

Miscellaneous Musings on Lightning Returns

I finished this game over two weeks ago now, and I’m still thinking about things that I wanted to say about it.  I can feel myself petering out on the topic, but there are just a couple final things that I want to address. 1,124 more words


On Appreciating Final Fantasy XIII

I remember in the past how I felt the only correct response to “Are videogames ‘games’ or ‘stories’?” was “Yes”. That is, rejecting the false dichotomy of the question that implies videogames can only be one or the other. 2,356 more words


Five Disappointing Games

Earlier this week, the whole issue with the Silent Hills / P.T. cancellation crossed my mind, and the same sense of sheer disappointment that I felt when I first heard the news washed over me like a brisk drizzle on a trip to the beach. 1,974 more words

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Người chơi đã có thể đặt hàng Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC ngay từ bây giờ

Theo như những thông tin đã được tiết lộ trong bài viết sáng nay, chúng ta đã được biết Final Fantasy XIII-2 sẽ ra mắt bản trên PC vào ngày 11 tháng 12 năm 2014 với việc hỗ trợ độ phân giải 720p, 1080p và 60 FPS. 93 more words

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