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My Struggle to Enjoy Final Fantasy

Here’s something about my gaming life which will horrify Final Fantasy fans. The only Final Fantasy games I have ever finished are FFIII on Nintendo DS and FFXIII (including part 2) on PS3. 975 more words



Today I’ll be looking at one of my favorite games, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, specifically its first boss. Unlike the other Final Fantasy games, this one works differently in that you can have as many as eight party members in battle, and battles take place in a large map where you have to move about to attack your enemies. 2,681 more words


An Example of Educational Concepts Embedded in a 90's Video Game

Educational Skills present in Final Fantasy IV (II in the US) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

* Money Management (e.i. player goes into stores to purchase new equipment) 131 more words


Final Fantasy Game Review

“Bless the Crystals!”

Final Fantasy was originally released by Square Soft in 1987. This is the game that started it all, the original Final Fantasy. The original version of the game was made for the NES, then it was ported to, let me see here, PS1, PSP, iOS, PC, MSX, Wonder Swan, Gameboy Advance, Mobile Phones, and 3DS, so a lot of different platforms. 1,229 more words


Square Enix Ltd. recently unveiled an all-new cinematic trailer for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

And, here it is:

“In Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, players are transported to the grand world of Ivalice where magic is commonplace and airships fill the skies. 241 more words


Tokyo Tower turns into Final Fantasy's Crystal Tower tonight for 30th anniversary event kickoff

The project stems from a collaborative effort between one of Tokyo’s biggest landmarks and the celebrated video game series, which turns 30 this year. 377 more words