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Final Fantasy Dissident or: How I learned to stop loathing FFX fans and love the critics

As I started dislodging the chip on my shoulder that is the befuddlement of why (I thought) everyone prefers Final Fantasy X over Final Fantasy XII, I’m reminded of “what curiosity killed. 601 more words

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Are Video Games all artsy?

Hello internet!

This post is brought to you by the Well-Red Mage’s 2nd community question. I must thank my mage friend for the post inspiration. 571 more words


Final Fantasy XIII Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIII recently, over 90 hours worth just to earn the platinum trophy on PS3. I’ll never do that again, well, not unless it’s ported to PS4, that is. 76 more words


Getting Better Isn't Good Enough

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been playing through Summoner: A Goddess Reborn. At the time, I called it the worst game of all the ones I have left to play of its generation as part of my little gaming quest. 828 more words

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Why wont classic Final Fantasies come to non Sony consoles?

I’ve been wondering this since Xbox 360. Square could have literally put Final Fantasy on a DVD and re-sold it to Xbox or 360 users. Xenophobia? 623 more words

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