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You Can Say What You Want about Final Fantasy XIII

If there’s one thing we all should agree on though it’s the music. The music is glorious, put a period on it. Frances Maya has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard too.


Photo Diary #20 Final Fantasy XIII

not sure how I feel about this game

i have a four month break from school~ now you can learn who I REALLY am


#Mv27: Lightning won't strike thirteen times // Goodbye Final Fantasy.

In the 32-bit era, no game series held as much sway over my gaming life like Final Fantasy did. I already had a chance to discuss Final Fantasy VII, … 1,082 more words


Final SinFantaCity

Spoilers! If you can consider anything for FF XIII a spoiler, considering its age and “story”

In any case, I was playing the PC version of the game yesterday morning, like you do, going for the Steam Achievements and such. 312 more words

Public Journal

Getting Back To It - Final Fantasy XIII

Image By Flickr User: RoninKengo (cc)

Happy Easter everyone! It’s hard to believe that we’ve already departed March and made it to April, but it’s happened and with a new month comes a new report back from memory lane. 925 more words


Announcing Project Reishiki

The Success Story Continues

We are happy to announce our next community project, titled as “Project Reishiki“. It’s a direct sequel for our previous fanbook – … 1,092 more words

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIII

That was… strange. That’s my best single word description of Final Fantasy XIII. There was some that was good. There was a lot that was horribly bad. 1,187 more words