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Gryph is Playing Final Fantasy XIV

Despite being neck-deep in the Golden Weekend event over on The Secret World, and also trying to get together entries for a truly epic forum contest… 1,055 more words


Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 Wrap-up!

Wrapping up 3 games today – Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9!  I was on a roll this weekend!

Final Fantasy 7

After leaving Midgar, I grabbed myself a Chocobo and ran past Midgar Zolom instead of fighting him.  748 more words


Music Monday: Classic RPG Soundtracks -- PS2

A new month means a new edition of our updated ‘Music Monday‘ series. With the help of our awesome Another Castle readers, February’s Korean Indie… 122 more words

Video Games


I’ve really put this on the backburner, but I’m still slowly working through one of the most important series of my life.  I’ve put a lot of time and love into these stories, and it’s quite a bit different revisiting them as an adult – not better or worse, just different. 704 more words


Lost Odyssey and My Seeker of the Deep Woes

So, after roughly 75 hours, I’m finished playing Lost Odyssey. That game had me engrossed like few other RPGs before it. I could’ve beaten the game around the 50 hour mark, but thanks in no small part to achievements, I found myself compelled to eke everything I could out of the game. 362 more words

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A SmexyNerd happy!

Final Fantasy is my favuorite saga ever and I love collecting things about it. This is a very nice t-shirt (polo) from Final Fantasy Type 0 with its notepad and a pen, but this last one is not in the pic. 37 more words