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Dịch vụ Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Outerworld sắp đóng cửa

Square Enix mới đây đã công bố việc chấm dứt cung cấp dịch vụ Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Outerworld vào ngày hôm nay, 26/04/2016. 169 more words

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Final Fantasy XIII - Review

Final Fantasy XIII was finally released recently throughout North America and Europe and the big question those who haven’t played it ask is: Was it worth the wait? 2,108 more words


FINAL FANTASY XIII coming to Xbox One in Mainland China via streaming, Simplified Chinese release likely

After this week releasing FINAL FANTASY XIII Chrome Cast Edition, it has been announced that Ubitus will now publish a version of FINAL FANTASY XIII for Xbox One via cloud steaming in Mainland China.  145 more words


FINAL FANTASY XIII Google Cast Edition now available

Ubitus has today published the Google Cast Edition of FINAL FANTASY XIII on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store in Japan. This version should be based off the iOS & Android versions and includes gamepad and cloud saving support. 32 more words


FFXIII's Lightning starts a new career

Claire Farron (aka Lightning) is the face for Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer Collection 2016.

She looks rather uncomfortable in the dress. I get it, it’s not really her style. 333 more words


Vanille Cosplay: The Belt

One part of Vanille’s costume I was always baffled by was her belt.  I had no idea what kind of material it was made of or what would look right.  602 more words


Cách phát hành của Final Fantasy VII Remake khi so với Final Fantasy XIII

Rõ ràng là hiện tại Square Enix đang bận rộn với Final Fantasy XV với việc phải hoàn thành gấp rút và phát hành game vào tháng Chín tới tuy nhiên người hâm mộ vẫn không thể quên  281 more words

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