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Final Fantasy Friday X

After a brief vacation we continue on with our Final Fantasy Fridays, where we take a little bit of a deeper look into some of the mythos of the FF multiverse! 759 more words

Final Fantasy

Creating the Perfect MMO Experience

While devouring a steaming bowl of ramen, my Trickster Rogue hit level 30. I had earned a few titles, Selunite being the one my character PhoenixDown chose because it just seemed cooler than the stale “Hero of Neverwinter” title. 1,069 more words

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June to September 2016

It’s that time again.

I like these posts. Not only because they highlight the content I’ve posted over the last three months, but because they remind me of the things I’ve done. 558 more words


Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is Heading West

Many people might not know this, but Final Fantasy has a very popular trading card game in Japan named FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game or”FFTCG”. As of today Square-Enix has announced that… 126 more words


Final Fantasy XV – Platinum Demo

One of my numerous hobbies is playing video games and as the Demo of the next instalment of the big ‘Final Fantasy’ series is available right now, I downloaded it in April and played it. 765 more words

Final Fantasy

Learning to love Dragon Quest as a devout Final Fantasy Fan

The first time I ever witnessed the opening to Final Fantasy VII my mind was blown. Having only been exposed to purple dragons obsessed with gems and crazy spinning bandicoots on the Sony Playstation, I was not prepared for a game on this level. 1,337 more words

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