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It could have been great: Final Fantasy VIII: Introduction

Introduction: My Tale of Woe regarding Final Fantasy VIII

Ever since I started the playing Final Fantasy on twitch in 2016 there are a lot of questions which turn up in the chat occasionally. 2,301 more words

Final Fantasy VIII

As things currently stand

I am Omic Aachen.

I am a Miqo’te and of the Keepers of the Moon.

As I write this entry, I am currently a level 62 Summoner but have also acquired other skills in my travels – more on those at another time. 345 more words

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Square Enix Wants Final Fantasy VII Remake To 'Surpass The Original'

The anticipation for Final Fantasy VII Remake continues to build with developer Square Enix stating its high ambitions for the project.

In a new job listing asking for a Battle Planner and Level Planner, the post states the successful applicant will be working on a… 76 more words

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Taking Stock

With my recent post on Priorities fresh on my mind, I decided to take stock of my endeavors, plans, and what I’d still like to do. 343 more words


Gotta Save the Final Fantasy VII World from Shinra!

Today we’re going to talk about the greatest game ever! Tbh it probably isn’t but it was the first game I ever played so has big nostalgia for me :) It is form the greatest game series of all time though ;) The game we’re talking about today is Final Fantasy VII!!! 1,768 more words

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Can Final Fantasy XIV Be Saved For Me?

 I can’t stop talking about Final Fantasy XIV.

 Even when I’m on a significant break I can’t seem to escape thinking about this game for more than a few weeks. 3,342 more words

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James Powers' Top 10 Video Games of All Time

I call James the “Young Gun of Gaming” but do not let his age fool you: this guy is deeply steeped in old school gaming and has a respect for Mario, Sonic and the like more so than gamers twice his age.    1,858 more words

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