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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Opera Omnia out now for Mobile! In case you missed it!

It may have gone unnoticed by many, and admittedly we are late to the party as well, but KOEI Tecmo and Square-Enix’s partnership with the Dissidia: Final Fantasy franchise didn’t end with the recently released Dissida: Final Fantasy NT for PS4. 198 more words


Looking "back" on Final Fantasy IX

This is the end of a trilogy of blog posts. Last year, during the 20th anniversary of FFVII’s NA release I wrote Looking back on Final Fantasy VII… 2,059 more words

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If Switch doesn't get KHIII, then what was the point?

Kingdom Hearts is coming to The Xbox One this console generation, and since I do not own a Playstation 4, this is awesome. I remind people of this, because it is rare when a properly numbered entry crosses over from Sony to another platform. 344 more words

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Week 07: Favorite Game Soundtrack

words by DrJohnGalt

Tired of the 30-days game challenge? Benez from a great retro blog I follow (https://iheartoldgames.wordpress.com/) has posted the 52 Week Challenge. 439 more words


Colour Changing Chocobos!

After a pretty horrible few days, I’ve returned to Final Fantasy Online! The next fun thing I was looking forward to doing, was turning my Chocobo, Rocky, into a different colour. 141 more words


Baumeister Plays: Final Fantasy I: Part 4

Hello everyone.  I am the Baumeister.  Welcome back to my walkthrough of Final Fantasy I.  When we last left off, we defeated an entire crew of pirates, and gained the pirate captain’s ship.  1,852 more words

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Final Fantasy Challenge: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age part 1 Don't Believe Ondore's Lies

Seriously, don’t.  Because that man is a master of manipulation.  I had never really considered how good he was at manipulating the events of the game to his, and to Dalmasca’s, benefit.  1,118 more words

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