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How Do You Thwomp Writer's Block?

Hello internet folks and pesky swarm of spam-bots!

For his 3rd community question, the awesome Well-Red Mage couldn’t have asked a better thing at a better time: … 1,115 more words


Weapon mash-ups in video games: Gun + Sword

Swords and guns are two of the most iconic weapons in games, swords being the go-to melee combat weapon, and guns the obvious answer for ranged combat.  553 more words


Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy - Part 1 of 3

The Final Fantasy series has always been a close franchise to me. From the first time playing the seventh installment, up until the first time I booted into Final Fantasy XIII, I’ve enjoyed every step of the way. 1,990 more words

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Final Fantasy Dissident or: How I learned to stop loathing FFX fans and love the critics

As I started dislodging the chip on my shoulder that is the befuddlement of why (I thought) everyone prefers Final Fantasy X over Final Fantasy XII, I’m reminded of “what curiosity killed. 601 more words

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Final Fantasy XIII Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIII recently, over 90 hours worth just to earn the platinum trophy on PS3. I’ll never do that again, well, not unless it’s ported to PS4, that is. 76 more words